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The Abortion

Nowadays abortion is a topic that causes a lot of polemic, according to Deanne Turret, “abortion consists on the interruption of the pregnancy through the expulsion of the embryo or fetus”. There are two kinds of abortion, the first one Is the natural caused by the death of the embryo Inside the belly, and the other Is the expulsion which Is Induced by some methods that end with the life of the baby.

The problem of abortion Is a reality that happens not only In Mexico but all around the world. Is not an easy task to find a solution to this problem because of the nature of he issue itself, since it involves the life of a human being and the body of another. When trying to find a solution, there is the notion that a person has the right to do whatever they want with their body. Religion and ethics, argue that life cannot be taken for any reason.

In order to find a solution, first it must be recognized that the problem exists and, one has to focus on the information that can be useful, like statistics which can help appreciate the magnitude of the problem with facts, and not with arguments that may very well be subjective and lead to no solution. According to “El Universal” In Mexico, there are approximately 100,000 Induced abortions and volunteer abortions per year; this means that there are approximately 279 abortions per day, making the matter a big problem.

Having legal abortion Is one of the most talked solutions. This though, Is considered a horrible but necessary measurement, and in any case, the following must be considered: since the fetus does not constitute a risk to the health of the woman, since abortion is not meant to improve the health. Abortion is a procedure which women choose; it is not a procedure which, f it’s not done it, may harm the health the person. Therefore, this is a reason why abortion must not be provided free in the Centers of Public Health.

The use of the contributors’ money cannot be Justified, in a procedure which is not meant to save the life’s of women, and let alone can be Justified if some of the contributors are against the procedure Itself. In order for the State to guarantee the right of abortion and funding It with public resources, there must be a reason, a common benefit or consensus with the society In a period of time. In other words, Just the way It Is with there rights that the State guarantees. (Fernando, Antonio, 2010). Another proposed solution is the ethical solution by talking to teenagers about sexual relationships in a conscious way.

For this purpose, to make them understand the ramifications that come with them, like the fact that a life may be created and it must be thought about it with responsibility. Liberalism, the promiscuity from the adolescence, is the incrementing cause of abortions. An affective education of positive, clean, and responsible sexuality must be given to teenagers, given the fact that in Mexico 26% of omen who commit abortion are between the ages of 16 and 20 years old, and 2% are between the ages of 10 and 1 5 years old (Cities 64, 2007).

These two solutions are not the best because many people, who have no morals or values do not care about such things as love, righteousness and life; the statistics show that religion and ethics do not actually have an effective Impact either, since, In Mexico, 88% of those who Interrupt pregnancy are catholic women (Callus 64, 2007) and this Is not counting the women who are not religious, which there are a lot.

The best solution, then, is to services, since in Mexico 50% of women who commit abortion have between one and four children, and 19% have five or more. Adoption programs must be expanded too, so that women are not put in the situations or only option of killing the baby. Pregnant women should be given more support, since 34% of the abortion is done for economic reasons. Also, new parents should be given more assistance (Cities 64, 2007).

This solution is the best because such programs already exist and are having a very good effect on reducing abortion. In the United States, the Program Reducing the Need for Abortions and Supporting Parents Act would create programs to prevent teen pregnancy, expand Medicaid eligibility for family planning services, combat sexual assault and expand adoption programs. Human Rights 1074 aims to reduce the abortion rate by preventing unintended pregnancies, supporting pregnant women, and assisting new parents.

Provisions include expanding coverage to pregnant women and unborn children through Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, banning the discriminatory practice against pregnant omen in the health insurance industry by removing pregnancy from all “pre- existing condition” lists in health care, making adoption tax credits permanent, provides grants for low-income parenting college students, fully funding the federal WICK program, increased funding for domestic violence programs, and provides free home visits by registered nurses for new mothers (Real Abortion Solutions, 2008).

Abortion is a difficult decision in which women not only try to end with the life of the embryo; she is also putting in risk her integrity and her life. For that reason, we need an effective solution problem. Making abortion legal, based on an ethical solution are optional solutions for this problem.

However, the programs to prevent pregnancy are most likely be achieved the solution of the ending helping women. Society is wrong to think that women who commit abortion do it strictly because of their self- centeredness, ignoring the fact that sometimes it is their only option, so creating such programs will represent a huge relief for many women and so much suffering will ease in our society.

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