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The American Dream To Become A Pharmacist

The American dream for me is to become a community pharmacist. Pharmacist comes from the word pharmacology which is the study of drugs/medicine in the human system. A pharmacist is a role in the medical industry who subscribes and provides medicine/drugs to patients. They are responsible for checking if the drugs/medicine is suitable and top quality for the patients. I am aspired to become a pharmacist so, I must take two years of college or more if desired to complete pre-requisites. Afterwards, the next four years you will have to study crucially to earn a Doctoral degree in pharmacology.

To officially become a pharmacist, you must pass national exams ( the MCAT) to receive your license as a professional pharmacist. A career as a pharmacist is the best fit for me because I like to help others, interested in medicine, and have a strong passion for biology. Pharmacy originally was the science of experimenting medical drugs and later on becoming a career. A notable person in the pharmacy community would be John Pemberton, an American trained pharmacist and as well as a chemist who is known to be the inventor of Coca-Cola.

Certifications to become a pharmacist is to take prerequisites and have a doctoral degree in Pharmacology. It takes about an average of six to thirteen years to become a pharmacist. Their job is to dispense drugs prescribed by the doctor and provide important information to the patients about the prescribed drugs/medicine. A pharmacist works at irregular hours depending where they work at (which can be at local-drug store or a hospital pharmacy) and usually get off on big holidays (vacations can vary depending where they work at).

The job outlook for pharmacist is 3%. A pharmacist makes about the average of 120,950 dollars every year, in a day they make about 58. 15 dollars per hour. Pharmacists are able to have multiple opportunities for advancement for instance opening their very own pharmacy or continuing going to school to earn complementary degrees. My primary source is on Dora Akunyili. Dora is a Nigerian woman that is widely known as a pharmacist and also the director of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control otherwise known as the NAFDAC.

She was born on July 14,1954 Makurdi,Nigeria and passed away on June 7,2014 due to uterine cancer. When she started her job after multiple years of constant studying, most of the drugs and medicine imported all over the world in Nigeria were fake or were purposely diluted. In the article, it states that she said, “False drugs, is the massacre of innocent lives and is a crime against humanity. We can protect ourselves against aids but we can’t do nothing against a deadly drug”.

By this quote, you can tell she’s really upset and is strongly against people who are part of the cooperation of making profit off of the fake drugs. She took action by limiting drug ports and bringing inspectors to observe local productions. Her actions caused her life to be at risk and others she values. For example, her son was almost kidnapped and she almost get shot in the head. The results of her actions eventually dropped the fake drugs sales and able to administer the manufacturers.

She has won multiple awards for what she has done as a leader and a pharmacist. She inspires A college that I am interested in attending to fulfill my pre-requisites is UC Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz is a public university and is an accredited college, founded in the year of 1965. Their mascot is Sammy the Slug and their colors are or and azure. In fall 2015 the enrollment for undergraduates is 16,231 students and for graduates 1,637. The acceptance rate in 2014 was 57%. The tuition cost 13,461 dollars (if you live in California).

There are currently 58 (undergraduate) majors and 41 graduate studies. The major I want to take would be Human Biology (there isn’t a specific major for an aspiring pharmacist must take so it doesn’t matter what major you choose as long as it has to do with the field of science/med area). Human Biology is the study of living organisms specifically on humans. High school classes that the school recommends to have a strong background with so you can peruse Human Biology as a major is high school biology, chemistry, advanced chemistry, and physics.

In order for me to be accepted by UC Santa Cruz, I must have a GPA of at least a 3. 00 or higher. Assuming that I want to become a pharmacist, there will be a long pathway, I must go through in order to become a pharmacist. My first step in my pathway is to graduate high school and complete my a-g courses because the majority of colleges requires students to have a high school diploma such as UCSC. To complete this step I will work hard in each class I go to and do all the assignments, surely I will get an exceeding grade and earn my credits to graduate.

At the same time, I will try to participate in many programs and clubs that I personally like and will hopefully make me be “appealing” to colleges. My second step is to hopefully get into UC Santa Cruz and major in Human Biology. In college, I will need to study a whole lot more than high school and pay extra attention to the professor so I cannot fail this major. As well as completing the prerequisites. During this time as a college student, I will have to prep for a huge test called the PCAT (pharmacy college admission test) so I can go to a pharmacy school.

I then see myself achieving a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology after four years at UCSC and continuing going to school, specifically a pharmacy school such as the one in San Francisco (UCSF). I need to go to a pharmacy school because I need to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree which take four years to study. After earning the degree, I will now have to pass national licensing exams to get a pharmacist license to officially become a pharmacist. I strongly believe that I want to become a pharmacist as a career in the future.

One reason I believe that a career as a pharmacist is best for me is that I like to assist others around me. Whenever someone needs help I’m always there to help. I like the joy of seeing someone that I have helped do something better or understand something better because of my assistance. Another reason I want to become a pharmacist as a career in the future is because I have a strong relationship and interest in science. Ever since I was little, I was always interested in doing experiments. I have the qualities a person might need to become a pharmacist such as being able to analyze and work with my hands.

I’m also interested in medicine/medical field. At a young age, I wondered how and why medicine is able to heal or help a person feel better, and I always wanted to have a career in the medical field because it makes a lot of money. The money I can earn from this career can help me give back to family since we have limited resources. Overall, becoming a pharmacist is the best fit for me because I like science and am interested in science as well as the medical field. I will reach my dream as a pharmacist by working very hard at school and participating in programs and clubs.

I will graduate from high school and hopefully get accepted into UCSC and major in Human Biology. Next, I will graduate from college and go to a pharmacy school located in the Bay Area to study for four more years to earn a Pharmacy Degree. After that, I will try my best to pass the national exams and earn a license. I would then find a place to work where I can work for a franchise, since I don’t see myself as a leader. Being a pharmacist is my American Dream because I know it will benefit me and my future brightly. A pharmacist is the best career for me because I want to help the community.

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