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Communication Thesis Statement Essay

Thesis statement; In order to be an effective psychologist, I must first learn and understand my own internal communication. Because in order for me to be able to communicate and understand my clients I must be able to communicate with myself. To be successful in this major I must learn and understand all internal communication to the best of my ability. Majoring in Psychology takes a lot of hard work and dedication you have to remind yourself that all your hard work will pay off one day if you stay focus and keep your eye on the prize.

As a psychology major, I must develop knowledge of the human ehavior within the mind and body. This claim alone shows I must be able to use internal communication to understand the mind. In order for me to be efficient in my field of study, I must learn how to accurately and efficiently use internal commutation. Students who enter into this field of profession are very oriented and are naturally intuitive and curious about the human patterns of behavior and or how the mind works.

Individual’s interests may vary, but overall psychology gives students answers to questions they have about themselves and others. In order to be successful in this major, I must know what uccess means. Connecting success in the way that we learned in internal commutation is based off that success is achieved by taking risk and overcoming failure.

This ties into my thesis statement because in order for me to be an effective psychologist I must know why I want to be successful in this field of study. I have to know why I have a passion for this field of study that I am currently taking head on. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. – Bill Cosby Blog, P. (2012, February 23). This quote relates to my thesis by letting me that my desire to e successful in this field have to be great then my fear to be a failure in this field. To me, it means if I put in the hard work to be successful in this field then failure won’t even be a question.

I know that even with all the odd against me that I can be successful in this major if I don’t let the fear of failure overpower my desire for success. One primary reason why individuals choose helping professions and the reason that most will admit is the desire to help others. To feel worthwhile as a result of contributing to another growth is exciting, however, helpers ust also ask themselves the following questions: To what extend am I meeting my own needs? Even more important do my needs to feel worthwhile and to be caring person take precedence over the clients need. ” Woodside, M. , & McClam, T. (2011 p. 163) This quote applies to my thesis statement because I have to understand the primary reasons why I have a desire to be a psychology major.

It shows that in order for me to be an effective psychologist I must know how l’m meeting my own needs, I need to know that my needs feel worthwhile and that I have my internal mindset ready to take care of my client’s needs ithout second guessing myself or feeling that I am not meeting my own needs. “Each of us has view of ourselves, knowns as our self-image. Our self-image is made up of all the beliefs we have about ourselves. Our self-image determines how we present ourselves to the world. It affects what we think we can accomplish professionally. It affect our choices in personal and professional relationships.

If you have a positive self- image you see yourself as someone worthy and capable of reaching goals and achieving success Waitley, D. (2010 p. 63) This quote applies to my thesis statement because in order for e to be an effective psychologist I must uphold a positive self- image. The reason I must up hold a positive self-image is because my clients will look at me and see how I uphold myself. And if I want to be an effective psychologist I must give off a very good self-image. I must showcase that I fully understand my inner internal communications and that I am fit to help them understand theirs.

If I don’t give off a very positive self- image then I wouldn’t be a very effective psychologist. “Self- awareness is a lifelong process of learning about oneself by continually examining ones beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors. Recognizing stereotypes, biases and cultural and gender differences are part of the self-awareness process. So is our desire for acceptance and client success; “needing our clients to like us and to do well may be sign of trouble, however. Self-awareness then is a particular critical process for helpers because it assists them in understanding and changing their attitudes and feelings that may hinder helping.

The importance of self-acceptance is underscored by the helper’s use of self in the helping process Woodside, M. , & McClam, T. (2011 p. 170) This quote relates to my thesis statement by saying that in order or me to be an effective psychologist I must be self-aware of myself. Self-awareness promotes several essential traits, such as openness, acceptance, willingness, trust, knowledge, interest and courage towards the clients . When I can have comprehensive thoughts and views towards an issue, it can enable for me to have a better understanding of the perceptions of the clients.

Even the opinions of clients are different from my personal view; I must can give clients an appropriate advice without any bias and would be more comfortable and easy to deal with the circumstances with their ttitudes, values, and beliefs. “Workers convey understanding, respect, caring and honesty when they exhibit facilitative levels of the following three interpersonal skills empathy, warmth and genuineness” Originally identified those three skills, and they continue to be seen as crucial to the development of positive relationship between workers and clients.

Ebscohost ( 2017 p. 56) This applies to my thesis statement by saying that in order for me to be an efficient psychologist. I must understand my client issues and be able to relate to my client. I have to be honest with my client so hat we can get the best results from them in whatever the case may be. Genuineness is known as the core conditions in psychology. According to Roger’s theory (1959), these conditions help both the client and myself. Empathy helps psychologists to understand the client’s feelings.

Unconditional positive regard makes the client feel comfortable. When congruence applies to this ‘relationship’, the client feels that the psychologists are transparent and present. Empathy is defined as the ability to perceive the client’s world from the client’s point of view (Sutton & Stewart, 2009). This means that the psychologists are able to nderstand the emotions and experiences of the client and the latter is able to convey this understanding to the client. Empathy is considered to be one of the highest qualities a psychologist can demonstrate.

Understanding this quote made me realize that I must respect and show empathy with my clients for me to be efficient in the psychology field. “Emotional awareness is the process of recognizing, identifying and accepting your emotions. It involves observing yourself, recognizing a feeling as it happens and seeing the link between your thoughts, feelings and actions. Begin emotionally aware helps you handle your emotions in ositive ways and use them to make good choices. Aronson, E. , Fehr, B. A. , Akert, R. M. , & Wilson, T. D. (2017 p. 6)

This supports my thesis by saying that I have to be emotionally aware of my own emotions. In order for me to do that I must use my emotions ‘to facilitate various cognitive activities, such as thinking and problem-solving. Being aware of my emotions, intelligence can capitalize on the client changing moods in order to best fit the task at hand. In order for me to be an efficient psychologist I must experience and have knowledge about myself image, self-awareness and emotional awareness if I want o be successful in the psychology field.

Constructing each of these topics that I have above is just a list of things that I need to be effective in order to be successful in the psychology field . Writing this paper have showcased how much internal commutations plays a part of my major. Not only that but it has also connected the things I learned in the classroom. When I was writing this paper I went back to each task or journal we did and the connections to each really made sense of why you had us do each task. I would just like to thank you for opening the door and opportunities.

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