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Short Story Of Sofies First Time

Sofie was in first grade when she had her first sleepover. She was nervous, but, still, oh so very excited. She was about to go spend the night with her best friend, Lexi, for the first time. She had been to her house before, but never for the whole night. Oh, what fun they would have! She could only imagine all the games they would play and all the snacks they would eat. Maybe they would even get to watch her favorite movie of all time:Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses. She was so excited, and all she had to do was get through the rest of the school day. “Yes!

Walkers have been dismissed! Now all we have to wait for is them to call bus riders! ” Thought Sofie to herself. She had been so very patient, she thought that she would burst from excitement! Lexi had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. They were complete opposites, but, nevertheless, they loved each other. Sofie knew that she wouldn’t be able to get through the rest of the first grade without her best friend at her side. She wanted to be the cool girl that got to have sleepovers with her best friend every Friday, so this sleepover was very important to her.

Bus riders are dismissed, bus riders are dismissed” Sofie heard the inner comp call out over the school. She ran out into the hallway, scanning the halls for Lexi. Sofie thought that her friend would be easy to find, for Lexi was one of the tallest girls in the first grade. Sofie, however, hadn’t rode the bus in quite sometime. She had forgotten that they dismissed all the students at the same time! Sofie begin to panic. What if they missed the bus? “BOO! ” Sofie jumped. Lexi had found her, and they were now on their way to Lexi’s bus. They had loads of fun on the bus.

Although it was just a regular bus ride, Lexi and Sofie could manage to make anything into a wild adventure. They imagined that they were on a train in the old west. The conductor had been overpowered by the cowboy bandits. They had to find a way off, quickly! They broke down the rugged wooden rails holding them into their seats and were just about to take the jump when all of a sudden, “HANK!!! ” Sofie had flashed back to reality. Hank had thrown raisins all over Lexi and she was now attacking hank. “Lexi! ” yelled Sofie. “Get off of him! ” Lexi didn’t let back. “Neverrrrr! ” She screeched at the top of her lungs.

Hank was much bigger than Lexi, so Lexi eventually let off and was flung back into her seat. After the excruciatingly long bus ride, Sofie and Lexi finally made it to Lexi’s house. Lexi lived in the country, so they had to walk down the long, corn covered driveway. It was chilly, but just chilly enough for a sweatshirt. Sofie had been to Lexi’s house before, but she had forgotten how mesmerizing it was.. Tall trees lined the 4 acre yard, The two ponds reeling around the house appeared as a castle’s lagoon, the paint-peeled shed that added a haunted feeling to the atmosphere.

Sofie couldn’t wait to go exploring. The finally reached the end of the driveway, and Sofie and Lexi were now running toward the Long, one story farm house that seemed to be waiting to greet them. Lexi opened the large, white wooden door. It reminded Sofie of the door to The Secret Garden, so it memorized her even further than she already had been. The house smelt of pumpkin and cinnamon, and it complemented the feel of the cool fall evening. The kitchen was warm and welcoming, setting the mood of the house. “Come on! ” whined Lexi impatiently. ” We’ve been standing here for 1 and a half minutes!

Let’s go to my bedroom. ” Sofie snapped out of her daze. She followed Lexi around a corner and down a hallway that seemed to be so long that it would never end. Lexi’s room was the last room on the left. The door opened, and Sofie entered with an expression of awe on her face. The room was hand-painted in a way that gave you a fuzzy feeling when you entered it. The carpet was a grey toned baby blue shade that matched the backdrop of the room perfectly. The very bottom of the wall was painted a lime green shade to look like grass. A hand painted white picket fence rimmed the room over the locks of grass.

There were flowers and ladybugs, butterflies and bunnies, oh, what joy did it bring to the seven-year-old’s eyes! Cutting about halfway up the wall, the beautiful grey toned baby blue shade begin to reemerged. It was beautiful as it was, but the painter had added a special touch that made everything better. There were beautiful, large, fluffy, creamy white clouds floating along the walls. Sofie could feel herself soaring through the sky alongside the birds. The cool wind blowing in her face, her feet far from the ground, it was perfect… There were small, wooden shelves placed throughout the room.

They brought decor to the room without distracting from the already beautiful paintings. Small people and animals lived upon these shelves, watching over the children in their home. Sofie felt safe in here. She felt free. She felt loved. She felt…”Sofie! ” Sofie snapped out of her gaze. It was Lexi, being her usual impatient self. “Let’s go outside! I want to show you all the ‘‘secret’’places in my yard. Sofie felt her excitement rising up inside her chest. They had only entered two rooms and Sofie was already awestruck. Just imagine what must be in that yard! Will a calm expression, Sofie replied,’ Let’s go Lexonce”.

And, they were off. They quickly slid on their boots and threw on their jackets. Sofie’s was a plush pink jacket, while Lexi’s was a long navy blue one that buttoned all the way up the front. It was then tied off by a fabricated belt. Their boots were nearly identical. With their soft, dark fur, and the cute little buttons traveling along the sides, it was difficult to tell them apart. As they launched out the door, they could feel the cool fall breeze captured their bodies. The scent of Fall was crisp and refreshing, like biting into a fresh, juicy apple. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a day of exploring.

They ran around for hours exploring every section of land that they could find. Sofie couldn’t believe all of the discoveries that they had made. All of it was incredibly exciting to the young girl. From the whimsical trees that seemed to be never ending way back in the yard, to the small bridge that led to a path across a small hidden creek. Sofie couldn’t believe that her best friend actually lived here! Lexi led Sofie into a corn maze that her father had made for her in the corn field. Sofie was nervous at first, for she feared that they would become lost. Her fear grew as they ventured deeper into the twisting maze.

After a while, Sofie began to calm down and ending up really enjoying the maze. She never could have imagined that something as simple as corn could excite her! As the corn maze came to an end, the two girls began the walk back to the house. It was getting later, so the air had chilled from a light fall breeze to an icy wind. The sky had darkened into a deep purple color. It was a beautiful late evening, but it was definitely time for the young girls to go inside and warm up. The girls watched movies, played with barbies, and just as Sofie had hoped, ate lots of tasty snacks.

They even got to have a dance party with all of Sofie’s favorite songs! Sofie couldn’t have asked for a better night. After hours of playing, it was finally time for the girls to get ready for bed. They both took showers, brushed their teeth and hair, got into their pajamas, and did whatever else was necessary before climbing into Lexi’s bed. Now, you wouldn’t normally think that a bed would make two little girls laugh so hard, but this bed was a very entertaining machine for two girls who loved tacos so much. Lexi’s bed had a remote connected to it that could lift the top and the bottom of the bed up.

Sofie and Lexi would lay in the center of the bed and then began to press both buttons at the same time. The ends of the bed would fold up, and the two girls were left squished up in the middle. Just like a taco! Lexi’s mother finally came and told the girls that it was time to shut the lights off and try to go to sleep. They did as she said, except that they stayed up a couple extra hours talking. Finally, the girls passed out from complete and utter exhaustion from their excitement packed day. In the morning, Lexi’s mom made them chocolate chip pancakes with lots of topping s to choose from.

They watched spongebob, and then Sofie’s mother came to pick her up. Sofie was sad that she had to leave. She had never had so much fun in all her life! She said her goodbyes and thank you’s. She didn’t understand why the fun had to end so soon! She felt like crying all the way home. She finally expected that the sleepover was over, and was overly thankful for the memories that she had made with her best friend. Little did she know at the time that this sleepover would start a spark in a relationship between the two girls that would last for many more years to come.

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