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Descriptive Piece – Courtyard

On the other side of the huge, heavy set of copper doors, was one of the most beautiful places on earth. With one step taken across the threshold, the combination of several delightful aromas stemming from the multiple species of sweet smelling flowers canvassing the grounds saturates your nasal passages.

Breed in a number of concentric circles starting from the center point organized the numerous flowers. From the most vivid yellows to the palest blues, the transition between each color simulated all the colors of the rainbow.

Surrounding this circular shaped courtyard were high walls, completely overgrown with bright green English ivy, which gave it a uniform color of green.

At the center of the courtyard stood a stone statue of a man holding his uncovered private part, from which a continuous jet of water flowed into the reservoir below. The sound this produced was fairly accurates of a man relieving himself. Yet one holding a hand under the jet also felt the warmth of this spring.

At the base of the statue grew the greatest treasure of all, a raspberry bush. Each branch was filled with ripe, plump and juicy berries, each berry tasting sweeter than the previous one.

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