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Trivial Pursuit, a response to a few decades of mass information and the development of world wide pop culture, also appeared in 1983 and remains today as an after dinner favorite to show off all autographed worthy information you keep locked away. Flash forward a few years, and the electronic toy age kicks into gear with the introduction of hundreds of new toys that could talk, move about and imitate favorite cartoon characters. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit it big at the end of the decade, unleashing a blitzkrieg of marketing on the nation, and other ass favorites followed with shows like Transformers or He-Man.

The “action figure” craze started by GIG Joes in the ass exploded. Soon, Nintendo kicked off the home video game console era (after a failed tart by Atari) and toys were not only complex, but incredibly expensive. John Lennox is shot outside his New York apartment MET (Music Television) is launched The Simpson Is First Seen On Tracey Oilman Show April 5th 1987 Michael Jackson releases his second adult solo album, Thriller.

Some of the Most Well Known Movie Stars of the Eighties Clint Eastward Burt Reynolds Harrison Ford Michael J Fox Eddie Murphy Tom Cruise Dudley Moore Arnold Schwarzenegger popular Musicians Bucks Fizz The Jam Olivia Newton-John Chicago Lionel Archie ABA Black Sabbath Queen The police Tina Turner David Bowie Whitney Houston Culture Club Bruce Springiness Television During the sass The sass was an important decade in the television industry. Not only were great strides made in the way of “pushing the envelope” with shows like Married…

With Children, but Other programs displayed a stark contrast with family-friendly issues and themes. The Cowboy Show began in the mid-sass and it enjoyed several years as the #1 television program because it was a witty and realistic rendering of family life during the era. It also destroyed the tottery of poor African-American families that shows in the past only helped to reinforce. Heathenish Washable – the father on The Cowboy Show – was an obstetrician while his wife – Claire – was a successful lawyer. The sass also saw the creation of a number of cable networks that viewers still enjoy today.

The Weather Channel – based in Atlanta, GA – premiered in 1982 as a cable network that covered the weather 24 hours a day. The Cable News Network, better known as CNN, was also created as television’s first 24 hour news network. It created a trend and today you have the option of overall 24-hour cable news networks to choose from. Rupert Morocco also created the Fox Network in the sass as a challenge to the only three major networks at the time – NBC, CBS, and BBC. Even though many people scoffed at the idea of Fox being a major competitor, it has since created several popular and award-winning shows in its more than 20 year existence.

Music Television (MET V) was also a major breakthrough network in the 1 sass and today viewers can choose from a large number of music-based television channels. Other shows that began in the sass that are still memorable and popular today include Cheers, The Golden Girls, Miami Vice, and Family Ties. Along with The Simpson, many Of these programs are available as DVD box sets for those who lived through the era and want to experience a feeling of nostalgia by experiencing these shows again The musical era of the sass Like many other decades, the 1 9805 was a decade where music was a way to chronicle the times and events of the era.

In some ways, the musical genres during the sass redefined the way many bands and artists made new music and it still continues to influence music today. Many of the musicians during the sass have maintained staying rower and are still popular today. Other artists enjoyed a modicum of success during the decade and they are not even widely recognized today, save for the television programs that strive to reunite the bands and give exposure to artists of the time. Following is some descriptions and explanations of the bands and interests that helped to change the face of music in the ass.

MET, or Music Television, may have been the single most influential entity in music industry during the sass . Premiering in 1 981, MET gave bands and artists greater exposure for their music in a greater and more widely popular medium. The first video ever played on MET was aptly titled “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Bugles. Duran Duran is one of the more popular ass bands that enjoyed the exposure that MET gave them, too. Many experts have said that MET is what made Duran Duran one of the most popular bands to come out of the 1 9805 era. New Wave and Syncope was another genre of music that came about during this era.

This form held on to many of the attributes of the popular punk Rock genre coming out of the sass, but it had different characteristics. While the Punk Rock of the sass was a retaliation against the government and the establishment,” the New Wave and Syncope forms were meant to be anti- corporation in a more experimental sense, both melodically and lyrically. These genres were so closely tied that they are often just lumped into the category of New Wave, but it influenced an entire generation of music fans with its poppy sound and intricate lyrics.

Bands like The Police, the B-ass’s, and Duran Duran are recognizable names that fit into this category of 1 9805 music. The sass era also enjoyed a harder style of music. Good 01′ Rock ‘n Roll was a main staple of the ass music. Popular rock bands like Van Helen, Deft Leopard, ND Aerostatic pumped out the decibels to the enjoyment of thousands, if not millions, of fans. It was also an era of a genre deemed Glam Rock. This included bands like Motley Cruel, Poison, and other bands that were known for wild hair, tons Of hairspray, and flashy Stage outfits.

Band members were also known for promiscuity and some bands, such as Twisted Sister, wore makeup as a form of shock and rebellion against the strict culture of the times. The 1 adds also saw the formation of a harder type of rock and metal, called Thrash Metal. Bands like Metallic, Megalith, and Slayer created electrifying guitar riffs and headlining beats that could only be enjoyed at maximum volume. Although the music from the sass had their share of one-hit wonders, many artists have continued to persevere and enjoy a great deal of success.

Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Phil Collins gained popularity in the 1 sass and have been popular since that era. Other musicians, including Bruce Springiness, John Melanoma, and Bon Jove are still creating best-selling albums and sellout concerts that are popular among young and old alike. Concert charity events were also popular during this decade including Live Aid in 1985 . The world was concerned about famine and other socio-political issues happening across the globe at the time and the music industry decided to respond. As a result, millions of dollars were raised to combat these social issues.

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