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Early Childhood Classroom Observation Essay

I set up an appointment with the Kids Club daycare at 9:45 am on November 4th to observe for an hour of toddler classroom who were between three and four years old. The principle gave me a warm greeting and took me to the class and introduced me to the teachers and the children. Everyone there made me feel welcomed. I chose a place where I can sit, observe and write my note as well as to be away from children’s sight. In the classroom there were five boys, two girls, and two teachers Ms. Nadia and Ms. Emma.

The classroom itself was large and spacious. The classroom is very appropriate for children this age and it has many interesting areas such as a blocks and art area, and children taped some of their previous work in the art area. The color of the class is bright and has interesting posters like calendars with the name of children’s birthdays. Also. There is a toys area that has toys suitable for both boys and girls like cars, animals, and doll. There is a reading area with a little amount of children’s books and stories in reachable shelves.

Also, they have a napping area that have the children’s mattress and pillow, as well as snack area included tow small tables and chairs that suitable for kids size. The classroom has s a big window in the class make the class more healthy and refreshing. Generally it was quiet and convenient environment. The interaction between the teachers was very friendly. They were laughing and talking to each other and to the children lead children felt joyful and safe. The class was clean and organizes, and children were moving in orderly fashion and they knew every corner in the class and what should do.

I have learned that “Children at this age like to explore the world around them and they are constantly learning about their environment. And, caregivers should encourage self-sufficient behavior; toddlers develop a sense of autonomy—a sense of being able to handle many problems on their own. But if caregivers demand too much too soon, refuse to let children perform tasks of which they are capable, or ridicule early attempts at self-sufficiency, children may instead develop shame and doubt about their ability to handle problems”(Erik Erikson, 1956).

So, before the observation I asked myself how the teachers could help children become more independent? Also, I wonder what is the best way the teachers use to develop their language skill? When I entered the classroom at 9:45 am the children had finished their meeting circle and greeting each other. After that, the children had the opportunity to choose their own enjoyable game, Ms. Nadia shows the children new toy that is a big toy car they can play a race on it. Every one was amused and talking to each other about who was going to get the first try.

Most of the children chose to play with the new toy. They were so exciting to try the new game, although while two boys (Sam and Tyson) preferred the reading area and Ms. Emma sat in the rug Sam sat on her lap while Tyson picked a book from the shelf and gave to Ms. Emma as they read Tyson interrupted Ms. Emma, and said “teacher can we choose another book? ” Ms. Emma agreed” sure why not we have many” Tyson picked the book about animals. All children were happy and comfortable and the teachers were kind and accepted their choice, which is important in their emotional developments.

During their playtime in toys corner, I noticed that the children learned some important social skill in their playtime, when Ms. Nadia encouraged them to play together and took turns. As well Ms. Emma motivated the other two to guess the name of the animals in the book and make the sound. In their schedule at 10:20 am children usually walk outside and then play on the playground So, MS Nadia said “it is clean up time, lets play outside”, but children wanted more time playing with their new game they were asking Ms. Nadia “can we please have more time to play with the toys”.

I was astonished because the teacher didn’t lesson to their request at that time and started cleaning the toys area. I asked MS Nadia about that in the end and her reason was they want the children to learn follow the role and respect the time, but I thought five or ten more minutes will not effect badly, instead of that the children will feel happy when their request approved and fell more comfortable because they have the right to choose wither they want to do it or not. Also, I observed that the teachers asked the children to wait them in the area where their jackets hung while the teachers cleaned the toys area.

I noticed that their jacket hanger was higher than the children and they couldn’t reach it. Children were waiting for their teachers to dress them. I thought it was useful if the teacher engaged the children to clean the area and make sure the jackets hung in a reachable hanger, so the children become more independent and dress themselves without help During our walked outside . I observed that the building in a safe, accessible location, and close to some stores that help children to walked and discovered new things. in this school I can see that they use social interact to developed children social, emotional and ognitive.

For example, in front of the pet store the children were so happy to see the dogs and some of them had started talking about their puppy while the others talked about other pet such as fish and cat . the children were confident and happy to express their felling and talked about their lovely experience moment with their pet. Also, I noticed that children were learning new word and job during our walked. For example, Henry pointed to the man who fixed the roof of the store and asked, “What does this man do? ” Ms. Emma said, “he fixes the roof “, and then Henry asked, “what dose he use to climb this”.

Ms. Emma said,” It is a ladder “. The children repeated “ladder” . I believe that will help them learn and improve their language skill. During our 15 minutes walking I noticed a girl called Elian. The teacher told me that She is a new girl, and English not her first language . She has been living in America for six months. I saw that the environment in the daycare helped improving her language, through the interaction with the children inside and outside the classroom. For example, at the walked time she repeated quietly the new words and asked about the new things she had seen like the ambulance car that passed them.

It is obvious the teachers encouraged the children to ask and answered their question magnanimously and helped improved the children language skill. And, make the Children learn from their social reality led the learning become more interesting. *** On the playground there is a lot of toys such as swing, slid, ball, house toy, and tires settled on the ground that gave children many options to choose. I saw the teachers played and hugged the children. Also, encouraged children to play together and chose their favorite game.

The teachers helped children in playground to be more independent at the same time paid attention to every child and sure that all of them were safe. For example, Sam tried climbing the tire like the other children did, but he felt scare and asked MS Nadia to help him. MS Nadia approached him and said “I am her don’t worry, you can do it. ” Sam felt more confident when MS Nadia persuaded him as he climbed Sam was so proud when he climbed the tire alone and yelling to other children to see his achievement. During the playtime in the playground there was a boy who was coming late with his dad and holding his toy he called Zyad.

Zyad’s dad left and the teacher asked Zyad to say bye, all children said” bye dad “except Zyad he kept looking till his dad disappeared. Zyad preferred playing alone at the first 10 minutes, and repeatedly looking to the parking lot and asked the teacher about his dad, then he purposely dropped his toy three times and looking for some one to bring it back. I saw Zyad smile when he found some one bringing his toy back that made him fell comfortable.

Finally he dropped his toys and played with others kids, but he still asked his teacher “when will my dad come? I wonder about his behavior and looking for some one to help him. Is he still feeling fear and what is the best way to help him become more independence and confident in the school far from his dad. Also, I was surprised when MS Nadia hold Zyad’s toy at the end while he played with others kids. One boy asked her if he could play with Zyad’s toy, but she refused because it is belong to Zyad. I thought it was a good time to help children learn the way to ask the appropriate question when they would like something and help all children engage and play together.

In this observation I saw how the teachers helped children to become more independent in most time in a comfortable atmosphere except dress themselves. I believe if they make a little change that I explained above . The children will achieve that easily. Also, the children language skill improved through social interaction and under the teacher guidance that I observed in reading and walking time. Form this observation I wonder about the way to help children still feel fear of separation them from their family and how I can make them trust me and participate with others confidently.

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