Discuss how Intel changed ingredient-marketing history

From reading the history about Cisco, it seems like they are overate in the market field. Other than Cisco, let’s compare and contrast Intel and Cisco In their business to business markets with customers. According, to wall street Dally, “Cisco Is the world’s leading supplier of data networking equipment and software. Meanwhile, Intel is the largest semiconductor company in the world. And neither is likely to get knocked off their perches” (Baseness, 2011). Even though both of the companies share the same compares when It comings to making software for different company.

But let’s look at doing business to business experience with customers. The business side of Cisco can but a positive or a negative it’s just the way how the market is played out. “During the sass’, Cisco acquired and successfully integrated 49 companies Into its core business. As a result, the company’s market capitalization grew faster than any company in history-from $1 billion to $300 billion 1991 and 1999. In March 2000, Cisco became the most valuable company in the world with market capitalization peaking at $582 billion or $82 per share” (Kettle,p. 57 2012).

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Can I say that Cisco is a great doing business to business with? Of course yes, I feel that Cisco can work with any company. Just think how many small software companies before Cisco was created didn’t survived. Cisco right now is working with communication: wireless, networking and data (network). Wireless is voice over networking they work with major company overseas networking system. Networking Is the internet sources that communicate in many ways. For example, Keep, Yahoo massager, and Tango are a couple of networking system that we used on a daily source to communicate with people.

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