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Snow White Reflection

German Fairy Tales Snow White Reflection Snow white has always been a classic children’s fairy tale. The Disney version has been adapted from the original Grim Brothers version, made more for children and for our society today. Walt Disney changed a few different aspects of the story, from how Snow White was poisoned to how the queen ends up dying in the end. Grimms version was more of an adult fairy tale and more suited for teens or adults. In Grimms original story of Snow White there are many different details that were eventually changed.

These include the Queen telling the huntsmen to kill Snow White and returns with her lungs and liver. He doesn’t end up killing her so he kills a nearby dear in the woods and brings the Queen its lungs and heart. When Snow White first runs into the forest after the huntsmen doesn’t kill her, the animals run around past her and scare her but do not harm her nor help her. She ends up finding the cottage and once she walks inside she sees 7 plates, 7 cups and 7 beds, she ate some food from each plate then became tired and tried them all out. The first bed was too long, the second bed was too short and the last was Just right.

In a way this sounds like The Three Little Bears. The queen doesn’t use magic or anything to change herself; she used makeup to change her looks and used a silk scarf instead of an apple on her first try. The queen tries to kill Snow White three times (1st with a silk scarf, 2nd with poisoned comb, 3rd with the poisoned apple). Snow White ends up waking up because a piece of the poisoned apple is dis logged from her throat not by a kiss. At the end of the story the queen dies from dancing at the wedding between Snow White and the prince wearing iron slippers that were hot from coals.

In the Disney Version of Snow White he changed certain aspects like huntsmen returns with a heart from a deer. The animals scared her and first, then it turned bright and they helped her find the cottage in the woods, the animals helped her clean up the dishes and house, and set the table which had already been set in the Grimm version, she then went upstairs and saw 7 beds with names on them, and she ied down on a few at one time, the queen used magic to change her looks and to poison the apple, Snow White is put into a deep sleep by a poisoned apple and woken up by a kiss.

The queen ends up dying on the mountain at night in the middle of a storm. Disney wanted to change these aspects to make the story more kid friendly. He changed the darkness and adultness of the story to fit todays generation. There is nothing too American that I can think of. Disney made this story better, he made it for kids and made it the classic that it already was. By brittneybabyl 23

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