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Is Abortion a Sin?

In her article entitled “Abortion is Not a Sin”, Poppy Dixon makes the claim that abortion is not a sin because the Bible does not label it as a sin. In fact, Dixon boldly states that those who regard abortion as sinful are committing the sins of idolatry and blasphemy. This controversial statement stirs up a very heated argument. As a Christian, I strongly disagree with this statement. The idea of abortion not being a sin is totally unbiblical. Dixon, takes scriptures and twists them to justify the massacre of thousands of babies every year.

It is sickening that proponents abortion can use the scripture to contradict other scriptures, taking them out of literary context. The author, Dixon quotes Psalm 139:13-16. She says that there are no specific statements saying life begins at conception. She makes the statement as Dixon says “God conceives us first. ” By this she means that every human is conceived as an idea that in God’s mind before he or she is physicaly conceived. Therefore, she says that the argument that life begins at conception is evolving.

However if God conceives you first as a human as Dixon says, before you are physically conceived, then abortion would still be murder. Exodus 20:13 says “you shall not murder,” making it clear that murder is a sin. Dixon is found contradicting herself. Dixon makes the statement that in Exodus 21:22 it says, that if two men get into a fight and hurt a pregnant woman so that she has miscarriage (or as Dixon uses the word abortion, taking the scripture out of context), then the man has to repay the husband. Dixon replies with:

In this instance a woman has been so injured, in a fight between two men, that she has aborted. The law states that if “no harm follows” the outsider must pay the husband a fine. An abortion has been induced through violence and this is not considered harmful. Abortion, then, is not a capital offense or a violation of the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill. ” Dixon’s example does not help her argument because it is clear that in this example the “abortion” is an accident not purposeful, Dixon’s can make the statement that believing abortion is a sin is committing blasphemy and idolatry is preposterous.

How is that so? I cant even comprehend how she came to this conclusion. If acknowledging that abortion is a sin is wrong, then Jesus himself was wrong when He went out of His way to bless the children in Matthew nineteen. We can probably come to the conclusion that Jesus loves children, even the unborn. Furthermore Idolatry is the worship of a false god and blasphemy is contradicting God and his word. Neither one of these terms is relevant to the issue. In her article Dixon makes a statement about Mary, and about how she made the decision whether or not she accept this work for God.

Dixon states: Many people are surprised to learn that God gave Mary a choice concerning her pregnancy with the future Savior. In the gospel of Luke the angel came to her announcing what the will of God was for her life. In verse 1:38 Mary replies, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. ” Mary gives her assent. To believe that Mary had no voice in the process is unthinkable, for that would mean that God forced Himself on (raped) an unwed, teenaged virgin. Mary chose to be the mother of our Savior.

God honored her ability to make that choice. This is not true because God was speaking to Mary before she conceived the child, asking her if she thought she was qualified to take up this responsibility. God in no way said, “I have already impregnated you. Now, if you don’t feel qualified I will kill the baby. ” There is a huge difference between killing the baby and giving Mary the option of whether or not to have it in the first place. It is a perversion, the way abortion supporters candy coat the murder of an unborn child, using the words pro-choice.

In reality the mother is the one choosing the death of her own child, not the child choosing for itself. It is very evident that proponents of abortion are only justifying abortion, with these flowery sounding words for self-gratification, so they won’t feel guilty because deep down inside they know they are committing murder. It is obvious that Dixon is contradicting the Bible for her own purposes. Works Cited Dixon, Poppy. “Abortion is Not a Sin. ” Adult Christianity 2 September 2005. 23 September 2005

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