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Frankenstein And The Crucible Comparison Research Paper

“Never underestimate the importance of having someone in your life who makes you want to be a better person” (Dauvoire). A man is a very important part of a society. They are helpful and can do anything to help others in need. Also, men can be selfish, self centered, and greedy humans that only care for themselves. In the books of The Crucible and Frankenstein, the authors, Arthur Miller and Mary Shelley illustrate many characteristic of men such as courage, pride, and greed. The Crucible takes place in the city of Salem where witch trials and corruption have apprehend the people.

In the novel Frankenstein, a man name Victor Frankenstein narrates his life, the struggles and success, and how he ends up in his current situation. Miller and Shelley portray how male models are influential and strong figures in their books through the characters’ desire to stand firm for their beliefs and to satisfy their desires and own needs. Miller and Shelley reveal how characters stand firmly for their views, leading them to be strong figures. In The Crucible, Giles Corey is one of the oldest citizens of Salem.

At 83 years old, Corey is very perceptive about the world around him. Corey thoughts displays in his assertion that the Putnams’ reason is to consolidate his control of Salem real estate. He proves to be smart by challenging the authority of Hathorne and Danforth. Elizabeth relay Corey’s last moment before he was put to death. “Great stones they lay upon his chest until he plead aye or nay. With a tender smile for the old man: They say he give them two words. More weight, he says and died” (Miller, 135). Giles Corey words displays an archetypal hero because of his bravery and pride.

Corey shows courage and respect for his fellow men, wife, and amily by being able to take the punishment of being press by stones from the court and not the effortless way out. Through the virtue love, Corey finds a way to take a tender approach to the situation and not give in to what is not right and he is also willing to take the price of death. Through the theme of reputation and honour, Corey pass away not only because he refuses to give the name of the man who did witchcraft, but he display to others not to be afraid to oppose against the court when they are wrong.

With all the false accusations of witchery in Salem, Corey is one of the very few to stand out and not ollow the society by accusing other of witchcraft. Giles Corey shows strong characteristic as a man in a society that governs by theocracy when confronting the court. Strong and influential characteristics are also shows in the novel, Frankenstein. Shelley also reveals characters standing firmly for their views. Victor’s first and only creation, the monster, is the mistrust of science and supernatural power.

After this creation, the monster was left to live on his own with no support and guidance. The monster starts by trying to follow and imitate others as a way for him to learn to do everyday necessities. The monster learns many things like feelings, expressions, love and support by just observing, he eventually becomes as smart as his creator. After seeing how the society works, the monster demands a woman from his creator to fulfill his loneliness as he believes that it will satisfy him.

You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This you alone can do, and I demand it of you as a right which you must not refuse to concede” (Shelley, 174). The monster creates a feeling to make it seem that he is in power. Using the feminist theory, Shelley illustrates that the monster needs a female companion to satisfy his needs because that is what the monster believes will only give him pleasure.

The monster did not give any other options and will not change his decision, standing tall until the he gets what he wants. Women at this time period of the book were seen as possessions to men and people who pleases their spouse, this is ironic because the monster request for a woman. In addition, the theme of abandonment is present through the struggles the monster has to deal with, but he never gives up. This makes him a strong reature. In comparison, the monster is courageous to demand his creator to create a female companion for him because he believes it will fill the gap in his life.

Giles and the monster do what many would not do because of their beliefs and views, as well as not letting anyone to stop them. Both texts convincingly show the characters, Giles Corey and the monster, standing firm for their beliefs. In addition, the text also shows male characters’ influence and strong figure through their own desires and needs. Miller and Shelley also reveal how characters satisfy their desires and own needs. Reverend Parris is the minister of Salem and is a weak man that is obsess with being in control and can get whatever he wants.

Throughout the text, every action that Parris makes is for a personal gain of some sort, or a level of self-preservation. In the act of self-preservation, Parris causes death to innocent people in Salem, all because he wants to keep his reputation and life. This trait shows when speaking to a group of people, such as John Proctor, Corey, Putnam and Rebecca. Parris refers to the money he may need because he wants new fire wood. “The salary is sixty-six pound, Mr. Proctor! I am not some preaching farmer with a book under my arm; I am a graduate of Harvard College” (Miller, 24).

This shows that Reverend Parris left Barbados being rich, his beliefs that he well fit the heroic and charitable person, he still craves to be wealthy and have power over the town at the same time. Parris’s id takes over him and his ego overwhelms with doubts and influences by many people in Salem. He will go to any length to get what he wants from others, either power or wealth, making him a noble savage and show the deadly sin greed. This also reveals his arrogance and stinginess. Reverend Parris shows trong characteristic as a man as he only thinks of his own needs before others.

This characteristic is also portrays in the novel Frankenstein. Shelley also reveals how characters satisfy their own needs and desires. Victor Frankenstein is an inspiring scientist who studies the dead. He wants to be the first human beings to give life to a dead human by using his knowledge in science to do so. He spends all his time concentrating on this goal. Spending countless hours each day and disconnecting himself from family, friends, and the world around him. “I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of nfusing life into an inanimate body.

For this I had deprived myself of rest and health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” (Shelley, 49). Victor puts fear within his family and works and unhealthy amount of time and days on his creature that he lacks contact with others which violates the fundamental rights of human nature. Victor puts everything he has into his creation, and never thought of stopping because of his obsession and greed for more knowledge.

The term – noble savage can be used to describe Victor as he uses his interest in science to help him create a being. Victor tries to emulate the work of God, creating man, not for the good of others, but for his own needs and desire. In comparison, Victors id takes over him because he always wants more, and more, not knowing when it is enough. Parris and Victor use all their energy to focus for themselves and not about others in the society or their families. Both books, The Crucible and Frankenstein, demonstrate character desire to do work for their own needs as well as stand firm for their beliefs.

Overall, Miller and Shelley depict how the male figures are persuasive and strong models in the novel and play through the characters’ desire to stand firm for their beliefs and to work for their own needs. Corey proved to be a strong character by standing up for what he believes in by going against the court rulings while the monster confidently demands for a female companion from his creator. In addition, Reverend Parris wants power all to himself, only for his needs and Victor Frankenstein using his knowledge in science to make a creature, letting his id take over him and Victor wanting more for himself.

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