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Cloning is an unethical action that should not be tampered with physically in any animal form regardless of what it is. This is a genetically engineered process by humans, in which, perfectly generated genes from someone or something is copied into its own life form to be an exact replica. In the article “Calves cloned to produce drugs” there are two cows involved with cloning. People should not be tampering with this, but letting God create people and animals the way he has it planned out to be. Not to mention, no two or more life forms should ever be exactly alike with the exact same genes (except for plants who are that way anyhow). With this happening to animals now and evolving toward humans, it could cause some huge problems with our world. It is acceptable for scientists and doctors to study genetic engineering and cloning, but not perform it physically in any kind of life forms.
The news article, “Calves cloned to produce drugs” in USA Today, is about two genetically engineered and cloned cows that are formed to produce new drugs. This cloning is from two sheep cloned for drugs and evolved into trying it on cows to produce a milk that will sustain blood pressure. As a result, doctors are constantly progressing toward other animals to produce clones for different drugs in order to help our human race. The entire article is geared toward humans and their future with drugs as they live on the earth.
God has created everything in this world the way he wants it to be, not the way we want it to become. No one should ever try and alter genes to any animal coming into this world, therefore in this news article, the cows should have never been cloned. In an article in Time magazine, Richard Seed (a well educated man that graduated from Harvard)

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wanted to start up a commercial cloning clinic. As soon as that was released to public, “President Clinton blasted the idea as untested and unsafe and morally unacceptable'”(Nash 58). People around the country reacted nervous and uneasy. This was an example of one person that has the desire and knowledge to do such a thing as this. If we don’t stop him now, then there will be many more doctors who will follow and set up this idea of cloning around the world. Then the next thing you know, there will be hundreds of people identical and healthy everywhere. There is nothing wrong with the people being healthy, but not becoming that way from cloning. Being healthy should be our job as humans to keep up with our own body. As the article continued, Seed posed his whole idea of opening the clinic from his interest in biomedicine and discovered “a technique for transferring embryos in cattle”(58). This is a whole new idea that cloning of animals can lead to cloning of our human race.
Seed began his work with embryos in cattle and now he has expanded his idea to form a human cloning clinic. These are the kind of people that are going to want to go further in the cloning of other beings to help our world. If only we could stop these kinds of people from experimenting with such a serious issue in cloning. If completed, there could possibly be a difference in the future of it. Scientists should stay away from these actions like Seed’s and stick with just studying genes in animals. Not trying to create and rebuild them to become better.
Doctors and scientists have all the right to study them and teach the structures to interested people, but not take it any farther. To agree with this issue, another article in Time magazine has a physician getting up a team to form the first human clone. As a result the people have “yet another wave of Brave New World anxiety”(Krauthammer 76). As the article continues, Krauthammer explains how this physician received this idea from cloning headless mice and headless tadpoles. He has done this experiment for the reason

that doctors “see the true utility of manufacturing headless creatures: for their organs–fully formed, perfectly useful, ripe for plundering”(76).
Should humans be panicked from this? Humans are the ones that are most likely going to be next! Can you imagine what it would be like knowing there are headless people alive and the only reason they are kept alive is for donning organs to people in need. This whole idea of creating people for the sake of helping others is insane. God again has created us for reasons that he only knows. There have never been any babies that were born headless and kept alive. We have never had babies in the past be headless and to be used strictly for organ implants. That is because God does not want it to be this way. We should follow God in a way that should not go against what he gives us in the Bible. Cloning goes against Gods creation of the earth and the people, animals, and other life forms that exist. We can study cloning, but not pull in the creation factor in our own hands.
My opinion of cloning has been voiced. I am not trying to say that anyone who agrees with cloning is horrible and will go to hell. I am trying to voice my opinion to let a reader understand a view that is extremely important to me. That is that God has created everyone and everything on earth. No one should ever pretend to be God by creating other life forms. God has put us on this earth the way he wanted us to look, act, and live. We should never think of disproving that.

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