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My Father Essay

While the temptation to hit the snooze bar at 4:30 a. m. would be difficult to resist for even the most disciplined early-bird, my father never flinches at answering the bell at what many consider the middle of the night. The astonishing fact is not so much the time he rises but the reason behind it. My father runs and lift weights every morning before work. At forty-nine many men have given in to the middle age spread and consider it to be inevitable. But my father portrays an excellent example of the importance of being both sound of mind and body.

He sacrifices his sleep time to work out so he can spend quality time in the evening with his family, after a long demanding day of work. This positive attitude that my dad has portrayed has been a positive impact on my life. He has taught me many lessons in my life. The biggest lesson learned is that nothing comes easy, not school, not work and not athletics. My father has inspired me to do my best in all of my activities. I feel that I can relate my life on a lower level with his on a higher level. Our views on work ethic and athletics are closely tied together.

My father always told me that once a quitter always a quitter. Being a Varsity wrestler and football player, those words inspired me to always to obtain my goals no matter the obstacles standing in my way. I believe a person that quits a sport or drops a difficult class in high school will do the same when a difficult task is in front of him in the real world. My father has guided me to be myself and not to live my life as a follower, but to be a leader. As a senior football captain, my leadership must be great. Many young teammates look up to me as a student and athlete.

For me to provide poor leadership would be a disappointment to them and to myself. Encouraging others to be better makes one also want to do better. The satisfaction of knowing that others look up to me give me more determination to do my best. Competitive is a word that surely describes me as a person. Whether it is a game of Monopoly or an important wrestling match, I must be the winner. A winning attitude can get me anywhere in life. As long as there is a will there is a way is how I feel when a challenge is to be overcome.

My father is in the business of sales. With many other companies trying to compete, he has to be on top of his game. A let down on his part could mean the loss of a big companys interest or even the loss of his job. Being a successful person is something that everyone wants. I know that I have the determination to be successful. There are times when the schools work piles up and practices get longer, but I know that there is still work to be done. As an honor roll student and a two-sport teenager, there is not much time to slack.

Being determined to stay on top is how I try to complete my activities. My future is a topic that is on my mind, and every other senior in high school. I plan to attend college and participate in football. I feel as though college is another step towards the ultimate goal of a successful life. My work ethic and ability to take on challenges will support me through college as it has in my current life. I believe that I am fortunate to be able to take the next step in life. I have been blessed with an intelligent mind and the ability to play sports.

My family can support me financially and guide me in the right direction. With all of these positive abilities and influences, I will do my best to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead of me. In the decision of applying to colleges, your school was in great interest to me. I believe that your school will satisfy my academic interests and properly prepare me for my future. With your highly regarded academic status and excellent athletic program, your school can provide me with the college experience I am looking for.

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