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Extra-Terrestrial Existence

Has intelligent extra-terrestrial life visited the Earth? Have people actually seen spacecraft from another world? Have these spacecraft abducted human beings and performed experiments on them? Have these spacecraft been recovered by our goverment? Many believe this to be very true. Contrary to these beliefs, there is no physical or any evidence to prove these aliens have visited the Earth. But that does not rule out the existence of intelligent life elsewere in the Universe. There could always be life out there.

But way to far away to have visited the Earth. The major reason people believe in aliens is a good reason to believe. This major reason is the sighting of a UFO. UFOs have revolutionized the way people think about aliens. The term UFO means: Unidentified Flying Object. Today the term UFO usually is reffered to an alien spacecraft. These alien spacecraft come in many shapes and sizes. The most common UFO has a disk or saucer shape. They move at very high speeds and appear to spin on an axis.

UFO sightings vary from person to person. ere have been so many reports of UFO sightings they cant be counted. But are these sightings really alien spacecraft? The earliest sighting of a UFO is dated back to 213 B. C. Theses sighting were thought to be alien craft. Studies show that these sightings could have been a comet of a meteor. Around 742-814 A. D. “During the reign of Charlemagne, spacecraft took away some of the earth’s inhabitants to show them something of the way of life of space people. These events are described in the Comte de Gabalis’ Discourses. Trench 1966.

The University of Colorado conducted a UFO report. This elaborate report was lead by Edward U. Condon. Condon states, The decision to etablish this report for the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects stems from recommendations in a report dated March 1966 of an Ad Hoc Commitee of the Air Force Scientific advisory board set up under the chairmanship of Dr. Brian OBrien to review the work of Project Blue Book. In this report Condon gives examples of some UFO reports. In 1952, so many UFO reports came in it clogged some Military communication channels.

It was believed that an enemy planning a sneak attack could report a bunch of UFO reports to cause mass confusion to the Military communcations. Since 1953 many results of UFO study have been unclassified except when reasons needed to withold evidence because of classified missles or classified radar. This disproves many UFO sighings to be alien spacecraft. Usually a UFO sighting is reported to a police officer or a news reporter. Condon states: In spite of the very considerable publicity that has been given to this subject, a large part of the public still does not know of the official Air Force interest.

Some UFO enthuisiasts has persuaded observers, who would otherwise have done so, not report to the Air Force. In the report Condon says that many people also believe that the government has recovered UFOs and their occupants. Some have gone fas as to assert that the government has captured UFOs and their occupants in captivity in the Pentagon or some secret military base. Condon also states that on person believes the Air Force has nothing to do with UFOs, but the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) handles UFO phenomena.

Condon also quotes: These allegations of a conspiracy on the part of our own government ot conceal knowledge of the existance of flying saucers have, so far as any evidence that has cometo our attention no factual basis whatever. There is no proof of this conspiracy or any proof of a UFO. There is no direct physical evidence of a UFO being an alien spacecraft. The director of National UFO Reporting Center states: Until you have on of these objects on a laboratory table and are talking to its occupants you cant say definitely what it (UFO) is.

A reason for many sightings are secret government test aircraft. During the 1980s the Air Force was developing a new aircraft. This aircraft called the F-117 Stealth Fighter fit the description for many sighting in the New Mexico desert. Many people were seeing a triangular UFO flying around in the sky. This flying triangle happened to be the F-117 fighter plane while it was still classified. This disproved many UFO sightings. While UFO sightings have the most effect on Alien believers, Alien Abduction has even some experts highly confused.

Alien Abduction is when one believes that aliens have abducted them and taken them aboard their spacecraft. While on the alien spacecraft, The aliens, reffered to as Greys, conducted experiments on them. A huge believer of this phenomena is John Mack, a Psychiatrist at Harvard University. Mack was raised up to believe that … if we were going to discover ogher intelligence, wed do through radio waves or though signals or something of that kind. He now beliSo simple the answet would be. eves alien have visited the Earth and have indeed abducted people.

Mack has worked with over a hundred abduction cases. In these cases the consistency of the story, the intensity of these stories, and the sincerity with which the people tell their stories has impressed Mack. When asked in an interview with Nova about how literally do you intend people to take this, Mack responds: So the simple answer would be: Yes, its both literally, physically happening to a degree; and its also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occurring and originating perhaps in another dimension.

A huge skeptic of the abduction phenomena is Carl Sagan, an author and astronomer. When asked to comment on the quality of evidence that is put forward by these so-called abduction proponents Sagan states: Well, its almost entirely anecdote. Someone say something happened to them… And, people can say anything. The fact that someone says something doesnt mean its true.

Doesnt mean theyre lying, but it doesnt mean its true… u need physical evidence that can be examined at leisure by skeptical scientists: ascraping of a whole ship, and the discovery that it contains isotopic ratios that arent present on earth, chemical elements form the so-called island of stabilty, very heavy elements that dont exist on Earth… all there are are stories. Still after all the UFO sightings, alien abductions, and government conspiracies, there still is no evidence that extra-terrestrial life has visited the Earth. Evertime any evidence comes up it never ends up being good enough to prove anything.

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