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Single Payer System Case Study Essay

Single Payer could make or break the United States. Many love the idea of converting to that system while others are strongly against changing from the current, Insurance Mandate. Having a Single Payer System in the US could improve the economy and enhance the public’s unstable condition in regards to the fact that so many Americans are unhealthy and could fall victim to the numerous serious diseases caused by not going to the doctors for regular checkups. Since regular checkups cost so much, many Americans forgo visiting the doctor.

With the one side leaning on how Single Payer will ruin the complex network that the US has right now while the other side that believes that the US will become so much better and maybe even reach it’s full potential as a country. Single Payer is the way to go if you are looking to help and improve this nation and it’s people. Universal health care (aka Single Payer) is used in most countries. Single Payer is when the government provides insurance for all the people in that country. All residents of the country have the health care expenses paid besides copay and coinsurance.

This system is “national health insurance, also known as “Medicare for all,”… a system in which a single public or quasi-public agency organizes health care financing” (Physicians for a National Health Program aka PNHP). Below a Single Payer system, the inhabitants of the country would be assured for any of their medical services; from an ordeal involving a doctor to prescription drug expenses. This system is usually funded by the savings collected by replacing the previous inept system that gathered extra money and with a fair tax increase constructed constructed on your capability to accommodate.

The US uses an interesting health care system. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare is the system that America uses. In this system many “key provisions are intended to extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, to implement measures that will lower healthcare costs and improve system efficiency, and to eliminate industry practices that include rescission and denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions” (Health Insurance . org). This system is only used in the US and in no other country.

Most countries use a Single Payer system. Some of these countries include Norway, the UK, Kuwait, Sweden, Bahair, etc. “Thirty-two out of thirty-three developed countries have universal health insurance” (List of Countries with Universal Healthcare). The countries that have a Single Payer system usually result in rationing care, supplies and physicians, but also results in a lower mortality rate among infants and otherwise. The two-tier system is also a type of health insurance system .

A Two-Tier system is “a healthcare system where everyone can access a basic publically-funded healthcare program but for those who can afford it, they can access a more robust level of health care with better care or faster access” (TMG). With a Two-Tier system, the government endows or watches over large or miniscule amounts of coverage for all residents. In divergent countries like Israel, the government will manufacture basic instructions which the a major part of the people must seek insurance with private insurers.

Although many Americans believe that a Single Payer system in America is a good concept, strife emerges as the sole launch of socialized medicine frightens many. A multitude of people have claimed that the Single Payer system will bleed America dry of it’s money while others suggest it will encourage entrepreneurship. Despite the money stance, plenty of individuals have confidence that Single Payer is the best way to go if we want to save impecunious Americans whilst innumerable healthy and well-off Americans consider the major increase in taxes and the serious decrease in physicians.

Issuing all the population of America the right to health care is excellent for economic efficiency. When people can obtain the right to health care, they can live healthier lives and not miss work as much, enabling them to give more to the economy. In a study in March 2012, researchers from the Universities of Colorado and Pennsylvania revealed that employees “with health coverage miss … on average 4. 7 workdays less than workers without coverage”(Dizioli and Pinheiro). America’s wealth may just double with a right to health care. A right to health care might upgrade the health of the public.

In a 2006 study, researchers have examined the relation between population consequences and broader coverage for Canadians vs Americans. In the study, “US respondents (compared with Canadians) were less likely to have a regular doctor, more likely to have unmet health needs, and more likely to forgo needed medicines” (Lasser). The US has many residents with unaddressed needs and needed services. With socialized medicine in America, it is likely each person, one by one will become healthier thus resulting in the overall collection of the public being healthier and happier.

The right to socialized medicine is necessary for the foundation of an equitable society. The US currently offers road upkeep, law enforcement, public education, and many other services open to its citizens to encourage an equitable society that is unbiased to everyone. Socialized medicine needs to be a major part of that list. A passed US Senator, Ted Kennedy, had once communicated that supplying the right to health care “goes to the heart of my belief in a just society. “(Newsweek). With socialized medicine, the US could be one of the most evenhanded, impartial, and moral country.

Free health care has driven Canada to drastic rationing that has led to several deaths because so many couldn’t get the attention they needed in time. Canada has had a very difficult with socialized medicine because it has meant “rationed care and lack of innovation. ” (Messerli). The lack of physicians has forced Canada to serious rationing of what doctors and supplies they have left. Most of Canada’s hospitals are filled to the brim with patients waiting to be provided the service they require, but many go overlooked.

The numbers continue to grow and the masses take advantage of the socialized medicine, though it’s no fault of their own, the government in Canada must stand up and recondition their design. Actualizing a right to health care might just lead the US towards socialism. Socialism, by definition, is a “political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole”(Oxford Dictionary).

Below a single-payer system where every resident of that ountry has a right to socialized medicine, and all health care bills are viewed and paid by the government, therefore, the government has control over the allocation of any and all health care services. Universal Health Care will be too difficult and challenging for our government; there would be such an increase of money (because taxes will be raised exponentially) to pay for all the health insurance. If there were to be an “US universal health care plan were to generate a surplus, our … government would borrow from it . ” (Brazen).

The US government is not very trustworthy, with all secrets they hold above our heads and how they get information so easily without us being any the wiser. With a colossal rise in affluence, it is very likely that many government officials will develop a slight case of kleptomania and take a few extra hundreds home. It is my belief that we are all equal, in the 30 Human Rights (Flowers), one states clearly that being healthy is a major portion to being in the pursuit of happiness. Thus health insurance in America should be Single Payer for every one deserves to be happy and healthy.

Every single person in the United States of America is Human and therefore should be treated as such: they should be treated with respect and kindness and understanding. Every single person deserves to live a life of prosperity and contentment and I believe that Single Payer will bring all Americans one step closer to a life of bliss and peace of mind. Single Payer could save many American lives from the grief and tediousness of everyday life Providing all citizens the right to health care is good for small businesses and will encourage Americans to be entrepreneurs.

Small businesses all struggle with the problem of providing health insurance for all of the employees, but with Single Payer small businesses will thrive exponentially. Single Payer will save an extensive chunk of hard working US citizens from being paid minimum wage, thus resulting in the pay the deserve. Single Payer would help Americans achieve a comfortable and contented life. Since the US is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries on the planet, the right to health should be a given.

The US can easily provide healthcare for all of the residents of the nation. If the US can put people before profits, Universal health care can improve the US’s condition concerning the reality that so many are in discomfort and suffering. If the US is willing to bend their standards around a bit, then maybe US residents will be more active and eager to work for their country. Many people firmly believe that a Single Payer system will deprive people of the care they really need: lines in hospitals will grow too big.

With an additional call to the fact that so many people with special requirements may not receive the actual amount of attention they need. Though much is true, there are so many problems with wait times. What will happen if wait times follow into America if the US used Single Payer? To make these lines smaller, maybe even nonexistent, it is critical that we must make broad spectrum renovations to a Single Payer system. Many enhancements have previously been tried and some even successful in other countries with a Single Payer system.

A few of these revisions include establishing teams of health care providers, modernizing electronic information systems, common waiting lists with patients waiting for certain surgeries go on a single list for the first available surgeon , and better coordination among staff setting up surgical equipment. With these modifications in play, this system will be improved to the extent that so many citizens will thrive. Single Payer could make the US an amazing country, but we are still young and as long as we are willing to takes the steps necessary to improve the system to bring it to it’s full potential.

If the US can learn from the mistakes of other countries that have used or currently use a Single Payer system, the US could benefit greatly with a new and improved health care system. By convincing our leaders to build on the healthcare system to the point where it’s modified and much like Single Payer, only then can the US finally realize the benefits of a Single Payer system. Thus, fulfilling the Bill of Rights promise of guaranteeing every citizen the pursuit of happiness.

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