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The History of Mental Illness

People with depression and people who are sad are something totally different. Last y, people with schizophrenia are viewed as crazy and dangerous. For these reasons, history has viewed these individuals differently and have been misunderstood. Because of the fact that people never quite understood mental illness, undivided LULAS were often mistreated. If you had a mental illness, you were perceived as a danger to socio TTY and were immediately transferred to jail with no further questions asked. Things like HTH s are difficult to believe, but they did in fact happen in our world.

People with mental illnesses ere not allowed out and were basically isolated from society only because people did not undo restart what was happening in their minds. Imagine having to face a life inside a jail cell or a public basement for most of your life. To me, having a mental illness is all too familiar so when I hear about things like this t hat actually happen in history, it hits me hard because if were to have been born in this c entry, I know I would have been one of many to experience the categorization and the enough ionic confinement Of these mentally ill individuals.

In the 1 Boob’s for example, people were not vie deed as “crazy’, they were viewed as being Satan. However, there were two specific individual s who began to do something about these dangerous conditions. In the sass, activist Throated Dixie fought for better living conditions for the mentally ill after witnessing the dangerous and unhealthy conditions in which many patients lived. Her initiatives created a number of a asylums, but the horrible conditions still went on. In these asylums, the rooms were so small and yet so incarcerated that a Patti .NET could not move very far.

Also, doctors were not very clever in coming up with ways to treat the SE people, so they just began to make treatments up as they went on. One of the treatments that t a doctor would use is lobotomy, which essentially means that they would drill holes into the patient’s skull to examine their brain. Another treatment they would use was electroshock there app. This meant that the patient would have a helmet on their head that would transfer electricity t 0 their brain to treat their illness. A man by the name of Clifford Watching Beers lived to tell his tale.

Clifford was one of many battling a mental illness. In his biography, he describe sees it as a “history f a mental civil war” which he had to fight single handed on a battlefield that “lay within the compass of his skull. ” After attempting to end his life, Beers ended up getting I n trouble with the authorities and had to attend court. As his punishment, he was sentenced to attend a mental institution in New Haven. After being admitted, the attendants shaved his leg s and put muffs on his wrists for restraint.

Since these attendants were incapable of understands Eng the operation of his mind and what they could not understand, they would seldom tolerate an y means of disobedience. Lastly, he described the bathrooms of the wards as “a room in which vehicles [were] washed in a modern stable. ” After Beers came out of his punishment, he decided to begin to change the m minds of those who did not know what to do with individuals with mental illnesses. As a result, he founded Mental Health America in 1909. Mental Health America is a nonprofit organization the at helps those with mental illness.

To this day, it still exists and it even provides counseling a ND treatments at no cost. Ever since then, America’s viewpoint on the mentally ill have changed for the better, A way in which it has changed is that now America provides effective treatment TTS that help the individual. One of the disorders that has been very effective in treatment is De oppression. Depression is a mood disorder caused and carried on by an interaction of gene ethic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors that affect the mind and the body. S meeting that is misunderstood by society is that depression is only feeling out of the weather .

However, it is far more than that. Depression is the intensity of the feeling of sadness and a pro longed period of negative feelings. It causes a lot of argumentative behavior, aggression, and f linings of wanting to be alone. Doctors have discovered that this disorder runs in families and ca n be traced through several generations of a family. They have also found out that it is caused by a n abnormality in the way the brain produces and maintains its levels of certain chemicals that are involved in transmitting messages from nerve cell to nerve cell.

To treat depression, it is v ere common for the patient to be treated with therapy sessions, but if the depression is too SST rang they will get both therapy and antidepressants. Another disorder that has been effective in treatment is anxiety. Anxiety is quiz tee normal in many people, but the way it makes it a disorder is also the intensity of it. A person w tit anxiety will most likely get many panic attacks. A panic attack is an initial frightening expel irenic of brief but intense fear that occurs out of the blue.

A panic attack is most likely to happen n if the patient continues to worry about things that others would not normally care about. D actors have discovered that people with anxiety have imbalances in levels of enumerators titers. To help them, cognitive therapy works very well in patients because it challenges your thoughts and helps the patient to control themselves better. Also, some antidepressants he Ip to lower anxiety. Lastly, schizophrenia is one mental disorder that was even new for me.

When found out my sister had been diagnosed with it, was very confused because I did not have any experience with this typical disorder. Schizophrenics typically hear voices that other do n to and believe that others are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. Doctors have no true cause, but believe that exposure to viruses and malnutrition before bi Roth can affect greatly whether or not someone can develop this disorder. Also, it has been found the t schizophrenics have less gray matter and different brain chemistry and structure.

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