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Kiawah Island Golf Resort: A Case Study

Kiawah Island Golf Resort, the Official Golf and Tennis Resort located on Kiawah Island a few miles from historic Charleston, South Carolina. Kiawah Island is ranked best Island in the United States and ranked #2 best Island in the world by Conde Nast Traveller (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). The Island consists of 10,000 acres of land and is home to 18 species of mammals, 30 species of reptiles and 300 species of birds (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). Kiawah Island Golf Resort is most known for its incredible golf courses and Tennis courts.

You can choose from five courses where the pros play, including legendary Ocean Course, 1991 Ryder Cup and the 2012 PGA Championship. The Tennis Center has 24 clay and hard courts, instructional programs for Adults and children, and world-class training at the Barth Tennis Academy. This is the perfect destination for families and friends to spend their vacation with so many things to see and do. “The name “Kiawah” (KEE-a-wah) is derived from the Indians who lived in the area during the 1600s” (Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 2015).

Diseases such as small pox and measles ended up killing off those who were not enslaved. At that time they didn’t have a cure for those types of diseases. This resulted in the disappearance of the Kiawah’s. “In 1699, George Raynor was given title by the Lords Proprietors” (Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 2015). He was a pirate that lived in Carolina. In 1719, the island was purchased by John Stanyarne. “The island was eventually passed throughout Stanyarne’s family and finally fell in the hands of the Vanderhorst family.

“He was a Revolutionary War Hero and twice mayor of Charleston who built his home on the eastern half of the Island in 1802. ” “During the same time British Consul, James Schoolbred, developed the western half of the Island” (Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 2015). Years later, the Vanderhorsts left the Island, but then returned after the Civil War. Not long after, Arnoldus IV was killed in a hunting accident. Arnoldus IV son continued his legacy but a series of natural disasters destroyed his attempts. Kiawah Island was greatly affected by many events that occurred in the colonies (Kiawah Island Golf Resort).

There was evidence of soldiers occupying the island during times of war and soldiers in the Revolutionary War were allowing the sick and wounded officers to pass through to get to Kiawah Island to get help, while soldiers from the war of 1812 were placed on the island to protect the city of Charleston (Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 2015). The first shots of the Civil war were fired on April 2nd, 1861 (Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 2015). During the Civil War, Soldiers scribbled Graffiti on the walls of the Vanderhorst Mansion, which is still here today.

“The Vanderhorst legacy ended in 1951 when C. C. Royal purchased Kiawah Island for $125,000. ” “About 23 years later, the same piece of property was sold to a resort developer for $18. 2 million. ” “In 1974, the land was developed into a world-class resort known as Kiawah Island Golf Resort” (Kiawah Island Golf Resort, 2015). Kiawah Island Golf Resort has grown so much over the years. Starting out as just a piece of land where the Kiawah lived and is now a place to come relax and enjoy all the amenities and activities they have to offer. After the resort was developed Real Estate sales began to take off. That same year the Town of Kiawah was incorporated.

Incredible golf courses were also being designed. In 1991, they had the Ryder Cup Match at the new Ocean Course where USA beat Europe. In 2012 PGA Championship was played on that same course. In recent news, they just announced that the 2021 PGA Championship would be played on Kiawah Island’s Ocean course. The community goes above and beyond for their guests to make sure they are enjoying there time here on Kiawah Island as well as keeping their guests safe.

“At Kiawah Island Golf Resort they offer an array of recreation programs, eco-adventures, miles of trails, water sports and diverse wildlife” (Kiawahresort. om, 2015). They accommodate Kamp Kiawah at Night Heron Park where kids can enjoy an adventurous experience. They also have outdoor activities such as: Kiawah Triathlon and Island Triathlon, fitness classes, bike rentals, nature program, surf camp, teen night, and sports ball rentals (Kiawahresort. com, 2015).

Within Kiawah Island Golf Resort you have the option of staying at The Sanctuary Hotel, a five-star ocean front resort, The Resort Villas, which are perfect for families or groups of any size, or a relaxing Private Home (Kiawahresort. om). They also have more than a dozen restaurants, cafes, and lounges. There are many benefits to living within the community that will make your stay that much more memorable. “As a guest, you’ll receive exclusive benefits and preferred access and pricing for the following world-class amenities and services found throughout the Island” (Kiawahresort. com, 2015)

These include the adult and kid-friendly pools and water parks, Golf and Recreation, complimentary transportation, cashless privileges, dining, and services. The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) is a nationally recognized community association responsible for preserving the quality of life for our property owner members” (Kica. us, 2015). They work closely with (Kiawah Partners), the town, the resort and conservancy. KICA offers recreational, educational, and social programs, as well as events at the Sandcastle Community Center. Kiawah Island is very safe and has top of the line security monitoring 24/7. No guest should feel they are at harm in any way. Not only do they want to protect the lives of humans, but also the lives of animals and wildlife.

The Kiawah Island Natural Habitat Conservancy was established in 1997 to preserve the natural habitat of Kiawah Island” (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). Homes throughout the Island can enjoy breathtaking views of wildlife, thanks to Kiawah’s respect for the natural environment (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). The Island is evolving and new neighborhoods are being created, which means more people are coming. KICA has an outstanding board of directors and because of their hard work and dedication to Kiawah Island; it has matured and grown into one of the premier resort communities in the country.

There has always been a plan before there was Kiawah. There was a $1. 3 million environmental study performed in 1974 (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). “Kiawah Partners have been around for 25 years and has been led by a team of experts in master planning, architectural design, land planning, real estate sales and marketing, engineering and financial management” (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). The Island will never be overdeveloped because of Kiawah Partners. “While Kiawah’s 1976 Master plan called for 7,000 residential properties, Kiawah Partners reduced it to about 5,600 in its 1994 development agreement” (Kiawahisland. om, 2015).

“Kiawah Partners’ emphasize on preserving natural habitat that will reduce the number, making homes here more valuable and private compared to other more densely developed communities” (Kiawahisland. com, 2015). This team has done an amazing job for the community and has led to the success of Kiawah Island. Once Kiawah Island Golf Resort was developed, the culture and lifestyle is what made staying or living there so special. With Kiawah’s many activities, health and wellness facilities it made it easy to live every day to the fullest.

People travel from all parts of the world to come and live on this gorgeous Island. Kiawah is now home to a diverse group of residents with a wide variety of interests. In order to build a community that is successful, we must appreciate the different cultures and establish relationships with people from other cultures. To bring culture to the community, Kiawah Island Golf Resort incorporated many social activities and amenities guests will enjoy such as: special events and dinners, concerts, book groups, art tours and festivals, marathons, painting classes, and educational lecture series.

The tourism industry has shaped Kiawah Island to this day. The Ryder Cup Tournament in 1991 made a huge impact on Kiawah tourism and helped both The Ryder Cup and Kiawah get back on the map. Many years later, The Rider Cup at Kiawah remains fresh in many minds, thanks to a dramatic finish (Bird, 2015). The local housing market began to grow. People started coming from farther across the country and even around the globe to shop for primary or vacation homes.

Before the Ryder Cup, no one fully understood that Kiawah even had an amazing golf product (Bird, 2015). Kiawah and the greater Charleston area were bathed in 19 ? hours of TV time on NBC and USA Network “ (Bird, 2015). Charleston is a beautiful city where people can come enjoy its history, amazing food, lodging and friendly people. These are all great qualities to have as the number one place for tourists to visit on the planet. As of 2015 they have slipped to number five in the world rankings. Kiawah Island Golf Resort has developed into a popular destination. It’s a place where families can experience the best getaway vacation possible.

There is also a wide range of activities that will keep everyone entertained. You can find amazing vacation homes or villa rentals, the best Tennis and Golf programs, Kiawah Kamp for children, family excursions at the Heron Park Nature Center, and family water adventures on kayaks, surfboards or paddleboards. If you are looking to get off the Island for a day, Charleston is a great and affordable place for a little family fun everyone can enjoy. Kiawah Island Golf Resort located on Kiawah Island will continue to create a magical experience people all know and love.

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