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Evaluation Essay On The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the most successful animated Disney movies in the past twenty years. It mostly revolves around the life of Simba, before and after the death of his father, Mufasa. After Mufasa’s death, Scar (Mufasa’s brother/killer), tells Simba to go far away as Scar takes over the Pride Land. Simba’s development into a young adult during his hiatus is crucial to the story arc as he grows into the lion strong enough to reclaim the Pride Lands from his uncle.

The Lion King is a Disney animated musical drama because it has songs throughout the movie in some of it’s most important moments that are sung by the character’s, includes emotional and unexpected events that are key dramatic elements, while being a children’s movie that teaches lessons which pertains to every age group. The musical aspect of lion king plays a very vital role in the movie itself. The movie uses these to get major themes pushed to the forefront.

The childhood eagerness of a young Simba as he sings “Can’t Wait to Be King” foreshadowing his eventual return to take back his rightful role in the tribe. Another example is “Hakuna Matata” sung by Timon and Pumba during Simba’s time in the jungle expresses a major theme in the movie. Hakuna Matata means no worries and teaches Simba that he can’t control everything in his life and needs to be more relaxed. Also one of these important moments introduced through song is the when Scar’s plan to take over with the help of his hyena minions; this song is called “Be Prepared”.

It is Scar instructing the hyenas how to help him kill Mufasa. A majority of The Lion King is foreshadowed by using songs performed by the character’s and not just the soundtrack music because this plays such a central part in the film the movie is considered a musical. Aside from being a musical The Lion King is also a drama. A drama is something that has emotion, unexpected plot twist and a sad or triumphant ending. Drama’s also build an emotional connection between the characters and the viewer.

This movie is filled with ups and downs as we start to see each of the character’s build up a bond with Simba in their own way. Relationships play a big part in the growth of Simba. As the audience sees these relationships unfold, they begin to relate and become emotionally invested in the characters. Another dramatic trademark is the frantic scene that ends in a way no one anticipated. The scene where the wildebeest trample over Mufasa and he is killed serves this purpose. The death is unexpected because Mufasa is portrayed as a mighty king who is set up by his weaker brother.

The movie ends in triumph after Simba regains his kingdom from Scar and is praised and paraded throughout the land, a textbook happy ending. This emotional high is needed in drama for the full connection with the viewer. The Lion King also teaches important life lessons during the movies without being blatant about it. One of these lessons is how children can deal with the loss of a parent at a very young age. Simba father dies when he is very small in the movie. Simba goes away for a while in the jungle for a short time after this.

When a child’s parent dies they often go into a state of seclusion because they don’t understand what is going on. This is what Simba goes through in the jungle, but by making new friends who help him get over his pain he becomes himself again. The Lion King is showing that when a parent dies the best medicine is to open up to other’s who can help ease the pain. Children are not the only audience The Lion Kings lessons apply to. Another lesson in The Lion King is that facing problems head on is always better than running from them.

This is shown when Simba returns to his home to fight Scar and restore order in the Pridelands. Simba avoided doing this for the longest time because he did not believe it was his responsibility. This changes when his childhood friend comes to him and explains how bad the situation is, and with him being the only other male lion, he is the only person that can change it. Simba realizes that he must stop running and fight scar head on to make things right. People have problems in their lives that they keep avoiding which only makes them worse.

The Lion King is saying that people need to confront their problems head on. It’s the only way that these issues will go away and stay away. The Lion King incorporates drama to create an emotional and entertaining story for children, but details real life problems that can apply to every person. From dealing with the death of a parent at a young age, to confronting problems head on, The Lion King tackles this all. Even though at the movie’s core it’s a Disney musical the situations are very relatable. While keeping it simple and enjoyable for everyone.

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