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Suppression Essay Examples

Does media cause societal , or does society create media violence?  Censoring our media may be
harming our children and society.  Teaching our children the world is a perfect place could be
harming our society.  Because we are imperfect beings we tend to avoid being hones and open when
it comes to distasteful and disturbing subjects like sex and violence.  Failing to educate our children
on the ramifications of sexual and violent behavior is like giving a child a loaded gun with no

Education and information is the foundation of our democratic society.
We Americans live in a free society and our freedom comes with a price tag: accountability.  If you
want to play, you have to pay.  Media censorship limits our right to explore and learn from personal
experiences, even when our choices may be harmful to ourselves and others.  Suppression of
information through censoring our media may be a factor that plays into our society’s violent

Censorship is the by product of fear.  Society fears certain kinds of information that may be
harmful to our children.  Trying to focus on what information should be repressed is a empty
gesture.  There are to many points of view in America’s multi-cultural society  There is as many
points of view to what is right or wrong as there is people. Suppressing personal truth not only
harms physical health but degrades our Democratic way of life.
The causation of repression is ignorance and ignorance breeds frustration.  Frustration is the
trigger for violent aggressive behavior like: anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, and depression.  Could
censorship be a breeding ground for violence?
Censorship is like chemo therapy; you may kill the cancer, but you might also kill the patient.  Maybe
the side effects of censorship are to costly and we as American citizens should explore alternative

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