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Positive Influence In Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet Essay

The theme of Romeo and Juliet is about a consuming love. It is a play filled with hatred overcome by love. Old hate versus young love, who take no thought for the past or future. With this love ending by “love-devouring death. ” The hatred overcame the young love and left the two in love desperate, thinking death was the only way to be together. If love caused death, would you feel taken over by love and in a positive or negative way?

This could be shown either way and i’ve chosen to show you both sides. The answers to your questions are all found in the rest of the essay below. You chose your fate/love and you choose to have it taken over by the choices you make. Everyone makes there own decisions even if that decision is hard to make, some people just don’t realize this till it’s too late, for example Romeo and Juliet. How does love over power the characters and their lives?

I think an example is when Romeo and Juliet commit suicide, because Juliet thinks Romeo is dead and when Romeo finds out she’s gone he does the same because his thoughts of love over powered him. Even though he chose to do this, his head also wasn’t in the right place, he had reached his breaking point with Juliet’s death making him desperate for happiness. Back in the 20th century the father had to choose his daughter’s husband, so Juliet’s father got to choose and it definitely wasn’t going to be Romeo.

This left Juliet thinking and she knew the only way to receive happiness was by committing suicide, would you rather spend the rest of your life unhappy with some guy or a lifetime of happiness with the guy you love? More than likely everyone would choose the second option and the only way Juliet could get that was by committing suicide so love isn’t really taking over in this situation because that’s really her only option. I do think point 2 is a negative influence, because if girls could just make there own decisions on marriage she wouldn’t have to die to be with her true love.

A way love overpowers the character is when Romeo kills Tybalt and how Juliet takes it, Romeo’s best friend was Mercutio and Tybalt took that away, so when Tybalt came back trying to ruin his only other love, which was juliet, he let his love overpower him and released all his anger killing Tybalt. Love overpowered Juliet in this scene because even though she knew she should be upset about her cousin Tybalt’s death like the rest of her family she wasn’t because she realized Romeo had done nothing wrong and that was her love, Tybalt had brought that on himself by killing his best friend because her father didn’t like Romeo.

Those are a few negative and positive examples showing how love can overpower characters and their lives because they let their love and thoughts get to them, making them desperate. In what ways is love a negative or positive influence? Love can be shown as a positive or negative influence, an example of a positive influence is even though Romeo and Juliet can’t be together they fight for eachother and do everything they can to be together. This shows a positive influence because it shows love is real, strong, and can give people happiness.

A negative example of love in this play, is how hard they make love seem to accomplish and how it can tear families apart. For instance Mercutio and Tybalt dying, Juliet and her father fighting, and Romeo and Juliet killing themselves to be together. It shows how much they’re willing to lose to be together. Another positive influence love has in the play, is it influences people to follow their hearts and shows that love is real. It encourages people not to give up and to fight for what they want no matter how bad the circumstances are.

This shows that love can be both a positive or negative influence, like stated in my thesis statement and proven in this paragraph. Romeo and Juliet fall in love by what is called “love at first sight. ” I definitely agree love at first sight exists just not all the time. Which is one of the things I think the play is trying to tell us about love that it does exist and love at first sight can happen. For example Romeo and Juliet did everything they could to try and be together and they even ended up dying trying to be together.

Another thing I think they’re trying to reveal is that love is blind and you should follow your heart even though things might get tough, which is what the two in love did. Romeo was told to marry Rosaline, but he realizes that isn’t love. Juliet’s father is making her marry Paris, so she can have a good life planned and filled with fortune while carrying on her family’s name, but Juliet doesn’t care about any of that she believes love takes time and it isn’t something you can choose. Lastly I think they’re trying to say love isn’t a game, because that’s what

Mercutio told Romeo when he was undecided about his love with Rosaline. Also because her parents were telling her who to love and not love, which was partly caused their suicides and Tybalt’s death. Sense Juliet’s parents treated love as a game they got hurt by losing their daughter and a family member, which all started because they declared she couldn’t marry Romeo. I think there’s other things they tried to teach us about love, but those are the few I think are most important in Romeo and Juliet.

Overall I think love can take over at times, but I think it had more negative influences then positive. Romeo and Juliet were fighting for love, but they added negative points to show how serious love is. They showed that love isn’t just a game. Although there was some positive points, like how they fell in love and never gave up because they followed their hearts, which was very romantic. They didn’t want to lead people in the wrong direction with love, so they added negative points proving love is possible for anyone and so is love at first sight, but it takes time and is a very serious matter.

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