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I feel that this is the main factor that sakes Mary Scale the real “angel of mercy”. I will explore the motives of both these women and why I think they are important in the way they helped the troops in the Crimean war. Mary scale was a Jamaican woman, at the start of the Crimean war, she traveled to England and attempted to get herself recruited as a nurse with Florence nightingale, but she was rejected several times. No doubt partly because of the color of her skin. Determined to help the British troops, she deployed to Baklava where she set up the “British Hotel” which was really a small restaurant and general store in what

William Russell described as “an iron storehouse with wooden sheds”. But it was much loved by the British troops as it was a place that they could stay and relax and eat comfort food. Mary Scale was much seen as a mother figure to the troops as she cleaned them, mended their injuries, gave them food, gave the troops alcohol and sometimes stayed with the dying troops to give them a happy death. As well as Mary staying in the “British Hotel” and looking after the troops, she also sometimes went out on the front line to treat soldiers and give them food and drink.

While some praised Marry forts in trying to help the soldiers, Florence nightingale tried to avoid associating herself with Mary Scale, as she objected to some aspects of Coaler’s hotel such as selling alcohol and allowing access to tourists. Nightingale even stooped as low as referring the “British Hotel” as a brothel. The main reason that I feel Mary Scale deserves the title “Angel of Mercy” is because Mary Scale decided to go to the Crimean war and help the troops off her own back and with her own funding and the troops actually appreciated her help.

Some of the soldiers did enjoy the help she gave as she as caring and kind. Florence Nightingale on the other hand was sent to statuary to improve the conditions of the medical situation. In statuary the troops were piled up in the corridors, lying on unscreened, rotting floors. In her early days in the hospital in statuary, there were more than a thousand patients suffering from acute diarrhea and only twenty chamber pots to go around. Florence Nightingale had a fund of around EYE,OHO to manage, and out of this amount, she purchased some of the necessities so badly needed at the hospital.

She also worked with incredible energy and devotion, she often .NET without sleep. Florence nightingale recorded deaths, whether they were caused by injury or disease in charts called coxcombs, or nowadays pie charts, this enabled her to identify that the majority of the men were dying not from battle wounds but from disease that had been caused by the poor sanitation of the hospital. However this perception of Florence Nightingale is challenged by the fact that even after Florence had arrived in statuary, 5,000 men died in the winter of 1 854 as a result of the poor conditions in the hospital.

This doubts the fact that Romance was given the title of “angel of Eric” as although she helped the men in statuary, the majority of the men that went there still died, there are also some accounts that suggest that Florence was almost a spy and that she had a limited view on how the hospital should be run, any nurses that didn’t do what she wanted were sent back to England. Both Romance nightingale and Mary scale had little resources to work with in the Crimean war, however both overcome this and made the most of what they had to use.

At the beginning of the Crimean war, Florence Nightingale went to the hospital in statuary with nothing but EYE,OHO ND 38 nurses, with this she cleaned up most of the hospital and purchased some of the necessities that were urgently needed in the hospital, for example, soap, food, and some medicines. This was mostly successful however during the winter of 1854; the work that Florence had done was almost useless as the winter wiped out nearly 5,000 men. This shows that although Florence had worked very hard, she wasn’t prepared enough for the change of weather and as a result of this, she failed in keeping the men and resources organized.

Mary scale went to the Crimea with a minimum of sources as her trip was self-funded; out of this she made the “British hotel”. Feel that Mary scale was the most successful out of the two women as she built and maintained this establishment out of nothing and after the Crimean war, she went back home with nothing. I feel the factor of the resources and the outcome of the things that the women had to work with clearly show that Mary scale was the real “angel of mercy”.

Florence nightingale traveled to the Crimea because her friend, Sidney Herbert, asked if she wanted to travel to the Crimea to improve the conditions in the Crimea and to make sure the deiced team was good enough to keep the troops alive and well. Some accounts from William Russell show that Florence nightingale was caring and devoted to keeping the soldiers well, however other sources show that Florence wanted the hospital to be run exactly how she wanted, in her view, there was no room for error, this resulted in some nurses rebelling against her and therefore they were sent home and new nurses were recruited.

Mary scale went to the Crimea purely because she wanted to help the British troops and she was extremely successful as all accounts of Marry actions and alp are in favor of her as she was almost seen as the loving mother of the British army, William Russell was very fond of Mary and sent back many good reports of her to the newspapers, he says “she is always in attendance near the battlefield to aid the wounded and has earned many poor fellows blessing. I feel that this shows another reason why Mary scale should have the title of the “angel of mercy” as her motives for traveling to the Crimea is purely from kind nature and just because she wants to help. From the evidence of how these women helped the medical aspect of the Crimean war, I feel that Mary Scale, not Florence Nightingale was the real “angel of mercy’ this is because Mary scale went to the Crimea purely off her own back and completely self-funded, many of the soldiers loved her services and thought that she was kind and caring.

The reason I feel that Florence nightingale doesn’t deserve the title “angel of mercy” is because although she tried to improve the conditions of the medical treatment of the troops, she still failed in this in the winter of 1854 where there were many deaths due to the poor organization and sanitation of the hospital.

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