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Ecstasy: A Short Story Essay

I woke up, confused. This isn’t my bed, I thought. I sat up, looking for any clues as to where I am. It took me a minute before I remembered where I was. Oh, I guess I wasn’t dreaming then. I really am in One Piece. I got up from bed and left the inn. I should really figure out where l am in the story line. I think for a few moments. Luffy should of gotten his bounty before coming here, so I need to go look for the bounty posters at the Marine HQ. I walked off in search of the building. Okay, I see all sorts of bounties, but nothing about Luffy. I looked again but I still couldn’t find his poster.

Maybe l’m early on in the story? I noticed Arlong’s bounty of twenty million berries. So I’m not too early then. I should probably check here everyday just to be safe. I exited the headquarters. I guess all I can do is train and make money for now. I need to find some sort of clearing to train in. I walked away from the front of the building. After a while of walking I found an area that was out of the way enough where people wouldn’t notice me exercise. I wasn’t much of a fitness guru back home, but I guess l’ll just do sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and run till I’m tired?

I exercised for a few hours until I was too tired to continue. I’m surprised I could even work out for that long. Is this new world changing my body? I rested before practicing with my telekinesis. I stopped after a while, holding my head in my hands. It seems that I can only lift twenty pounds of rocks without getting a major headache. I sat down to think. I suppose every day l’ll just check the bounties, train, get some berries, eat, sleep then repeat? I thought over it in my head before I nodded. Yep, that’s what I’l do. I sat here for a while. I suppose I should continue on with my agenda.

I got up and left. “Finally, after one month of non stop boredom, the plot has finally progressed,” | exclaimed. On the board there was a bounty poster. It had Luffy’s name on it and it was for thirty million berries. I rushed out of the building towards the plaza. That’s where the execution stand was. After a little bit of running, I made it to the center of town. Luffy was on top of the stand. “Whoaaa! Ohhhhh! So this is what the pirate king saw before he died! ” He exclaimed. “Hey, you! Get down from there this instant! ” A voice yelled. I moved through the crowd to see who was yelling.

It was a police officer with a megaphone. I didn’t even know they had police her I thought. “Why? ” Luffy asked. “Because that’s a special execution stand that belongs to the world government! ” The officer explained. “So get off of there imm.. ” He was interrupted by a huge mace being introduced to his face. “Luffy, I’ve been looking everywhere for you! It’s been a while,” Said a woman. She was the woman who brought the mace and officer together. “Oh, don’t be so uptight about the rules, Mr. police officer,” She continued.

“Don’t tell me, you’ve forgotten my face? ” She asked. D There were a few cheers and compliments from the crowd. The crowd seems to love her, but I don’t find her so appealing, I thought to myself. “I don’t know any pretty ladies like you,” said Luffy, confused. “Who are you? ” He asked. “I certainly haven’t forgotten about you… after all, you were the first man to ever hit my beautiful face,” the woman said. “What!? I hit your face? ” Luffy interrupted. She ignored him. “That way you handled me so roughly… It left me Breathless. ” I rolled my eyes. She seems like an exhibitionist. I tried to remember if I knew this lady.

Wasn’t Alvida supposed to interrupt Luffy on the stand? I took another glance at her. Oh, maybe it is Alvida. I just thought she was supposed to be prettier. Doesn’t anyone who look at her fall in love with her? I look back at the crowd. Okay, maybe she is Alvida. I continue to stand there, ignoring everything that was going around me. I wasn’t affected by her “good looks” though. Is my mind too strong to be ensnared? I started to pay attention to my surroundings again. I probably shouldn’t make a habit of that. Who knows what will happen if I lost concentration in a battle.

I focused my attention back to Alvida, right when a bomb went off in the fountain. Chunks of rubble shot outwards. A piece about the size of my head came towards me, but I stuck a hand out and barely managed to stop it about an inch away from my face. “Phew,” I said. I released my control over it, letting it drop. Everyone else was focused on the big chunk of the fountain heading for Alvida. Right when the rubble looked like it was going to hit her, It slipped by. There were many exclaims of surprise from the crowd. Oh yeah, she has the slippery slippery devil fruit.

All hysical attacks would slip off of her body. “My apologies but with your smooth skin, you should, of course, be unharmed, my lovely Lady Alvida,” said a cloaked figure that came out of the smoke. “Alvida!? Where’s Alvida? ” Luffy asks. “He’s calling me Alvida! You Idiot! ” Alvida screams. “Something seems a bit off though,” Luffy mutters. Alvida hear him. “Haha, so you’ve noticed. My body has changed since I ate a devil fruit! The name of my devil fruit is slippery slippery fruit! There is no attack that can leave a wound on my beautiful skin anymore! ”

Alvida answers, while flaunting her ody. Unfortunately though, the fruit did nothing to change my beauty.. ” I snorted. “You were fatter than a pig before you ate that fruit,” I muttered. Thankfully, no one heard me or else I would of been mobbed. “But as you’ve pointed out, my freckles did indeed disappear! ” Alvida said. “That’s not what I was pointing out.. ” Luffy said while giving a kind of “no” gesture with his hand. Alvida ignored him again. “In any case, if you’re really fit to be my man, then you certainly can’t afford to lose to this man! I’ve teamed up with him, exclusively for the purpose of finding you! ”

The figure to off his cloak. ““Ever since the day was blasted away, I tenaciously fought my way back to my crew, all the while wishing for the day when I would kill you. ” It was captain Buggy. I wouldn’t mistake him for anyone else because of that big red nose. “And what an adventure it was for I, who lacked a body! ” | shifted in place, feeling a little bored. “An adventure of merriments, hellish dangers, and friendships! A most grand adventure for the little Buggy! After much perseverance… ” Buggy seemed to realize that he was monologuing.

“Wait, why the hell am I telling you all this for!? Oh, it’s just Buggy,” Luffy said. “You’re still the same cheeky brat as ever, I see! ” Buggy yelled, angrily. Buggy’s lackeys pulled out guns. “Make way for Buggy the clown,” one of them said, loudly. The crowd started to flee in a clamor of “Pirates?! ” and “They have guns! ” “Don’t you dare run away, fools! Allow me to demonstrate to you my terror! ” Buggy told the crowd. A man with a blue, checkered scarf jumped from a window behind the execution stand and landed on Luffy, pushing him into the stock. He locked Luffy in right after. “What!? ” Luffy cried. “Nicely done, Kabaji!

Buggy congratulated. “Now then, I shall commence your public execution! Gyahahahaha! You should consider it an honor to die in the same spot as the Pirate King did! ” During all of this commotion, I just stood still, letting the crowd move past me to get as far away from the pirates as they will allow. I was confident enough that I could take on some pirates with my fighting abilities and my telekinesis. “Dammit, I can’t scratch my nose,” Luffy complained. “Wha! ” Howled a voice from behind me. “Why the hell is he on the execution stand!? ” Cursed another. I looked over my shoulder.

There was a green haired man with three swords. Looks like Zoro. A scrawny, long-nosed man carrying a big fish with a smoking blond in a suit. Must be Usopp and Sanji. And behind them all was an orange haired girl carrying a big bag of clothes. And I bet she’s Nami. “For the crime of angering me, I sentence you, Monkey D. Luffy, to a flashy execution! ” Buggy said from behind me. I turned my head back around. “Let’s cause a flashy ruckus, boys! Just stand right there and watch! ” Buggy yelled. The pirates cheered and shot their guns. “This is the first time I’ve seen an execution,” Luffy commented.

You’re the one who’s being executed here! ” Buggy bellowed, eyes popping out. “What! Are you kidding me!? ” Luffy blurted, his eyes bugging out now. “No, you stop kidding around! ” Buggy retorted. “Your flashy execution, shall now be carried out for the whole public to see! ” “Nooo! ” Luffy shrieked. I looked at the ground, looking for something. Ah, there’s one. I picked it up and moved it to my right hand. “I’m sorry, please let me live,” Luffy halfheartedly pleaded. “As if I’d just let you go, you idiot! ” Buggy said. “Hmph… This is only natural for all those who dare defy us,” commented Kabaji.

Has the man I so admired finally met his end…? ” Alvida wondered. “Any last words? Might as well make the most out of this large crowd,” Buggy asked. Luffy was silent. “Well whatever. Whether you have any last words or not, it ain’t like anybody will care for what you have to s.. ” Luffy interrupted him. “I’m the man, who’ll become the pirate king! ” The crowd was quiet for a moment, then it broke out into varying degrees of jeers and compliments. “Saying that in this town out of all places… ” Said a man in stripes. “How outrageous… ” Said another with a grin. “Is that all you have to say… u rubber brat!? ”

Buggy questioned, lifted up his sword. Luffy closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. “Wait! ” Said two voices in the crowd. Luffy opened his eyes to see who yelled. “Sanji! Zoro! Help me out here! ” Buggy got ready to swing again. “So you’ve come, Zoro? But it seems you’re too late…! ” “Take care of them, boys! ” Alvida ordered. “As you command, Lady Alvida! ” The pirates ignored me and went after Zoro and Sanji. They must think I’m just a civilian. “Gyahahahaha! Just watch carefully from there! Witness the last moments of your captain! ” Buggy yells. I cocked back an arm, ready to intervene.

Sorry, but it looks like I’m dead,” Luffy grinned. | swung my arm towards the stand, letting go of the baseball sized rock I picked up earlier. Now, I’ve been working out the past month, so that alone would have the rock sailing fast. But, I also pushed on it with my telekinesis so that made it faster. It flew way faster than a professional baseball player’s pitch. The rock buzzed through the air, until it met Buggy’s temple with a sickening crunch. “Home run! ” I cheered while Buggy fell off of the stand, knocked out. Motion stopped in the plaza. Not a sound or twitch could be detected.

Then lightning struck the execution stand. White light encompassed the plaza. I couldn’t hear anything except a high pitched ringing. When my eyes readjusted and my ears stopped ringing, I saw Luffy picking up his hat. “Nahahahaha! Looks like I did survive! ” He said. “How lucky! ” “Hey… do you believe in God? ” Sanji asked Zoro. “Enough talking and let’s leave this town already. We’ve got more trouble heading our way. ” Zoro said as he sheathed his sword. “Surround the town square! Corner all the pirates! ” Said a loud voice. “And get that bald kid too! ” “Why!? ” I yelled, but I didn’t receive an answer.

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