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Mr. Spielburg, While your movies Jurassic Park and The Lost World are entertaining, they are not accurate portrayals of the ecosystem in the Jurassic period. Through close examination of the animal and plant life in your movies, my high school environmental geology class has come to the decision that your movies are typical misleading Hollywood fabrications of historical data. Our most outstanding concern is that out of the eleven varied species of dinosaurs in both of your movies, only four were actually from the Jurassic period.

One would think that if an amusement park that was centered around a specific time frame such as the Jurassic period would have animals and plants from that period; however, in your movies you have placed plants and animals from the Cretaceous period in a park named Jurassic. This would not be a big deal if the two periods were not separated by millions of years, but how could two ecosystems separated by millions of years be expected to coexist.

We see this not as creative fiction, but as an inane idea that drastically diminishes the character of your multimillion dollar movies. We feel that in the two movies both you and your team of special effect artists went a little overboard. It seems to us that you cared more about getting a little thrill out of the audience and raking in viewers money rather than caring for their intellectual welfare. Where on earth was the idea thought up that if something did not move then it could not get attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

There is no way to tell how an animal that has been extinct for millions of years processed the images that it saw, and how do you explain the paradox that you create with the Tyrannosaurus between the first and second movies. In the first movie a T-Rex is nose to nose with humans and does not cknowledge their presence, but in the second movie it is stated that the T- Rex has a sensory cavity that can track prey from miles away. You seem to have also overlooked the weights of the dinosaurs in order to make the movie more dramatic.

We agree with you that if a seven ton T-Rex was walking beside a puddle of water then it would make ripples in the water and the ground would shake a little especially if the T-Rex was running at its top speed of 35 miles per hour, but what about the Brachiosaurs? A full grown Brachiosaur weighed between 85 and 112 tons, yet in the movies they hardly made an impact when they moved. In Jurassic Park you even had a scene where a Brachiosaurus reared up on its hind legs and then came crashing back down to the ground.

The people standing beside it were not affected by the event at all, but if it had really happened, it would have caused a small earthquake in the area. You even had a stroke of genius in The Lost World that helped you create a scene that consisted of poachers riding motorcycles between the legs of the great lizards while they were running. We understand that some factual information can be overlooked while making movies, but ignoring 112 tons of meat and bone pounding long the ground is a little ridiculous.

In Jurassic Park the dinosaurs are brought back using DNA that was extracted from blood inside of mosquitoes that were preserved in amber, but also all of the plant life was from the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods. How were the plants recreated if the dinosaurs were reconstructed from blood. Plants do not bleed, and mosquitoes do not suckle a plants chlorophyll. Knowing this, it is highly unbelievable that the many species of plants that were in the movies could be recreated from a process that depended on blood, which plants don’t even have. We anticipate your next movie to be more thought out than these two.

You are responsible for the education of the masses whether the movie is fiction or not. People view movies as being historically precise rather thought up merely for their entertainment. If you continue to feed misleading information into the brains of the majority, then the people will continue to get even more moronic. If you and others with great influential powers such as yourself does not do anything to educate instead of agitating the problem then the ultimate blame for the downfall of our society due to idiocy will fall on your shoulders.

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