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Unidentified Flying Objects

Unidentified Flying Objects have dazzled us for many years. The controversy over the existence of alien life forms began March 23, 1909, in Peterborough, UK. This was unusual because neither nor New Zealand had any aircraft at the time (Wilson 14). This left no explanation for the strange sighting. The debate continues in present day because there are still no answers to the many sightings that have occurred since. UFOs are real because the government is hiding their existence, the USA and Europe is a major sight for UFO sightings, wreckage, and also abductions, many movies, books, and radio earings have been seen and heard world wide.

Many UFOs have been seen through the country and the whole world. The size of the UFOs seen can vary from eyewitness to eyewitness. Some say that the ships are very large and striking. Most of the larger UFOs have been spotted in the country where there is open space for miles around. I suppose this is because they would require a larger more vacant are to land if needed. As for the smaller UFOs most sightings of these ships have been in the cities or other heavily populated areas. I believe this is because these areas have large buildings and other structures that are more difficult to aneuver around.

Thus, having a smaller ship makes it easier to explore these areas. According to eyewitnesses the UFOs also vary in shape. Some are round with an circular dome on top like saucer. It has also been reported that some are shaped sort of like an arrow head. Many scientists have wondered what enables these objects to hover unlike any man made object. An Air Force investigator said We do not yet understand the aerodynamics of these craft(Wilson 22). It has been discussed that the shape of the ships may make this possible. All witnesses have reported bright lights that can be seen radiating from the UFOs.

Some have lights all around the rim of the saucer. The lights may flicker at random. Others say that the light is a constant. Some have only been able to spot the UFOs by a distant light hovering in the sky above. The lights may also vary in color, this seems to be the most common report. It was also mentioned that many people have experienced side effects from these lights. Such as, blindness and in some cases burns that are very similar to a burn one may get from radiation. Roswell, NM has been known as one of the crash sights of a UFO and many have found an extraterrestrial.

A farmer by the name of Mack Brazel was walking in a field ear the town of Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947 there he came across some strange silvery wreckage that was unlike anything he had ever seen. The material was very strong, but, oddly it was also very pliable. Other object were found near this same field by Grady Barnett. He discovered a large disc shaped object that was very similar to the saucer shape of a UFO. All around this saucer, both inside and out, were lifeless, hairless creatures with large heads.

Grady Barnett said They were like humans but they were not humans (Wilson 29). The entire area was soon taken over by government fficials who investigated the object that were found by the two men. After a few weeks of investigation and the after the object were cleared the are was once again opened up to the public. The government has been known to withhold objects that are related to extraterrestrials and UFOs. In the past, like in the Roswell incident, the government released a statement that explained the crash as a fallen weather balloon.

Despite the fact that the alien bodies were seen by local citizen Grady Barnett. Also, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon for the first time they thought they may ave seen a foreign space ship on the surface of the moon, according to radio operators. This was all denied by NASA and was shortly forgotten about by the public. In 1953 Albert Bender of Connecticut, editor of Space Review Magazine, was visited by three men in black suits who appeared in his bedroom. The men told Bender to shut down his magazine or face serious consequences.

Albert Bender said Their eyes lit up like flashlight bulbs (Wilson 28). This was because the magazine talked about controversial information regarding UFOs. Other people who openly discussed such information have lso reported visits by similar men claiming to be government agents. The government denies any involvement with these reported men. Recently in 1995 a film called Alien Autopsy aired for the public. It discussed the Roswell incident and the discovery of alien beings at the scene. The government claimed that the entire show was staged and that there was no truth to their stories.

There is also a very well known military base called Area 51, located in Nevada. It is thought that on this base the government is keeping objects that may shed light on all alien sightings. No one knows what is kept on the base for sure. However, it is thought that alien space crafts as well as their bodies are to be found here. Unfortunately no one can provide any proof to this because of the fact that the base is heavily guarded and no one from the outside of the government realm has been allowed inside. UFOs have made an impact on our society by making movies, writing books, and radio broadcasts.

Many alien movies have made us view or think about alien life forms in a different way. For example, the movie Fire in the Sky, had a big impact on many peoples views. The movie was about man who was a lumber jack. One night on their trip home they saw a bright object in the sky. One man left the truck to explore the light and was then abducted by the ship. He returned a short time after and described many experiments that had been done on him by the aliens. The reason why this movies had such a big impact on peoples views is because it based on a true story and the life of Travis Walton.

Other movies that have had an impact on our views are Independence Day, Alien, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There was also a very famous radio broadcast made by Orson Welles where he read War of the Worlds live on the air. When the public heard this broadcast they mistook to story to be true. People began o panic when they heard that the aliens had landed and were heading for New York. Many people even committed suicide because of this. The station had to make an announcement that what the people had heard was a story and there was no truth to its tale.

There was such panic that the radio station was forced to explain that the announcement was part of a play(Wilson 27). Many books have also been made on the subject of aliens. Ranging from cover-ups to sightings. Some even focus in on the history of aliens and the possibility that they lived here on earth before mankind. Abductions and encounters have taken place in the country and the world. The hot spots for these abductions is in Western Europe, South Eastern Australia, the Eastern part of the United States, and in Eastern South America.

For the most part, the people that were abducted were your average everyday people. People like your next door neighbor. In 1967 a mechanic by the name of Stephen Michalak, had an encounter while he was searching for gold in a lake in Canada. He spotted two UFOs, one landed and the mechanic simply stood by and watched. He then approached and touched the object, and which time his glove melted and his clothed bursted into flames. Stephen said It ave off waves of heat and the smell of sulfur ( Wilson 33). Most of the people that were abducted report that they were taken into the space craft.

While they were inside they told of many tests and experiments that were done on them. There were five alien bodies found at one of the crash sights. The bodies had similar features to us in that the all had eyes, noses, legs, arms, and fingers. However, instead of five fingers they only had four. They were said to be approximately six feet tall with thin arms and legs. Their trunk was very round at the belly from about the breast line down. Grady Barnett said It was like looking at human (Wilson 38). Four of the five alien bodies were dead and one alive but in critical condition. They all had very severe injuries.

Such as, head injuries, broken limbs, abrasions, and one alien even had parts missing from one of his legs. Video tapes of the crash at Roswell have been released and have autopsies on them. The video tape itself was supposedly taken from a military base and was later sold. The tape had to have been made by the government because of their tight security on the base. The quality of the tape would indicate that there is a fifty, fifty chance that it s authentic. This tape could be fake because that the professional film makers could have duplicated the bodies and easily recreated the time period and the overall environment.

On the other hand it could be authentic because of the overall mood and great detail of the video. Experts examined the film and thought it was a hoax. Some people believe that it was connected with military tests(Wilson 13) This topic is still under serious debate and to this day the tape is still being reviewed by experts. The alien anatomy that was seen on the video can be seen in great detail. Their bodies are similar to what was described above. However, on the video you can see their organs from their injuries. This shows the extent of the damage from the great crash.

The Roswell incident was covered up and hidden from the public. It was covered up because Officials from the Roswell army base arrived and told everyone to leave(Wilson 11). I would like to go into this further because it is the most well known event when it comes to our studies on alien beings. This story proves what lengths the government will go to keep this controversial information from the public. The way they id the findings and covered up the crash with the statement of the weather balloon makes me wonder if there is truth to alien life forms.

I believe that covering up this incident is the governments way of preventing chaos. Think about it, if the publics beliefs of alien life was affirmed some would think it was the end of the world. People would flee from their homes, others would commit suicide. The other percentage would worship the beings and would defy the current heads of state and law officials. This would prove to be very damaging to the government. Thus, giving them reason to hide their findings from us all. I think that the government is keeping UFOs and ETs from us.

I believe that UFOs are real and are being kept from us. The reason for this, is because I think the government lacks trust in our human race. I believe that this is their way of simply not dealing with the issue. However, what they do realize, in my opinion, is that the human race can not be kept in the dark and in the end we the people will all find out what is really true and we will determine our own fates without the governments approval. In conclusion the government is keeping UFOs and ETs from us and we need to find a way to help reveal the cover up.

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