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Johnnys adventures Essay Examples

Johnny Basily is an some what normal man.  He has blonde hair that can only be described to be as beautiful as the morning sunrise.  People say that his eyes are as brown as newly polished wood.  Since he works as a lumberjack for T&L Wood Cutters he is very well built and has strong hands.  Johnny is also tall.  This is because when he was a child he drank his milk and lifted weights.  He weighs 200 pounds and  has an excessive eating disorder.  Besides physical features Johnny is also very brave, stupid and sensitive.  These attributes about him are shown several times in his life and are interesting to hear about.  Overall he is a great person.

Johnny is very brave person.  This is shown one night when he is working overtime.  Johnny was just doing the usual, chopping down trees and putting them on a truck, but when he was almost done with his work he smelled the smoke from a fire.  It was coming from deep in the woods.  He decided to check it out and so quietly and slowly he moved towards the location of where the smell was coming from.  After going through some bushes he came upon a vast clearing and found a tent on fire.  Seeing this at once he ran to the tent to see if there was anybody inside and indeed there was.

Without thinking twice he courageously jumped into the tent, grabbed the 2 women inside quickly and jumped out before the flames could even touch him.  This daring act showed how Johnny is very brave and puts others lives before his own.  Another example of this is the time when he saved a little boy from bears.  On a Sunday, not long ago, he was hiking on his most favorite trail on the Bubas Mountains.  While hiking he heard a yelp for help and ran towards the source of the sound.  There he saw a boy was being attacked by some bears.  With only thinking of the boys safety he leaped at the two bears and tackled them to the ground.  He then commenced to further more attack the bears until they ran away.  After the fighting was over he took the boy to a rangers office.  Once again he had proven that he is very brave.

Also Johnny is very stupid.  This is shown when he tried to wrestle a killer shark.  The battle all started when his good friend Chris dared him to wrestle a shark.  This dare was said while in a marina and so could easily be accessed by Johnny.  So without even thinking he went up into the top of the tank, put scuba gear on, and jumped into the water.  Moments later he was engaged in a vicious battle with a huge killer shark.  After moments of indescribable scenes the workers at the marina fetched him(or whats left of him)out of the water and examined him.  He was missing 3 teeth, had several deep wounds, and had 10 teeth from the shark piercing his skin in various places.  Obviously the stupidity of him stands out.  Another example of his stupidity was when he messed up a movie scene while in hollywood.  This all happened when he was walking through the luxurious town and happened to see a film being shot.  It was about a little boy who was trapped in a little well and as a result a handsome man comes and saves the day.

Since Johnny is very stupid he thought it was real life and so walked into the scene and tried to rescue the boy.  After minutes of trying to tell him that it was just a movie scene, Johnny managed to reach the boy and pull him out.  From there all the workers  were yelling at him.  He felt very weird and embarrassed for being yelled at and after minutes of hard thinking he realized that he was interrupting a movie scene.  The producer came out and yelled at him and said that he better get out of there or he was going to kick his butt.  After hearing this Johnny ran back to his hotel, packed his bags, and left for home  He has not been back since.  This is another example of how stupid he really is.

Another trait he has is that he is clumsy.  One day while working on a crane he destroyed his boss car.  This all started when johnny didnt hear the instructions shouted to him and so he turned around and while doing so shifted the crane to the right.  From there the lever went forward and the load that the crane was carrying was released and came crashing down onto his boss car.  After this he then was demoted to cleaning out the bathrooms for a month.  This example shows that he is clumsy.  Another exmple of this all started when he was talking to a guy while carrying a log.  The person next to him was guiding him and telling him where bumps were so he wouldnt trip and so lead him to the truck.  After walking for a bit Johnny got tired of carrying it and dropped it down.  Unknowingly he had dropped it on his foot and screamed in pain as he kicked it off.  The log flew in the air and landed on his partner, breaking many of his rib bones.  Once the boss found out he was once again demoted to bathroom duty for 2 weeks.  This is also an example of how Johnny is clumsy.

From these examples it is obvious that Johnny is brave, stupid, and clumsy.  These are just traits of a normal person and are unique in there own ways.  From saving people from camp fires to wrestling a killer shark to destroying his boss car, it shows that Johnny has his ups and downs in life just like you and me.  Johnny is sort of a normal person and should be respected for that.

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