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Said Abigail Research Paper

Fairytales Do fairy tales really exist? “I believe in fairy tales,” Said Abigail. Abigail is a young, innocent girl trapped in a modern and cruel world. She attends school at Carolina High School and Academy. Sometimes while in school she feels different, so she creates her own surrealistic world to get out of the real one. Abigail is a 15 year old latina living with her dad and her four brothers. She is not just a regular girl because her innocence gives her the power to change everything around her magically, like the magical garden for example.

The school garden may seem like a simple common garden in the eye of the average person, but not in Abigail’s eyes. Whenever Abigail walks through the garden, the garden magically expands and flourishes with an infinite number of different colored flowers as beautiful as the smile of Abigail. It’s like if the garden magically come to life when she walks through it. Because of its magic, the garden is her favorite place where she loves to do her art. She always loved painting all the different colored flowers that makeup the garden.

She spend most of her time in there because she also felt like that place brought her peace. In there she always wonders how her life might be if she finds the perfect guy. She dreams to find a prince that would kiss her just like in fairytales, but then she comes back to the real world and feels like she expects too much, but still saves some hope. Abigail often lets her mind fly, forgetting everything around her. She had many accidents because she was always distracted, especially in her chemistry class. One day Abigail was doing an experiment with chemicals and because she was distracted she dropped all the chemicals.

All of her classmates made fun of her and started calling her names like cinderella because of how dreamful she was, but she never pay attention to comments. They never knew that all her dreamfulnes would actually become true one day. People often called her butterfly because her mind was always flying away from reality. One day while she was on her way to school she imagined what a perfect guy would be like and by chance she tripped into a young handsome guy’s arms. He had dark blue eyes and black hair. His look was so intense that trapped anyone who look at him directly in the eyes.

When Abigail look straight into his eyes she imagine him like a prince and him saying to her she didn’t have to keep looking for her prince charming, but she snapped out of it when she heard that actual words that came out of his mouth. “Watch where you’re going! ” He said. “I am sorry I didn’t see you. ” Abigail responded. “Well next time watch where you’re going,” he said walking passed her without even looking back. That day Abigail could not concentrate in her classes, all she could think about was falling into that guy’s arms. She wondered if he could be the prince she was daydreaming about earlier.

She thought to herself” Could he be the one? Could he be my prince, my fairy tale? ” When the class was over she saw him again, but this time he had company. He was talking to a girl named Kalie. He quickly noticed her looking at him and he walked up to her and talked to her. “Hey, you’re the girl that almost threw me to the floor? ” “Umm umm… yeah it was me” “What if we start all over? Let start everything over. ” He said with a smirk. “My name is Alexander, nice to meet you. ” “Abigail, nice to meet you too. ” Abigail replied. “I-I have to go. ” “I hope to see you around Abby. he said with a wink. “Bye. ” said Abigail with her cheeks rosey red. Abigail then went to her art class. As she tried to catch her breath she sat down and looked up and there was Alexander, with his dark blue eyes looking right at her. “It’s you again. Are you following me? Just kidding, it’s nice having someone I know in here,” he said. Alexander also had art class, Abigail couldn’t believe her eyes. The teacher had new assignments that day and it had to be done with partners, just when life was good, life got just a little bit better because the teacher assigned them partners.

The assignment consisted on drawing the perfect world, one drawing per day for 25 days. The whole purpose of the assignment was for the students to get to know each other better and make new friends. With every passing day Alexander and Abigail grew closer and closer. Abigail found out that Alexander was egotistical based on his actions, but had a sweet side too. He would call her babe, but it was an incidental outburst, that made her giggle. Without realizing Abigail started to like the way Alexander would smile at her and how he would laugh every time she said something stupid. Abby you’re so hilarious. Why can’t I be like you? ,” he would say. Her smile would go to the moon and back every time he would say that. After the assignment was over they kept talking, they often stayed up late night talking on the phone. One day while in school Alexander told Abigail that he started to feel emotions for her, but he did not wanted to hurt her. She felt sad and happy at the same time. She felt happy because he finally accepted that he likes her, but she was also sad because he said the he couldn’t be with her because he didn’t wanted to hurt her.

Abigail admitted that she had emotions for him as well. They often hang out together in schools and outside of school. They never went out, but they sure acted like a cute couple. He even promised her that she was the only person he had feelings for and that he would be always there for her. One day when Abigail got to school in the morning, she noticed Alexander holding hands with Kalie from her chemistry class. That day Abigail was more distracted than usual because she was thinking about Alexander holding Kalie’s hand. Abigail was really confused and didn’t know what to do.

In the middle of the class her phone rang, it was a text message from Alexander saying that he needed to talk to her. They met up after school in Abigail’s favorite place, the garden. “I have to talk to you, Abigail. Tam dating Kalie,” he said. Abigail stood quiet, as if she was in shock. Then she started smiling and smacked the fire out of him, but the sadness in her face was noticeable because this was the guy she had trusted and he failed the test too. Alexander with tears in his eyes held his hands to his face and then she looked into his eyes and said “It’s fine, just make sure you don’t play with her like you do with every other girl.

I guess fairytales aren’t real after all. ” He was confused for a second and then he just left without any conscience of what he had did to her at that moment. That moment changed Abigail forever after that moment she was never the same. The next day Abigail was drowning in her sadness, but she stood up, wiped her tears and put a smile on her face as if she was the happiest person in the world. She only attended school every other day, but when she walked by the garden the garden did not flourish like it use to. The garden seem sad and depressed as if it was attached to Abigail feelings.

Abigail’s sadness did not allow her to see what was happening with the magical garden. The leaves turn brown and they drupe over like if it hadn’t rain the day before. Everything in the garden seem dead with no color. This meant that Abigail had stopped believing in magic. Without the magic the garden was not able to flourish. A few weeks later, Abigail started talking to a guy named Tom. Tom was a new student at Carolina. Shortly they became good friends, but nothing else. Every time Alexander saw Tom and Abigail together he just stared at them the whole time as if he was jealous of them two being together.

Tom and Abigail shared many moments together. They often went to the movies and to the park. Seeing them together made Alexander realize he really loved her. Alexander then decided to fight for Abigail, so he ended his relationship with Kalie. Everyday he left a letter in Abigail’s locker, but she always threw them away without reading them. He always tried to find a way to make her feel happy and get close to her even though they were not together, but every time he tried she found a way to avoid him. In the midst of rejection and regret, three months passed. These three onths were the most bitter for both as they loved each other, but the memories of what had happened were stronger than what they felt. Without them noticing they both changed, they both became totally different people. Abigail became a distrustful, rebellious girl that no longer believed in fairy tales. She thought that everyone would lie to her and that fairy tales happened only in movies. Alexander also changed, he became distant and close off towards everyone and started focusing on the things that really matter. After his mistake, he realized that Abigail was the most important thing to him.

One day Abigail, as a rebellious act, was planning to run away from everything and everyone. As she was ready to leave, Alexander came and stopped her. He talked to her and told her how much he had change for her. He told her that she was his whole world and that because of her he became a better person. He asked her to give him another chance, but she said that it was too late already. “Look I know what I did was wrong and probably deserve everything that you are doing to me and yes, maybe I should let you go, but truth is I’m too selfish to let you go.

I am so sorry for what I did. ” “What you did to me changed me, I am not the same innocent girl you met that believed everyone. “” want that girl back. I want that beautiful, dreamful girl that believes in fairy tales. I know she is there somewhere. ” “Fairy tales can have a bad guy, can’t they? ” “If so let me be your true fairy tale. ” “No, it’s too late for that. ” “It’s never too late for two people who love each other. ” “It is too late. ” “It’s not if you give one more chance. ” Abigail stood quiet for a minute, when unexpectedly Alexander fainted and falls to the floor.

Abigail then quickly kneeled next to him and told him that she loved him. At that moment all of the emotions she tried to keep inside poured out. In that moment she found out that she still loved him. When she was about to kiss him he woke up and said “So can I still be your fairy tale? “. She just hugged him and said “You can’t be my fairy tale, but you can be my fairy tale moment. ” After they figured everything out between them, Abigail took Alexander to the Garden. Alexander was very confused, so he decided to asked Abigail why the garden was her favorite place in the school.

Abigail said because that’s where magic happens. Alexander was even more confused, but didn’t said nothing. Abigail just told him to forget everything and promise her something. “Promise me that you’re always going to be here for me,” said Abigail. ” I promise. ” They both promised that they would always be there for each other. Then they hugged and kissed. While they kissed the garden magically Flourished again, but this time Alexander was able to see it. The garden was more beautiful than ever with all the different kinds of flowers. Alexander could not believe his eyes. “Ido- I do believe , I believe in fairy tales.

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