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The Kite Runner Movie And Book Comparison Essay

Works of literature have been adapted for film from the dawn of the industry. Literary adaptation is the adapting of a literary source it can be a novel, movie, play or even games. For example, the first book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was released in November 26, 1865. There are lots of companies who made the movie based on the story book, such as Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” was released in July 26, 1951.

The Disney’s version is way better performance than the book because Disney’s audiences are mostly children and teenagers so that they used dreams, gardens and colourful characters to ymbolize childhood innocence, curious and nonsense. In my opinion, writing a screenplay isn’t like writing a novel. It takes time to plan the plot, characters, meaning, symbol, empathy and so on. The form of the book is different as the form of the film, in an author’s perspective it feels like everybody is trying to think about their meanings however they aren’t performing the way they wish them to.

Hollywood movies focuses on money, technology, the box office, reputation and fame. However there are still lots of famous movie series; Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was the book and movie I wanted to discuss. “The Kite Runner” was published by Riverhead Books in 2003 that debut went on to become an international bestseller which sold in at least seventy countries and was on the New York Times bestseller list. The movie, ” The Kite Runner” is a 2007 American drama film directed by Marc Forster.

The screenplay by David Benioff is based on the novel of the same name by Khaled Hosseini. T he theme is about forgiveness and love, and how a person’s past sins and negative actions can be resolved. Additionally, he changed and ecame mature as he was able to establish a better relationship with others, while he was able to clear his conscience after his return to Afghanistan and adopt Sohrab, Hassan’s son. Background: Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1965. His father was an ambassador in the Afghan Foreign Ministry and his mother taught history at a high school in Kabul.

Hosseini began writing his first novel “The Kite Runner” in 2003, and the movie was released in 2007. At first he wasn’t sure that this was the kind of book that would have wide appeal because it was et in a distant country, Afghanistan that a lot of people didn’t know or maybe even didn’t care much about. Hosseini mentioned that his trials and tribulations weren’t as same as Amir’s but they have similarities. He was also grew up in the pre Soviet war in Kabul. He also belongs to the similar economic background and school as Amir.

Kites are also his favourite game in 1974 so that this book does connect and reflects to himself. In the movies, H osseini didn’t write the screenplay but he had support and helped Dave Benioff to complete it. Hosseini suggested to take place in Western China because it is ery similar to Afghanistan, he also suggest the costumes, language and the rituals to Dave Benioff. After they finished the screenplay, they handed over to Hosseini and check whether there were any errors or changes needed.

However he told the director Marc Forster that he doesn’t want to be intrusive but he just want to be there available on the sidelines if they need any help, it seems like they work together effectively and successful. In the end, the film was left so much endless tragedy. However the movie lacked the depth of the book, both character development and relationships. It did a great job of sticking it close to the story, by using the kite flying represents the pain and tragedy. Novel summary: In “The Kite Runner” it took place in Afghanistan, Kabul, twenty- six years before.

There are four main characters; Amir, Hassan, Baba, Rahim Khan and Sohrab. Amir is both the narrator and protagonist of the whole story, his personality is sensitive and he grows up in a wealthy family in Kabul. Hassan is Amir’s servant and best friend, he proves his loyalty to Amir although he was raped by Assef and Amir didn’t stand up for his best friend. Hassan’s personality traits are bravery and selflessness. At the beginning of the novel, Amir gets phone call from Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan is sick and wants to see him in Pakistan, because he has something important to tell him.

As he received the call, he recalled back to twenty years before. The days where Amir and Hassan been through, When he met Sohrab he was sexually abused by the official guards and one of them is Assef, he abused Amir. Luckily they left and went to the hospital, Amir believed that he should take Sohrab back to U. S to take care of him. I love Hosseini’s writing style that he illustrates both the eauty and the cruel reality happened in our society. This story was about the ugly truth of humanity, division of society a form of institutional racism and racial segregation.

It talks about the inequality, prejudgment and the inequality human nature exist in our society, also the author tries to inspire people to challenge unfair treatments in our world. Throughout the theme it brings out that discrimination is an unfair treatment of people just because they are on different social standing. Amir treated Hassan as a servant, the story I have read taught me a lesson, hat makes us happy or no matter what it ends is a connection to our friends, family bond and trust. Humans nature are selfish and that may cause our behaviour, emotions, values and beliefs.

F orgiveness is the most powerful love on earth, even though we make mistakes, as long as we make amends and move through life with a pure heart, we can be forgiven and achieve redemption. Analysis & Evaluation: In The Kite Runner, Amir was born in a wealthy family he can get whatever he needs privilege however to please his father Baba is his most heart’s desire. Hassan treated Amir as his best friend owever Amir didn’t feel the same as his but a servant. AsI am reading the novel and the movie, I found the change of Amir’s personality once he was a selfish child and then became guilty and sad for betraying Hassan.

I like Hosseini using first person point of view because the whole story he talks was about Amir’s childhood guilt till present, at this point it showed us how the brotherly love is between them. Hosseini used pathetic fallacy in the novel and he did use graphic to show how the nature affects the story ” In Kabul, it rarely rained in the summer. But it rained the afternoon. Baba took Ali and Hassan to the bus station. ” This quote used nature to echo and enhance the theme of the story, because it symbolize to illustrate the atmosphere of the novel.

Also rain symbolizes sadness and despair as Amir is sad to see Hassan’s leaving because he felt regret and deep inside Amir’s heart he is just an innocent boy who desire his father’s love. The movie begins with boys flying kites, in the city of Kabul in 1978. The performances by the actors playing Amir and Hassan as children are natural, convincing and powerful. Hassan is the best kite runner in the neighborhood. There is a eighborhood bully named Assef, jealous of Amir’s kite, his skills and his kite runner. One day Assef and his gang tracked down Hassan, attacked him and raped him.

Amir arrives to see the assault taking place, and to his shame he sneaks away. In the was just a typical day of Amir, now living in San Francisco, receiving a telephone call from Rahim Khan asking him to return back to Afghanistan. The movie was actually all based on the novel, people admitted that the novel is much better than the movie. I read the book then I watched the movie however I think the movie did not really mentioned a lot of details. For example, I remember Baba is supposed to be uncomfortable in America but the movie is not able to display his emotions.

The movie and book have differences for “The Kite Runner” but it did not affect the whole story. Historical background is more detailed in the novel, but either the symbolism and themes of the book are similar, both make an excellent supplement to a modern history. Another difference between the book and movie is the scene that Assef raped Hassan. In the book, the raping scene was described in detail. How he unzipped his jeans, dropped his underwear and Assef was behind Hassan. In he film, Assef shoved Hassan down and pulled his pants out and unbuckles his pants and the scene cuts away.

His scene cuts away because it will be too graphic to show to the audiences. The process of adaptation: Throughout the chapters it mentioned several times “For you, a thousand times over,” I think this quote uses symbolism because it relates to the theme of repentance in the story. Hassan said this while chasing the kite for Amir at the beginning of the chapters, as the story continues Amir felt cowardly as he didn’t stand for Hassan when he was being raped by Assef. Years passed, Amir tries to end up his oward act and try to save Hassan’s son, Sohrab to recuperate his foolish past.

While Amir was running the kite for Sorab he said, “For you, a thousand times over,” has mentioned at the end of the novel to show his guilt and forgiveness from Hassan. However in the movie they just hopped on a plane and without any conversations, it seems easy to adopt Sohrab however Amir was encountering lots of difficulties in the book as Amir actually went through struggles and difficulties in the book to take his nephew home. In my opinion, since I read the book first. The movie makes it seem like it was an easy task to go to Kabul and ave Sohrab, where in the novel it took much more effort, time and determination to do so.

The movie is able to display the main ideas of the Kite Runner Book, however some major and important details were left out which may affect other readers who has not read the book. I think the main reason is mostly all movies’ maximum length is no more than two hours, it will be too much informations to perform the whole book into a movie. Audience will feel bored and lack of patience to watch the whole movie, on the other hand what a good movie do is to perform the main theme, thesis, plot, main ideas, and meanings to audiences.

Hosseini is one of the famous novelist so that there is a movie version released in 2007, he wrote several previous books after “The Kite Runner” the second book was “A Thousand Splendid Suns” which was also adapted into movie. Allison. F Conclusion: To conclude, “The Kite Runner” have the necessary strength as a story to make a good film, in the end the film was left with endless tragedy however the movie was lacked the depth of the book, both character development and relationships.

It did a great job of sticking it close to the story, it brings out to us that selfishness, pure or evil and dishonesty exists in our real world. In the novel, Amir is a Pashtun which means a higher class in Afghanistan and Hassan is Hazara, a servant. Hosseini uses a comparison to show how these two different levels of structures exist in our society, he is trying to make us understand the noble humanity and ethnicity should play no part in different class or levels.

As Hassan is an affirming aspect of humanity which is ability to love and forgiveness without limits, he is the one who remain the loyalty to Amir, so that he has guilty that Hassan expects the love and a true friendship between them however he failed him. This book and movie proves the importance of social structures among the characters or even the world we are living, and how weak and fragile is human being is. Obviously, respecting every person is what we should do because everyone has the rights to choose what they want to be.

The Kite Runner, it illustrates the human are capable of the redemption of growth, Amir grew as an adult he chose to embrace his faith and change his values to different social structures of people. No matter how “The Kite Runner” novel or movie came out differently. Hosseini wants to teach and tell us to respect and love every person no matter they are different or not as the same level as us, Allison. F. although we all have different values and cultural backgrounds of our own however respect and forgiveness are the most powerful love in our life.

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