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Snuggles The Cuddly Bear Commercial Analysis Essay

“Let’s make the world a softer place, let’s snuggle. ” The commercial uses a father and daughter doing the laundry at home like any other ordinary day, the first said ten seconds and then the five seconds after comes up an enthusiastic talking bear named Snuggles the face of company selling the product. This commercial attempts to hook viewers’ attention by informing all the advantages if using snuggles softener. The setting and graphics used in the commercial are quite well aligned with the product into manipulating the viewer to buy the product they are advertising.

They have been around for years they’ve become experts at advertising their products and have obtained successful results and many happy customers, they clearly know what to feature on the screen to get whoever is watching hooked into believing this is the only brand that will leave your clothes not just soft but snuggly soft. Snuggles effectively uses all methods; pathos, logos and ethos to persuade their audience to which has given them successful results. Having relied heavily on pathos. Snuggles is a brand that has been around for years.

In the commercial right away you can see pathos happening with the family’s emotions going on their smiling and jumping with joy and are happy with the results they’ve gotten from using Snuggles softener and more throughout you can see the emotions the family playing with the pink blanket they had taken out of the dryer the father is uses the fluffy pink taken out of the dryer and he’s playing with the mother and daughter in the living room of their home and then the father throws the blanket onto the mother and daughter covering them under , then in another scene throughout the commercial the family is outside on a hammock hanging from a tree cuddling together with one another with the very same pink fluffy blanket and also when the mother sniffs the blanket and her face expression of pleased with the smell of the product and then again when their back inside in the living room sitting on the couch and have friends come over and they have a baby the little girl is holding close to her mom and snuggled in with the pink blanket and lastly towards the end the family is at a drive in seated on the green grass cuddled up together with the same pink soft blanket from before in the earlier scenes.

As an example of Ethos during the commercial towards the middle and end in the background the bear Snuggles said “it stays fresh for thirty days and with the value you’ll love” and also “Let’s make the world a softer place with the ultimately snuggly softness, lets snuggle”. The advertisers try to build up their credibility with their customers by mentioning the good and positive things you’ll want to hear in order to buy their product. Another way they use ethos is by having the family featured in the commercial use the same pink fluffy blanket they took out of the dryer earlier when they used the softener product last used.

Then the family is shown with blanket in different environments like for example in the laundry room, living room, backyard back to the living room and lastly at the drive in. By using the same blanket in several of different environments showing that no matter where you go the softness will still be there. Snuggles, the bear is used as the logos in this commercial to attract new customers.

Using this particular bear as a logo will be memorable to many people who are already are familiar or that have used the Snuggles brand. The softener penetrates a fresh spring aroma that will last a whole month and also remain the “ultimately softness”. Informing these facts they make the viewer watching not look no further and convince them to invest in a soft, fresh and less than the leading brand product. Snuggles, softeners brand is one everyone should have in their laundry room is what their purpose in using logos and this logo bear to captures viewers’ attention into buying their product. Through the use of pathos, ethos and logos, Snuggles has captured the happiness and successful sales of customers.

Snuggles shows in this commercial that it is a family friendly and you can take your blanket anywhere and still have the snuggly softness and is less than the leading brand, so the consumer will be saving money when choosing to buy Snuggles softener. Will the catchy phrase “Let’s make the world a softer place, let’s snuggle “work to convince the audience to buy their brand next time there at the store in the cleaning aisle at Target and choose Snuggles from watching the commercial? In conclusion is Snuggles brand doing a good job at luring their audience into buying their brand or maybe not and they need to try it a different angle into manipulating the audience buy their product brand.

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