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However, the Soviet union established a scalded unionism regime that did not adhere to the Ideologies In which communism was oral signally created, which was to serve the masses. This form of communism failed in countries such as P land, Czechoslovakia. And Hungary. The original intent of communism was meant to have a classless society. However, the e soviet communist parties did not actually achieve that. As Molotov Dismissal wrote In The New Class, “The exclusive, if unwritten, law that only party members can become policeman, officers, diplomats, and only they can exercise actual authority, creates a special privileged group of bureaucrat TTS. The unofficial class of bureaucrats defied the true meaning of communism. Communists rulers cream Ted an illusion that was named communism, but In its basis, was not communism whatsoever. Soviet communists used their privileges to create a class that pushed the everyday cit Zen further down and limited the progress an individual can make. The everyday citizen was force deed to live a life where they wake up, work, go home, eat, and sleep. The citizens were stripped down t o their basic necessities that were sometimes even rejected.

Croatian columnist, Slovenia Dreadful , wrote how, Every mother in Bulgaria can point to where communism failed, from the failure of t he planned economy. To the lack of apartments, child care facilities, clothes, disposable diapers, or toilet paper. ” The communist did not provide all the necessities for people to live comfortably. Still, kept suppressing the lower class, while the bureaucrats lived comfortably. Communism m was never meant to have a society in which an individual is held back from their necessities. Yet , The soviet communists repressed many necessities and civil rights which included freedom of s beech and public expression.

Vocal Have, president of Czechoslovakia, spoke in his New Year’s Day Address of 199 how, “Our country is not flourishing. The great creative and spiritual potential of our nation is not being applied meaningfully. ” Have perfectly understood that communism withheld a lot of their creativity by not allowing people to freely express themselves. He even mentioned how, “The state, which calls itself a state of workers, is humiliating and exploiting them instead. ” Communist worked pee pole extremely hard for a low wage “producing things for there is no demand while we are in short o f things we need. ”

Soviet communists took advantage of the power they had over the citizens and used t hat power to enlarge the gap between leaders of the communist party and the people being ruled According to a Croatian columnist, Slovenia Dramatic, “the banality of everyday life is where it [communism] really failed, rather than on the level of ideology. ” The communist party did not provide enough services for the people which caused the people be opposed to communism. Without the support of the people, communism was bound to fail. People are what makes the sees once of government. Without people, there would be no government.

The Soviet government did not make life or the everyday citizen to feel as though they were being heard or included into all the e decisions that were being made by the government every day. Without a classless society, honest rulers, or support from the ruled, communism in t he Soviet Union set itself up for failure. The citizens of the eastern European socialist states ha d no right to go through life under communist rule by the Soviets. Communism did not improve the e economy, or unify the states. Communism actually did the opposite; it impoverished the countries and s operated the states.

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