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Is Abortion Murder to a Fetus

Abortion Murder too Fetus During the months leading to the Emancipation Proclamation, President Lincoln repeatedly discussed the matter with his cabinet. During one difficult discussion, he asked: “Gentlemen, how many legs does a sheep have? ” Each man answered correctly, “Four, He proceeded, “Let’s call his tall a leg. Now, how many legs? ” Each man replied, “Five, Mr… Lincoln retorted, “Nope, still only four. Just because we call It a leg doesn’t make it one.

Mr… Lincoln wit and wisdom speak to our present day confusion about abortion. Is Abortion really murder. Give about 266 days after conception and see what emerges from the womb. It will be a human baby, not a horse, a fish or an honey badger. When a human egg and sperm unite, the result Is a fetus. Within 3 week you can hear a heartbeat. At 4 weeks you are able to pick out facial features, arms and legs. Nerves and brain waves are in place by eight weeks after conception. At 12 weeks breathing of fluid for oxygen. So is this a fetus or a human?

That Is still up to interpretation. Legal rights have stepped In but, yet they are broken all the time. The legal definition of murder is the willing act of terminating a human life. The legal precedence and grounds for abortion retaining legal status is based on Roe v Wade. The Supreme Court ruled that Texas violated Roe’s 9th and 14th amendment rights. The 14th amendment violation was In regards to the right of due process and the 9th due to privacy. Due process’ Is the legal requirement that the state must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person.

The 14th amendment baked up her rights given in the 9th amendment to privacy. The Constitution does not specifically mention a right to privacy. However, Supreme Court decisions over the years have established that the right to privacy Is a basic human right, and is protected by the 9th Amendment. On April 1, 2004, President Bush signed into law the unborn Victims of Violence Act, also known as “Laic and Concern’s Law. ” The new law states that any “child In outer” Is considered to be a legal victim If Injured or killed during the commission of a federal crime of violence.

The bills definition of “child in outer” is “a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb. ” Even that the anti-abortion group received a victory on this; they continue to fight to change the law. This still does not answer when does a fetus become human for legal rights. Scientists agree on sets of criteria to determine what or what not is alive. Understanding of consciousness is primitive and not able to make a good definition. If we considered a fetus to be living, does a woman have a right to take its life? This has to be determined by her DRP. D herself. Situations have to be considered before abortion due to rape or medical Issues with fetus or mother. But to believe that a woman and her DRP. Are killing a non-conscious organism; even when the fetus 1 OFF are anti-abortion in not approving death of a fetus. Pro-choice is regarded as the right of woman to decide what happens. If we think the fetus is ether a person or not, should it have influence on abortion being ethical or legal. The fetus still deserves protection and rights. To get the best outcome we must accept that this debate is complex, perhaps with no true answer.

The decision belongs in the hands of mothers and doctors, not legislators. We will never be able to remove abortion from our society. If you close your eyes it will still be there. There is a way to curve the effects of abortion by sex education, free contraception and investing money in family planning and contraception research. Abortion of a fetus may be murder, but ethics and legal issues will always conflict with each other and people will always have their own opinion. Works Cited “Roe Vs… Wade – Case brief summary’ Lawman -Law Resources and Legal Information.

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