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Life Without Regrets

I’m officially bilingual, and though English is my native tongue, I am better at times in French. I want to be a freelance writer/author/whatever else allows me to create with words. I have had published various poems of mine, as well as newspaper articles. My inspiration comes from the movie “The Outsiders”… more specifically the poem in it by Robert Frost, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. I believe that everyone has a passion for something. Something that really drives you, that gets you excited and… well its a hard feeling to describe. But my passion is for learning.

I think my passion for learning really started a few years ago… one of my best friends, passionate about ecology taught me something about myself. I wanted to learn everything about the world and though he may never realized it… it made a huge impact on my life and i began my quest to get to know as much as i could about life. As corny as it sounds *smile* I cant get enough of philosophy, i cant get enough of learning certain things along the lines of philosophy and ancient civilizations. I believe powerfully in the power of the mind and body.

I belive that the mind, body, soul, and heart are all different, and equally as beautiful, yet all connected. I believe in soul mates, a soul does not want to be alone and hungers for the fulfillment it needs and endlessly searches out its mate….. whether this mate is a friend or lover, it makes no matter. I believe that there are more then one “soulmate” but only one that will carry through eternity with it. I am an idealist in the sense that I belive the knowledge we have of things around us is already instilled inside of us; it’s up to us to get in touch with that knowledge.

I believe that we can know of something without actually having seen it, touched it, or tasted it. I am also a very hopeful person, I don’t think I will ever lose hope….. no matter what life may toss at me, I will never lose hope. Passionate, yah that describes me as well, I am a very passionate person…. passionate about nature, like looking at a tree, sitting there for hours imagining that tree breathing, living, creating, each delicate leaf, I can go on and on about that, but I won’t now, you can always write and ask more if you like. I have this philosophy about life, “live life without regrets”.

Best advice I ever heard was “You either get it or you don’t”. Life is too precious, it’s to short to carry grudges, because they end up only making you miserable. Don’t let others tell you how to be, only you know inside yourself who you are, and what you want out of life. For me love and happiness are the most precious things in the world to be surrounded by love and happiness eternally. It is the little things in life that you have to come to realize around you that are more important then material things. They are there, and they are free, you have to just look for them, they are in front of you and all around you.

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