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The Aviary, the Aquarium, and Eschatology

As more than a casual observer of contemporary ufology, I’ve recently become aware of a what could be a significant new twist in popular perception about UFOs. For many, UFOs are not the manifestation of extraterrestrial intelligence, but instead, are a metaphysical phenomena — a manifestation of spiritual entities. Many abductees/contactees are now characterizing their “unusual personal experiences” in a religious or metaphysical context. As an unabashed secular humanist, I am skeptical of these claims.

But there are several aspects of the metaphysical interpretation of the UFO henomenon that should be considered before rejecting it out of hand. Admittedly, a lot of what follows is based on rumor, hearsay and circumstantial evidence. Much is derived from numerous phone calls from Dan Smith, whose religious beliefs regarding the UFO phenomenon have induced a messianic zeal to “spread the Word. ” These calls have provided a flurry of information on what I have previously termed “fringe” beliefs, as well as providing the names and backgrounds of the birds who comprise the Aviary.

According to Dan, who undoubtedly is privy to a wealth of accurate, though not widely known UFO nformation, this data is being released through him due to the grave concern by high government officials about impending metaphysical catastrophe – the eschaton, or the end of the world. Mr. Smith first came to my attention after the “Aquarium Conspiracy” article (see inset) was disseminated to computer bulletin board systems in the Spring of ’93.

In this article, Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, directors of the Center for North American Crop Circle Studies, warned of an “eschatological emergency, “the reaction of various organizations–both inside and outside the government, and their attempt to establish a network f spiritually advanced individuals, the “Aquarium,” to assist the Aviary in dealing with this crisis. The “Aquarium Conspiracy” by Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley “In the beginning there was eschatology–the branch of theology dealing with the end times.

Dan, having spent many years first studying physics and then metaphysics, came to the conclusion that the scientists have been looking at the world upside down. Mind, not matter, is the foundation for all realities. Moreover, the materialist paradigm was in danger of imminent collapse, being subverted on the inside by its own contradictions, and on he outside by the growing body of evidence for the paranormal. Creating and maintaining a reality is no easy game. It requires a lot of magic, and a lot of conscious critters like ourselves who are pretty good at collective self-deception.

Fortunately– or perhaps unfortunately–our particular reality game has about reached its natural conclusion, and we are waking up to the fact that mind and matter are not separate. We are undergoing an exciting but stressful revolution in our collective consciousness. This revolution, or global spiritual emergency, will bring upheavals and overloads in our global consciousness that will impact the aterial Earth for better or worse, and may quickly get out of control. We also will be opening up to other realities that will be impacting us as well.

Our present very tidy sense of reality and its boundaries is due to become much more fluid and permeable. Every spiritual tradition takes very seriously its prophesies about the end of the world, but for the first time we are seeing these prophesies turning into believable predictions of earth and reality changes. That is how Dan fell from physics into eschatology. After experiencing numerous slammed doors among his former scientific olleagues, he decided that the most logical place to find fellow eschatologists would be in various intelligence agencies and among investigators of the paranormal.

Dan next addressed how to communicate about the eschaton. Even a small hint that the government is worried about the end of the world might start a chain reaction of panic, which could possibly serve as a trigger for the eschaton. On the other hand, people inside the government might be wanting to set up a kind of civil defense network vis a vis the eschaton, and so they would be looking for people on the outside who could much more freely network among the general public.

An important link in the communication chain is what has become known as the Aviary. This is the final link next to the public network, and so it must be heavily disguised by its own surrealistic smoke screen. The Aviary functions best by amplifying people’s own misconceptions about the paranormal. It does this by helping to overinflate individual pieces of the puzzle so that particular investigators get pushed further into their own blind alleys. People are encouraged to be so distracted by the trees that they fail to see the forest.

This cacophony by people looking for truth in ll the strangest places provides an excellent cover for the deadly serious business of clearing the decks and battening down the hatches for the eschaton event. It is like a Manhattan Project going on behind the scenes of alien grays and praying mantises having sex with humans. However, this eschaton conspiracy is being orchestrated by higher powers, and we don’t mean the Committee of 300. Very few of the people even near the center of the orchestration have a clear picture of what is coming down, but they do know that something is coming and that they will have front row seats.

The Manhattan Project relative to the eschaton is a global civilian network of people who will serve as a lightning rod for the cosmic energies coming in during the consciousness revolution. They will be looking to channel these energies into expanded realities. Thus, they will provide a degree of protection for those people who can find their places alongside the network. Outside of the network there will be greater levels of trauma and confusion. The pieces of the network are already in place, the remaining task is to properly activate and link the pieces into a critical mass of awareness. This last step is now underway.

This is how an Aviary helps to spawn an Aquarium, and how birds learn to swim. The Aquarium is our business, and we are working to reach people who are ready to be activated in the consciousness revolution. ” I was intrigued after reading the “Aquarium Memo” because it implied that the authors had cultivated sources within the intelligence community. The only question was whether this information was accurate or bogus. I drafted a response and uploaded it to Don Allen, moderator for the FIDO UFO conference, requesting that he forward it to Dan Smith. Several days later, I received the first of many calls from him.

Since Smith had alluded to his close contacts with the Aviary, most of my questions centered around this mysterious group of alleged UFO insiders comprised of scientists, military personnel, and inteligence analysts. Dan’s primary contact with this group is “Pelican” who reportedly mans the “Weird Desk” (UFOs,etc) at CIA. While Pelican’s main job with the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology is to monitor foreign technological developments, Pelican also tracks millennial/eschatological communities, “entering a twilight zone where psychic techniques are being generated by humans and other entities,” says Smith.

According to Smith, UFOs are primarily a psychological/metaphysical phenomenon which are both preparing us and pressuring us to develop our own psi abilities. Not that UFOs are a single type of entity, Smith asserts that there are “powers and principalities” at work — presumably supernatural entities like angels and demons. Furthermore, he said that a radical program of parapsychological research and development is currently underway near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

This group’s development of psychokinesis, and psychotronics (a term used to denote psychic warfare techniques) represents a danger of eschatological roportions. These techniques have been available, but controlled, throughout history. Now, other entities are forcing the issue,” said Smith. During the course of our first conversation, Smith was unable to provide much proof of his claims. He reported that his governmental sources “hinted at” an eschatological emergency. To prove the evil intent of the entities involved, he referred to reports of human mutilations in the Amazon which have been officially attributed to drug dealers, but according to his sources, were committed by these evil entities. When I asked why the

CIA was interested in eschatology, he replied that the ramifications of the eschaton event represented a serious threat to national security, and thus, fell into the purview of the intelligence agencies. Smith also revealed that the eschatological issues he raised related directly to the Biblical prophecies of the book of Revelations. I thanked Mr. Smith for the call, and invited him to keep me abreast of future developments. With the addition of demons, angels, “black magic,” psychotronic technology, and assorted spooks working at cross purposes, my already strained credulity was pushed a bit further.

Dan proceeded to call me regularly. Each call provided tantalizing snippets of information — some simply incredible at first hearing, but with confirmation on some of the data coming in from disparate sources all across the country. Naturally, my curiosity centered around the identities and activities of the Aviary. I suspect that many believe the Bird People to be cogs in a giant conspiracy to manage the public’s perception of UFOs. Not necessarily so, according to Smith. Far from being a well-funded, omnipotent secret society of the guardians of UFO data, the Aviary is nothing more than an ad hoc group of highly-placed “UFO buffs. “

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