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Evaporation Experiment Essay

There were flaws in the experiment. With the measuring cups it was difficult to tell whether or not the estimation was correct. If the experiment were to be done again, it would have ice in the measuring cups to see how the cold would make any changes in the evaporation. The experiment was done because evaporation is something that is interesting to see what happens after the experiment is over. The experiment was done by making the water have different additives in it and seeing which one evaporates first. The results in the first trial showed that in the salt was the first to evaporate.

In the second trial water, salt, and nail polish remover evaporated equally. In the third trial salt evaporated the most. …….. …. Introduction Evaporation happens every day. Evaporation is important to the water cycle. The molecules of all the substances are always in motion. Everything about evaporation is important to know. The thing to know about evaporation is that everyone has to understand how water evaporates. So the world doesn’t waste water and also to know not to throw any trash into any bodies of water. The most interesting thing in this experiment is seeing the evaporation happen.

Within just a couple of days into the experiment, most of the measuring cups had already evaporated. In the end it was surprising to see which one had evaporated first. (“Evaporation. ” National Geographic Education. N. p. , 21 Jan. 2011. Web. 07 Mar. 2016. http://education. nationalgeographic. org/encyclopedia/ evaporation/). ……………. Water evaporates on the surface. When this happens it cools the surface off. Scientists use evaporation to test to see what liquids have a lower evaporation rate. This is very helpful to figure out what kind of liquids evaporate.

As the depth increases in the water then the temperature decreases. But the sun only heats the surface of the water. So the surface of the water is where evaporation occurs. When the water is evaporating on the surface the salt remains in the water but the water gets removed and turns into gases. The salt water can float to the surface and that’s when everything takes place. (“Water Cycle – NASA Science. ” Water Cycle – NASA Science. N. p. , n. d. Web. 07 Mar. 2016. http://science. nasa. gov/earth-science/ oceanography/ocean-earth-system/ocean-water-cycle/). …………..

When water is heated evaporation takes place. Some of the evaporation occurrence is helpful to the body of waters. Without evaporation the body of waters would rise and with evaporation the water is heated and turns water into gases. The molecules that are on the surface are given enough energy to escape from the liquid. The other molecules that were left don’t have as much energy anymore. Evaporation also helps with the loss of fresh water.

There are many reasons towards why evaporation helps society. (“Water Resources. ” Climate Impacts on. N. p. , n. d. Web. 07 Mar. 2016. ttp://www3. epa. gov/ climatechange/impacts/water. html). … While researching this experiment there are many facts and details that explain everything about evaporation. When the experiment was first started all the numbers turned different when the additives were added. The hypothesis matched with the experiment that was done. If adding different additives to water effects the rate then the evaporation will increase because of what the chemicals will make the water do. ……… The idea of this experiment is to find out how evaporation works and how long it can take.

To conduct the experiment first use 2 cups of water and add it to 4 measuring cups, then 1 tablespoon of salt to one of the measuring cups, oil to ……… another one, after that nail polish remover was added, and lastly one measuring cup filled with only water. The numbers of trials were 3 because this way the results of each one would be more accurate than just doing 1 or 2. Each trial had some of the same numbers as the first but some numbers were less than the others. The last trials did turn out to be less than the first and this showed how different each trial was………. ………

The method was chosen by all the other different effects in the evaporation. The reason why was because the nail polish remover had alcohol in it and the research that was found had many of the same idea of this be a part of their experiment. The salt idea was from the thought that the sodium in water could make the evaporation work the best. Oil is just another choice that the research recommended on using with this type of experiment. Water was the main choice to see what water does and how fast evaporation decreases on itself…… ……….. This experiment was done to show evaporation happens everywhere.

The experiment could happen anywhere for example in the sunlight, in a pantry, in the refrigerator, or to be able to see the effects on the experiment in the freezer. Also maybe just in a room that doesn’t receive much light. But in the sunlight the evaporation would decrease more sense it would be receiving for heat. … …….. Evaporation Results……… If adding different additives to water effect the rate then the evaporation will increase because of what the chemicals will make the water do. This data does support the hypothesis because the evaporation did work.

The evaporation did take a while for the results to show up. But when the evaporation did show up it took only a few days for them to change. By the end of the experiment salt was the one to evaporate the most…. ………… Each trial has different numbers. The first trial has the average of each number that started off different. The second trial had some of the same numbers from the first. Some in the second decreased a lot more as seen in the graph. Trial three had some numbers decrease but others might have taken awhile for them to change also check the graphs to see the results…………. ……….. The units in trial one and measurements were observed daily and recorded on a chart. The results for trial two also took a while for changes to show up. By the end water, salt and nail polish remover evaporated the most. The units and measurements were as well checked daily for specific change.

The changes in trial three made the numbers different from the other two trials. Some of the numbers decreased but not by a lot. In the end salt was the additive to evaporate the most. As well as the other two the units and measurements were checked daily for any changes in the experiment…… ……. As the graphs show that in the first trial it took three days for the evaporation to finally change. Not many in the first trial decreased that much, by day seven was when the results showed up. In trial two all additives were similar to numbers in the end but only the oil was at a different spot at day 7 but only by twenty five. As in trial three the results showed that salt was the first to evaporate then water, nail polish remover, and oil was the last one to show much evaporation. …………. …….. The measurements of the cups were difficult to tell the amount.

The measuring cups were checked the same day and the results were different. It was hard to tell whether or not the data was the same. When the results were checked carefully the amounts were accurate. So there could have been some numbers incorrect in the end of the experiment process………… The data clearly shows how evaporation happens. Evaporation doesn’t work right away it takes time and documentation to determine how much evaporation disappears. Using different elements in water causes more and less evaporation. Heat and lack of condensation can make evaporation go quicker.

A great example of evaporation is in places that do not receive precipitation such as desert areas. … ….. Evaporation Conclusion What effect does evaporation have on the world? Conducting an experiment using water and different elements allows the world to see what happens every day. In the evaporation experiment the water reacted differently with each of the elements. In trial three it was salt that evaporated the most. There has been scientific evidence finding that salt water can evaporate quicker than just regular water but it is inclusive……

…… The changes that could be made are that with the additives ice could be put in the measuring cups. The reason could be that how ice would change anything in the experiment ad in the end the data numbers would change. The errors that could be would be that with the measuring cups they could be checked carefully instead of estimating the numbers. The purpose of still doing further research is because of how much has been evaporated and seeing the evaporation work with the additives. In the end also being able to see which one evaporated the most.

The next step would be putting the measuring cups outside to see if it evaporates faster with the sunlight…… ……. The benefit to society is learning to use and conserve water supply. It teaches people the importance of water. This is important because the world needs to know what causes the water to decrease. Everyone in the world would be affected by these findings because so many people in the world does waste water and puts trash in the bodies of water. Scientist would be interested because these are things that are important to know about to help others.

Also evaporation does help with the loss of evaporation. Evaporation is a big part of helping the water cycle………. …… Does the data support the hypothesis? The hypothesis and the data should match everything that has been stated and shown. There shouldn’t have been anything changed with the data and since the data does show that the experiment did evaporate. With this experiment everything looks like it all matches. The experiment was correct in the fact that it did match the hypothesis. ……..

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