Essay History of Management

Henry Payola, Chester l. Banana, Max Weber and Mary Parker Foulest are the contributors to this theory. In this essay two principles of Payola’s theory and how does his theory apply fast food restaurant McDonald’s In New Zealand. Administrative management Is “In contrast to scientific management” (Gale Group, Inc. , 2000, p. 832). Selection management mainly focuses on Individual level of workers and analyzing the work at the individual level.

On the contrary, administrative management focuses on the general of total organization (Samson, D. & Daft, R. L. , 2005). Administrative theory is quite crucial to the management for an organization. It is because we need not only the details, but also how it works literally. Henry Payola (1841-1925) Is the major contributor to this theory. He was a French coal- mining firm’s managing director, and also “classified as members of the classical school of management, which tried to develop rational techniques and single best approaches to managing organizations. (Gale Group, Inc. , 2000, p. 88).

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