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Essay about Short Story: Strangers In The Dumpster

Abby felt so relieved now that the prankster’s been caught. It was like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. For the first time in almost two weeks she was finally able to get some much needed rest. Feeling refreshed from a long nap and a nice hot bath, she started tidying up the house. She’d just put the last of the toys away when she hears her daughter hopping down the steps. “Good morning sleeping beauty. ” “It’s not morning, silly. ” She laughs, running over to the cookie jar.

“How about we eat a healthy snack instead? ” She asks, grabbing a bowl out of the fridge. Can we eat it outside, Mommy? Glancing out the window Abby sees the sun shining brightly in the clear afternoon sky. “I think a little fresh air would do us all some good. ” “Yeay,” she yells, running for the backdoor. ” “Wait a minute. I need to get Adam buckled in his stroller first. ” “Hurry up slow poke,” she says, throwing the door open. Lilly starts to run down the stairs when a lady pops up from around the corner. Screaming, the child falls back on the steps. Jumping up, she runs in the house and quickly takes cover behind her mother’s legs.

Abby quickly looks towards the door. “How dare you accuse my husband of all those terrible things,” the lady creams, stepping inside the doorway. “I didn’t accuse anybody of anything,” Abby exclaims. “Then why is my husband in jail? ” “I don’t know, but l’d like for you to get out of my house, right now! ” She says, quickly standing up. “I’m not going anywhere until I find out what you’ve told the police. ” “I’ve asked you once now I’m telling you to get the hell out of my house before I call the cops. ” “That’s it run to your little cop buddies have me arrested too!

Before you know it the whole town will end up in jail because of you. ” “Look lady I’ve had just about enough of you! So get out of my house before I throw you out, she yells, hoving her towards the door. “You want to go? ” “Lilly, take your brother in the den and call 911 now. ” “Yes mommy and mommy her husband Mike was the one who broke into the house,” she says, running towards the front room. “How dare you tell lies about my husband, you little brat,” she screams, reaching for the little preschooler. Abby steps in between them.

“You lay one hand on her and so help me god! “So help me god what? Huh what are you going to do to me,” she says, sticking out her large chest she continues “You city girls talk so tuff but don’t have the balls to back it up. ” “Get out of my house now. Abby yells in her face. “Make me! ” Abby throws a right hook, knocking her neighbor to the ground. Jumping on top of her Abby starts hitting her over and over again. “No one threatens my family and gets away with it,” she says, punching her one last time.

“That is enough! ” Rachel yells from the doorway. ” Seeing Rachel standing on the steps, Abby jumps off of her. What’s going on in here,” the Sergeant demands. “She came in screaming at me then she started going after Lilly. ” “She tried to kill me! The maniac tried to kill me,” The lady exclaims, trying to sit up. “You, hands behind your back. ” Shouldn’t you arrest her for beating me up? ” “You want to press charges? ” “Dam straight I do,” she says, touching her bleeding nose. “Abby Jenkins you’re under arrest for assault and battery. ” “Fine, but I want to press charges on her for trespassing! ” “They’re on their way mommy. Aunt Rachel! ” She says, running towards her. “Did you see what happened Lilly? “Yeah, she came in screaming at mommy said she’s going to kick her ass. ” Realizing she said a bad word Lilly puts her hand over her mouth.

“Sorry mommy,” she sheepishly replies, looking towards the ground. “It’s alright, honey. ” “Then what happened? ” Mommy told her to leave and she wouldn’t so mommy told me to call 911. ” “You, hands behind your back? ” “Aren’t you going to arrest her for beating me up? ” “She has every right to protect her family in her own home. ” “But, but she tried to kill me! ” “Save it for the judge,” she says, securing the handcuffs against her wrist. On the way over to the jail we can have a nice little chat about your husband? ” “What about him? ” “Was he sick yesterday? ” “No, I mean yes. ” “Which is it? ” “He started feeling sick around lunch time so he came home. ” “The neighbors will say they saw his truck in the driveway all afternoon? “They should. ”

“That’s funny because they said neither of you were home all day. ” “Ok, ok He called said he needs me to call his boss tell him he’s sick. ” “What time did he call? ” “I was eating lunch at the cafe so l’d say around noon. ” “Do you know what he was doing or where he was when he called you? “He didn’t tell me. He just said he needed me to call his boss and say he came home sick. Oh please don’t take me to jail too. I promise I won’t bother her again, promise,” she begs. “It’s up to Abby? ” “Please lady, I need to be home taking care of my kids. You have kids, so you can understand that, right,” she sobs. I don’t want to press charges. ” Abby says, turning away from her. “Are you sure? ” “Yeah, the kids need their mommy. ”

“Ok, but if I see you snooping around here again ‘ll arrest you with or without her consent, got it! ” “I won’t come back again, I promise. Rachel and Abby watch as she, hobbling to her car. “Remind me never to get on your bad side,” Rachel laughs, as she watched the intruder drive away. “My brothers taught me how to defend myself. ” “That explains it then. Do you think you can behave yourself now, Rocky? ” Abby laughs. “I don’t think l’ll be fighting anyone else today. She says looking down at her bloody knuckles. Let’s hope not. The reason why I stopped by is I wanted to ask if you guys want to come over for dinner tonight. ” “I’m afraid Greg is working late tonight. Maybe we could do it another time? ” “Sure.

Well, I better get back to the precinct. Remember rocky keep your hands to yourself. ” “Ill try. ” She laughs. “So Mike wasn’t at home like he said he was. Rachel thinks walking back to her car. I wonder what he was really up to then. Maybe I should check his phone records see who he’s talked to. I could ask around see if anyone saw him around the time of the pranks. Taking the phone out of her pocket she calls the station. Jerry, I want you check Mike’s cell phone records see who he talked too yesterday. I’m going back to his work see what I can find out there. ” “You don’t think he did this, do you? “I’m not sure. ”

“Alright Sergeant, l’ll call you if I find out anything. Wait, Sergeant. ” “Yes. ” “The lab said they found an old police uniform hidden under a bunch of trash in the trunk of Mike’s car. ” “I still want you to check his phone records to make sure. If he did make any calls that day, find out who too, and how long the calls lasted. Oh, and what tower the signal pinged from. And Jerry check the uniform and clothes for trace evidence. “Ill get right on that Sergeant. ” *** Pulling up to his house Mr. Jones sees a posse of men waiting for him in the back yard.

They were men most of the town folk feared to cross. It was these men who made sure justice was served when the police failed to do their jobs. Despite their unethical and often times corrupt behaviors, they somehow managed to keep the town a safer place. He was one of these men until his poor health got the best of him, forcing him to watch from the sidelines. “Now what do they want? ” He asks, walking towards them. “Your renters, needs to go! ” “What have they done now? ” We’ve lost two good men because of them. ” “Two, but. ” “You need to get rid of them or we’ll do it for you. “Ok, ok l’ll get rid of them. ” “They better be gone by tomorrow or else. ”

The leader says, running his finger across his throat. “If you mention or even hint about our little conversation to anyone, we’ll make sure you never squeal again. ” Mr. Jones gulps hard. “I swear, I won’t! ” “Good, now go take care of your renters before we do. ” *** Rachel asked all over town, but no one had seen Mike at all that day. The waitress at the diner said he didn’t even stop off for lunch like he normally does. I’m not even sure that he stopped off for his morning coffee, Sergeant. ” “Are you talking about Mike? Another waitress questions. “Yeah. ” “I remember seeing him. He stepped in the door then was pulled out by an older man. A few minutes later he ordered coffee and left. ”

“When was this, Silvia? ” “Around eight, you was in the back getting supplies, I think. ” “Can you describe the man that pulled him away? ” “Tall thin, older man. He had sandy blond hair, combed over to the side and he was wearing denim overalls like the older farmers wear. ” “That sounds like Mr. Jones,” Wanda says. That’s his name Jones, Ed Jones. He comes in for lunch a lot. In fact he should be here soon,” she says, checking her watch. Ed Jones, isn’t he the one that owns the old Arnold house,” Rachel asks. “I think so. Anyhow Mike came back in around eleven. He talked to Larry for a few minutes then left without ordering Lunch. I asked Larry if Mike was alright and he said he was feeling a little under the weather. ”

Hearing the bell over the door chime Wanda looks up. the crowd towards “There’s Ed now. ” Rachel rushes th him. “I’m Rachel Bower with the Berryville PD and I’d like to ask you a few questions. ” “Hu, what? ” Can I ask you a few questions, sir,” she yells over the roar of the noise. I’m sorry I still didn’t understand you. ” She tries again. “Why don’t we step outside where I can hear you,” he says, walking towards the door. Afraid he’ll try and ditch her, Rachel grabs a hold of his arm. Ed glances towards his arm then looks back at her. “What did you say your name was,” he asks as the door closes behind them. “I’m Rachel Bower with the Berryville PD and I have a few questions about Mike. ”

“What about him? ” “The waitresses said you talked to him yesterday morning. ” “Yeah, so? ” “Do you mind telling me what that was about? Yes I do mind, now if you’ll excuse me I’d like to get some lunch. ” “You know I can charge you with assessor if you’re concealing evidence. ” “I’m not concealing anything! I asked him about a roofing job he plans to do for me then left. ” see him after that? ” “No.. ” “Do you know where he’s going? ” “Work I suppose. ” “Who does he hang around with? ” “I don’t know. I only know him because of an ad he ran in the paper about cheap roofing services. ” “Ok, thank you. ” She started to walk towards her car when her cell phone rang. “Sergeant it’s Jerry, I have some news about Mike’s phone calls.

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