The History of Biography

One in-depth form of biographical coverage is called legacy writing. Works in the media transformed the biographies from books to movies -? form the genre known as biography. * An authorized biography is written with the permission, cooperation, and, occasionally, participation Of a subject or a subject’s children. An autobiography is written by the person themselves, sometimes with the assistance of a collaborator or ghost-writer. A Ghost writer is effectively, someone who follows you almost everywhere you go, and writes it down. Then, with the conformation of the person themselves, adds it into the biography that he or she is writing.

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One of the best known biographies, “Life of Samuel Johnson” (1 791 was written by James Boswell chronicling the life of his friend Doctor Samuel Johnson. The modern Johnson critic Harold Bloom has claimed it is the greatest biography written in the English language. This however, was not the first biography recorded. The earliest biographies that we have physical evidence of are detailed accounts of people from the Muslim world, from the 9th century onwards. Nowadays, the biography is one of the most common books published, and almost anyone can have one written about them by rely hiring someone to write it for them.

This captures the evolution of biographies, because in the early 1 sass, you had to be rich and very affluent to get a biography written about you. Nowadays however, anyone can have a biography entailing their life written about them. This is due to a rise in the number of writers, and also supply and demand. Writers saw that the biography was popular amongst normal people, and that normally it would be very difficult to have one written about you; so for the biographical writers who couldn’t get someone famous or rich to write about, theft turn to the general public.

This created a huge increase in the numbers of biographies being written, and the prices of having one written about you dropped lower and lower, and now, almost anyone can afford it. Adding on to my previous statements, even if you weren’t rich, but had an interesting life, (e. G. You fought in the war) people would write biographies about you, it’s just if you had a ‘normal’ life, (e. G. Working class family, nothing to interesting happening). Some examples Of this are: Kings, princes and Army officials often had biographies written about them, however it wasn’t till the late asses that anyone could have one written.

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