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Duels would be initiated when someone thought their honor or someone they cared for honor was tarnished verbally or by print as Burrs was in the case of Hamilton insulting burr. When someone had a problem with somebody they would say they should duel and would set a time and place. But as the video says most duels ended before anybody grabbed a pistol. Duels where used as a piece of propaganda showing that they are willing to get shot or die for what they believe in which is the strongest point anybody can make.

Politics of the 19th century was not as advanced as it is today. Back in the day politicians couldn’t make a commercial attacking their opponent on their beliefs. Instead they would write letter or have those that know them testify against them. . Duels where referred to affairs of honor because one would get his honor destroyed if he didn’t not participate. Also duels normally where started when somebody honor was tarnished or attacked as in the case of bur because Hamilton said he didn’t trust or like Burr so Burr took this as an attack against his honor.

I believe Burr was in the right to take this as an attack against his honor especial since he was trying to get back into the political world. These affairs of honor were highly politically by this time and as said before are just shows in most case but not all because in this case burr shot and killed Hamilton. 3. The dispute between Hamilton and burr ended in a duel because Hamilton wouldn’t apologize for the slander he had done against Burr. Burr wanted an apology not just for the recent events but also all those in the previous 15 years that were attacks against his character.

Since Hamilton was not willing to do so they had to have a duel or so they thought. I believe that Hamilton should have apologized since this wouldn’t hurt his character since it would be a private letter and not published in the newspapers like Hamiltonians quotes form the Dry. Copper. Or maybe Hamilton and Burr could eave but away their differences and ran on a president and vice president ticket because they both had backing in their parties but politics now and then isn’t like that. 1 learned that the start of this country was a very rough one even after the fighting stopped during the war because the next fighting was in offices and not in a field. This period of time was a transitional period for Americans because we were still trying to learn who we were going to be as a country but also what we wanted to keep from the mother land form which we hailed. As time went on we lost more of England and gained a state f mind that was unique to our country. As the case in Hamilton vs..

Burr it is not okay now to ask someone to duel you to the death but as time it was. Our country was built on stubborn people with goods ideas but no way to agree with each other. 5. This video uses source documents from the era such as newspapers and magazines, There are also many firsthand accounts of what happened before the duel since both Hamilton and burr were very important people at one time. The three other people that were at the duel when it actually happened gave the account of Hamiltonians death and what happened at the duel.

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