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There are two types of future viewing and those are: voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary: These visions are voluntary in nature and are done by psychics and remote viewers. Police will use psychics on their teams, just as the C.I.A. used remote viewers for awhile (and probably still do). Both can have natural tendencies, but remote viewers are more apt to be able to increase their skills.

Involuntary: These visions are often during meditation or sleep and are not at the conscious request of the subject. They are incidents that personally relate to the person such as a death in their own family, a related company layoff, etc. This ability is inherent in us all, but few develop it. Naturally sensitive people do exist and even ones that are not ‘gifted” per se, can develop this ability. I myself have been able to see the outcome of events, both personal and global. I have seen, while in an altered state of consciousness, the moment of my step mother’s death; on two separate occasions I saw airplanes crashing into people a month before 9/11 and noted as such in my journals; the firing of my boss the day before it happened; a man’s hand reaching through a window to grab my sister in the middle of the night; I saw the exact people at two funerals weeks before their unexpected deaths occurred; company layoffs immediately before they were announced; and the sex of babies before they were born.

How are either possible? If you read my Mothman Prophesy analysis, you will recall how I talked about “global” events having larger vibrational imprints. What this means is, the more it impacts the masses, the bigger the frequency. A larger frequency means it can span greater lengths of non-linear time and space. A firing may be seen days before the event; an event the size of 9/11 will be seen months in advance; and something like a natural disaster of great proportion will be seen years in advance. This is often why normal or positive events aren’t witnessed in subtle terms, because their vibrational imprint isn’t near the level of something that greatly disturbs people emotionally. This is also why prophets and psychics (like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce…) can see large vibrational events centuries before they occur. The emotions of six million people are going to have a far greater impact than the emotions of a dozen people, and since the astral is the “emotional” plane, that is where it is registered.

This does not mean, however, that small vibrational events can’t be seen. They are just harder to see, and don’t generally happen during involuntary sessions. What I mean by this is, I won’t see you get fired from your job, because it doesn’t effect me personally and isn’t big enough vibrationally to get picked up on my radar. However, if you wanted me to voluntarily detect your future, I can specifically probe the higher self, which can pick up on any event, big or small.

Is the future set in stone? No. The future is only a “probable” one. This means, it is changeable. However, if I state that something will happen, and nothing is done to alter the course, the outcome will happen. I may see you dying of cancer because of smoking and you can chose to ignore the vision, or stop smoking, just as I can tell you that you’ll be wearing “blue” tomorrow and you can voluntarily chose to wear “red.”

Can I mold my own future? Absolutely! This is why I don’t like to tell people what they will be doing in the future because that is their CHOICE! 95% of your future is determined by your attitudes, choices, personal programming, self-limiting (or unlimited) beliefs. Instead of me telling you about your “probable” future, I’d much rather help you program an outstanding future, which anyone can have. Why give away your control?

How easy are future numbers, such as the lottery, to see? These are very hard because the subconscious mind speaks in symbols, feelings and gestalts. It also isn’t stimulated by numbers. You consciously may be stimulated, but you have to exercise great will power to have it escalate to the subconscious mind. When I saw the daily lottery, it was only after great will power had been implemented.

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