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Short Story: The Legend Of Kalista Falls Essay

Billy was being dropped home from school. There was supposed to be a bad storm later that night. His family was rich so he had his mom hire a private driver to drop and pick him up from school. He lived in a mansion because their family owned a well known business. But tonight was different. Tonight was the anniversary of his neighbor’s death. The house next door had been sealed off by police tape because their death was a mystery. The Legend of Pete Finnigan was a classic tale told around Kalista Falls. Today was the a well known day in the town and the whole town participated in the annual event.

Billy had just moved to Kalista Falls. His mother had urged him to get out and make friends but Billy wasn’t the type of kid that was into the whole friend making business. He was more into art and videogames because he was a rather creative person. He was told that his imagination could take him places. But he loved gory art which is why he always drew dark forests and somebody dying in them. His latest drawing consisted of his neighbors creepy place which he had worked very hard on. The amount of detail he incorporated seemed as if it were real.

The details not only sounded real, but they felt real. Billy had always been the best story teller in his grade which is why he loved drawing. Anyways back to Billy’s artwork. He wanted to create something new…… a masterpiece! Little did Billy know that his artwork would come to life in the most dreadful way. The tale told around Kalista Falls has been a legend ever since its been founded. It was a dark tale that seemed to contain some pretty gruesome contents. The case file had been sealed off by Kalista Police and it remained on the top ten mysterious files around the world.

His butler met him at the doorstep and took Billy’s bag and coat. He was a short bald man who had a fierce mustache and beard. He walked so quickly it seems as if he was late. Billy didn’t really like him, because he never spoke and he always disappeared. This time, Billy wasn’t going to let that happen. He followed his butler upstairs where he dashed down the hallway. The butler opened a door which let out a creak. Billy was breathing hard because he had to keep up with this man. The butler disappeared into the coat room which was dark and roomy.

He watched for a few moments before proceeding into the room. Just as Billy turned the knob, butler had transformed into a different person. No longer was he bald, but he had a thick mane of light brown hair. His black, pressed suit was no longer attached to his body, but a long dark faded frock coat. He was wearing sunglasses now and that startled Billy. His shoes had holes in them. He was sinister looking. Suddenly, the back door opened. Billy turned around. It was the wind. He went to face the Butler, who had disappeared. Billy was terrified now.

Billy had loved exploring on his own because that was how he found peace. The wind whistled a creepy tune through the leaves and the branches. Thunder roared in the distance. He remembered a trick to see how far the thunder actually was. “CRACK,” sounded the thunder. Billy began counting, “One, two, three, four, five. ” He continued all the way up to 31 when more thunder lit up the sky. Notice the description, Billy drew in his most recent drawing. Billy wasn’t one to scare easy. You needed something big or something out of the ordinary to rattle his bones.

He walked over to his neighbors lawn and stared at the house. A crow from behind him made a noise where Billy jumped and flew inside the house. Billy thought to himself,” I’m not losing it, it was just a crow. ” Quickly reassuring himself, Billy rushed to the porch of the old abandoned house. Ripping the police tape off, Billy proceeded into the forbidden area and into the house where he came face to face with pitch black darkness. Taking out his phone, he pulled out the flashlight application. Boxes and crates seemed to fill the room. Deep in the room did he see a coffin.

The wind sung an eerie tune and the sound made Billy turn into super mode. Super mode was Billy’s definition of jumping on instinct. It was raining now and Billy still had to check the house out. He saw a staircase up ahead but decided to save that for last. He saw numerous boxes. He walked over to one and lifted a flap of the box. It was damp. Someone was here Billy thought. “You shouldn’t be here,” a voice as deep as his Butler’s said. Billy took no chances but turned around. He was officially freaked out. Why was his Butler following him? To his astonishment the butler was no longer there.

Billy was tired of his Houdini disappearing act. Billy called out. No response. he knocked over some other crates and there were just papers and papers of blanks. Strange, Billy thought. That was a coincidence because when he got home that day, on his bed were the same yellowed blank pages. He threw the pages on the ground and decided it was time to go upstairs. Before he went up, called out to see if anybody was there. From the top of the staircase flew the crow that Billy saw when he first came home. He let out a little scream. He proceeded up the staircase which he realized was very old.

There were several instances where he thought it would cave in. Nothing happened. When he was halfway up, the stairs started creaking. He approached the next step slowly. When he trusted the staircase, he rapidly skipped steps going up. It seemed never ending. He wasn’t supposed to be there. There was police tape up there for a reason. When his parents finally came home, they found police there. There had been an accident. The butler was nowhere to be found. Autopsy confirms that someone had broken into the house. The investigators went in and saw the caved in staircase. Billy wasn’t found.

The parents cried and wept all night. Then the doorbell rang. The parents woke up from their nap. They wiped their tears and walked to the front door. Looking through the peephole, Billy’s father took the shotgun that rested by the door. Opening the door frantically, He pointed it at the person standing there. It was a short man. His frock coat was drenched with salty rain water. His clothes were dirty and he was bleeding from the head. It was the butler. He had a nasty gash going through his stomach. The lead metal pipe had pierced a hole through his insides. He was a dead man.

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