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Narrative Essay On Frankenstein

A long time ago, monsters and humans ruled the earth. Humans thought that the monsters were a threat. From that a great war started. Eventually humans came victorious sealing the monsters in the ground forever. No one had seen a monster until… a small child wandered up a mountain where the monster where once sealed. The child tripped and fell into a small hole which carried him to the underground where he landed on a thick layer of flowers. landing on the soft bed of flowers one flower stood out than all the rest. It looked like it had a face. The flower surprised the child because it began it speak. It said, “welcome to the underground. his is a happy place where we share our happiness.

The flower said this with a smirk on his face”we share our happiness through little happiness pellets. “He threw the little green seed like things on the ground. When you reach to grab the and the second you touch them they burn your hands. The flower now had an evil grin on his face and said, “YOU IDIOT. Down here we don’t show our happiness. ITS KILL OR BE KILLED. ” The second the flower said that, a large fire ball hit the flower and he disappeared. A human sized monster that looked like a goat in a robe walk up to the young child and said are you lright?

What a terrible monster to scare a small child like, that I am the keeper of these ruins. I think it is best to take you to my house. It’s to dangerous for you out here. What’s your name? You reply my name is Frisk What’s yours. “My name is Torial”. Frisk follows Torial down a long stone hallway. Hey, watch your step! i’m the only one who can get past the traps and puzzles I set to keep my house out of danger. Frisk sees a lever that says pull me and torial pulls it. She said’They are so hard to pass, that the only thing that could past them is a very smart baby. ” Frisk pretends to act impressed.

Then a frog like creature jumps in front of you! Torial tells you that instead of attacking the frog you would kindly ask of complement it so you get past. So Frisk says it’s looks nice today and the frog looks at you with a smile and moves out of the way. After that torial makes a surprised face and yells “I forgot to turn the oven off! ” and runs through the mazes and puzzles like a flash. So Frisk looks at all the signs that read “monsters go away! ” you see a little frog look at it and frown and go away. As you move forward Frisk sees a another lever which says pull me.

It opens a door which has a welcome mat. When Frisk look in it’s a warm house that smell like pie? Frisk thinks it might be Torial house she greets you at the door and said” sorry I ran off in such a hurry but I knew you could make it through. she shows Frisk a bedroom in the back of the house and said “this is yours” she said “you can stay here” you don’t want to stay here so you say you want to go to the bathroom. But you are actually are going to go out the front door she says ok. Not realizing that you don’t know where the bathroom is. You head down the hall to get to the front door.

As you go to the door she jumps in front of you nd say it’s “dangerous out there. And she shoots a fireball at you you dodge it and say you don’t want to fight. She shoot more fireballs and you dodge them. She shoot more fireballs and you dodge them all. She shes you are strong enough to survive and says you can go but don’t come back because I may change my mind. So you go outside the front door and it’s cold and dark and there was many trees you walk carefully and you see a shadow behind you. And here a stick break when you are ready to cross a bridge. you see a large cage hanging over it with bars so big that you can fit through it.

But before you cross you hear omeone say “wouldn’t you shake a new friend hand? ” turn around to shake their hand and there is a loud fart sound and the the lantern on the bridge lights up. “You fell for the oldest trick in the book! ” The old whoopie cushion on the hand trick. hey the names Sans Sans the skeleton. Are you new around here” he said with a big smile. Hey are you a human we haven’t seen of you guys in a while. But keep a lookout for my bro papyrus he’s a human hunting machine. He wants to be on the royal guard. But he doesn’t feel like trying out. But if you catch a human you automatically are a commander.

Im upposed to be looking out for humans but i’m super lazy. So the second you pass by this bridge you’re in Papyrus Territory. Don’t worry i’ll make sure you get pass him it’s funny watching him look for humans all day even if he doesn’t know what one looks like. You and sans cross the bridge to see a little work desk outside. Sans says its is his office and he didn’t feel like putting it inside because he too lazy. You hear a loud voice yelling. “SANS SANS WHERE ARE YOU LAZY BONES. ” Sans tells you to go behind his desk. Papyrus runs in like a bullet. “I knew you would be doing absolutely nothing”. Sans replies.

I have been doing a ton a skeleTON. ” Papyrus yells. You’re standing around doing nothing and you know I hate your jokes! Papyrus runs off looking` under rocks and in logs. Sans tells you it’s safe to go out. You and Sans Walk thru the snow filled forest. But out of nowhere papyrus jumps from a tree and lands in front of you. He says. Who is this a new friend of yours Sans? Sans replied “you mean the human? ” papyrus said wheel the future royal guard member must be nice to fellow citizens. Wait did you say human!?! ” papyrus said, “so you’re a human. I thought they would be a bit smaller but nonetheless.

I will catch you human But you will never get past may trap! ” He throws a bear trap on the ground. You pick up a long stick and set it off. Sans starts to laugh and say “man that kid sure can get out of a STICKY situation” . Papyrus says. “I will get you human someday! ” you walk a bit farther up the path and papyrus falls from out of nowhere and lands in front of you. He says. Human if you do not surrender I will have to perform my special attack. No one has ever survived my special attack. ” he looks down and whispers to himself. “Because i’ve never used it” he jumps at you expecting to surrender in fear. You walk past.

You walk around a corner and papyrus jumps out of a pile of snow. “You won’t escape me human. ” he throws a little box on the ground and says. This is an invisible electricity maze! And i’m the only one who can get through it! Papyrus walks through the invisible to make sure you don’t run the opposite way. You follow the footprints in the snow to make it through the maze. Sans replied. ” Man that kid has ELECTRIFYING maze skills. ” you see a small town but before you make it papyrus jumps out from a small shed. And said,” i will have to duel you! ” he throws a bunch of bones at you. One hits you but you’re fine.

Papyrus declares. “Nhe ha ha i got the first shot! ” You say that you we don’t have to fight. Papyrus has a smile on his face and says “i’ll get you” a cage of bones falls from the sky and bones come out of the ground. The cage misses and the bones miss you. You throw a snowball at him. He throw bones come out of the ground you are tripped by one bone and hurt your ankle. You cant move as fast. You grab a apple of a nearby tree and eat, it you ankle heals almost automatically. You say do you want to be friends? Papyrus replies “i’ve never had a friend before because i’m always busty hunting for humans.

Papyrus stop throwing bones at you and says “he has a house across town and you welcome to visit anytime . you walk through town there was a hotel, a bunch of small houses and, and a restaurant. You see a bunch of people near a frozen fountain. “You walk up to a small orange monster he says “are you a human? If so you should watch out for undyne she’s the leader of the royal guard and she’s the best at hunting humans! You walk to the end of town to see a big red house. You walk in. you see a big couch a tv with the tv show BONES on. You see that upstairs there is two rooms one that say Sans and Papyrus.

Sans room has a very bright light shining under the door. You open it to see Sans practicing his trombone. He says”Hey kid i’m just playing my tromBONE. “NYE HYE HYE HYE HYE HYE HYE HYE HYE HYE HYE. ” said papyrus as he burst into the room. “You’ve arrived human now you shall endure the best thing you’ve ever eaten. My gourmet spaghetti no one has survived its delicious” Sans says they used to be human till the day they ate papyruses spaghetti. ” Papyrus said “you thick skull weve always been skeltons! And my spaghetti is fantastic. ” 10 minutes later. Papyrus through a plate of spaghetti on the table.

The second it it the table the plate broke and the table broke in half the spaghetti suck together. Papyrus took a bite and said “this is my best one yet! ” you take a bit too and it is harder than ice. You say it’s delicious. Papyrus says he has to leave and report to undyne of his (unsuccessful) day. You walk outside to see the little monster that told you about the one the call undyne. He says that “if you want to be out of reach of undyne patrols you have to go to the next town. But the problem is to get to the next town you have to go near one of the main patrol routes. you travel down the road some more and it stops to snow but here is is tons of waterfalls.

You see a large shadow in the distance and you bump into something it’s the little monster kid. He tells you hey i’m here to see the awesome undyne talk to that wierd skeleton. You hid in some tall grass as you see a knight in armor standing and waiting for something. Then you see papyrus run as fast as he can to the knight. Papyrus says “another failed patrol but this is my 5 year of human hunting. The knight says you are nothing like the great undyne I caught my first human when I was five. And I will get another one. Bum bum bum. To be continued

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