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Landscape and Memory

The purity of our cities; the sanitary; the unpolluted air and environment. These are some of the things we take for granted. Things people around the world, in different countries would love to see and feel. Our air is fresh, clean and odorless, not humid like some of the warmer regions around the world. Brazil, South Africa, India, and Western China are just some of the few places that are so polluted that the air is gray. Fog surrounds their cities, while we have our clear blue skies to look upon. To star gaze and watch the sunrise or sunset.

Our waters are not contaminated compared to all the greenish brown water you can find in some of the other countries. Some so contaminated that they can’t even drink their water. We are famous for our trees that stand tall at each and every corner of our country. The beautiful Evergreen, Pine, Fir, and Maple are part of the foundation of Canadian history. The richness of our soil, adequate watering from the great rivers, and the paramount of our mountains attract thousands of tourists to visit our country each year.

As a Canadian, I personally take pride in all those little things that make up our country. One of the most vivid and memorable memory of this, was my 15th birthday. A day that I spent watching the sunset at Stanley Park. Endless miles of pure salt water stretches along the summer night skies. The edges surrounded by golden brown sand topped with decorative shells of all sorts. Mountains could be mistaken for beautiful paintings because of their misty, smooth, and opaque look. Like pastel smudged to give a smoky contrast. Different combinations of colors float in the clear blue sky.

A few thin strands of cotton like clouds remain. A mixture of red, orange, and yellow, dwells upon the sky floating above the sea. The icy cold water glistens, and like a mirror reflects the colors above. Slowly the bright colors fade into purple and blue, finally touching and meeting the water. The sun sets until it is isolated under the covers of the ocean. Like shadows in the mind of a seer, the dark blue sky surrogates the orange light. Making the change quick and smooth so you can barely notice that the bright light was gone. As it grows darker the breeze gets cooler.

The stillness of the wind emphasizes the sounds of the waves each time it crashes against the shore. As I look above the summer night sky, specks of white lights are splattered all over the dark blue atmosphere. Twinkling like sparkles, the stars form shapes that can only be defined by human passion. Starring into the darkness of the horizon, light flashes from corner to corner almost mesmerizing. Flooding the city were lights of different colors. From my first glance the colors of the lights glistened, then slowly blended together creating a blurred image.

Hiding in the shadows of the night, Evergreen trees stood tall. Hovering and watching over the scenery. The brightest light, the North Star, shone down as I lay on top of an old rough surfaced log starring up above. Running my fingers through the soft grains of sand, realizing that individually they were rough and unpleasant but in a handful it was as smooth as silk. Breathing in the air around me, I could feel and smell the fresh ocean water flow internally. Never wanting to leave this place, I have grown a feel of closeness to the natural things all around me.

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