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Perception: Seeing is Believing – UFOs

Since the times when the earth was believed to be a flat object, man has had a lust and curiosity about space and the bodies that exist in it. Early astronomers trying to grasp the incomprehensible mysteries of the universe would study the patterns of the stars and planets to try to put this massive puzzle together. In their studies history has recorded sightings of objects that didn’t hold to any pattern or set movement supposedly proved to be correct. Objects that moved freely in the sky in any way, shape or form they pleased. Having no further explanation for these dilemmas of space, they were dubbed UFO’s”.

The acronym UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Modern electronics and science have helped us in the search for an explanation of these mysterious floating objects. In actuality they haven’t gotten us much further on the mission for proof of other living beings in the universe. But in a universe so incomprehensibly large that we no not even a boundary, I sincerely doubt that the human race is the only form of life. It seems certain scientists have come up with other hypotheses concerning UFO’s. While all astronomers yearn for a concrete explanation on

UFO’s, their beliefs on their origin contrast. Many looking for a more scientific definition disregard UFO’s as nothing more than a mere misinterpretation of a plane, weather balloon, or meteor. Some have gone so far as to say that specific witnesses to UFO’s have seen nothing more than a hallucination and “wanted” to see a UFO so their minds adapted that idea into an illusion to satisfy the urge. Personally, I have had two encounters with unexplainable objects in the sky and to disregard them as a misinterpretation or hallucination is an impossibility.

Witnesses who were with me on one of the occasions saw exactly what I did and we concluded it impossible to be anything but unexplainable. Numerous other people out there have also had personal experiences with UFO’s and have proof of what they saw. Some people lucky enough have had cameras and home video recorders with them at the time of the encounter caught them on tape. Further analysis of the tapes and photos have proved them to be real, strengthening the believers point of view on alien existence. The strongest piece of evidence on alien existence is the efforts the overnment makes to cover up the proof on UFO’s.

The most famous example of this is a building compound found out in the deserts of Nevada called Area 51. Employees of this top secret alien research compound have talked out on the amazing evidence this structure keeps hidden from the public. Bodies of aliens and pieces of ships from supposed UFO crashes are brought here for research. When alien researchers caught wind of Area 51, they soared over the desert searching for it and came back with pictures and videos of a large warehouse like structure believed to be Area 51.

On a second mission there, after knowing the exact latitude and longitude of it, they found everything gone, almost as if the desert swallowed it up. The government, knowing that Area 51 had gone public, had the entire building destroyed and all evidence inside moved to another secret compound, so say informants from Area 51. With all the indisputable proof of government cover up, photos, and videos of alien existence, not a doubt in my mind exists that this is very real.

Stubborn scientists will tell you differently for the simple fact that they on’t want to tarnish their reputation in the scientific fields by admitting their curiosity toward UFO’s. Government officials will tell you the same in fear of a nationwide panic over the existence of extraterrestrial beings. The truth lies in all the books, research, sightings, and government employees tired of lying to everyone about UFO’s. Proof can’t lie and with the thousands of pages, pictures, people and actual alien objects to be found with a little research, alien existence and UFO sightings can be easily proven real.

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