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Ac Final Monologue Reflection Essay

These monologues challenged me by making me experience what the character is feeling and then writing it down. Up until | finished writing AC Short Write #1, I have never been put into someone else’s shoes. This made me think outside the box and really think into depth about what I was writing about. The AC Final Monologue challenged me by not being able to put in stage directions in the essay. Since we performed it, you actually had to act it out instead of saying it, and I had a struggle with doing that. Overall, I had some challenges but I think it made me a stronger writer.

I learned that I am able to to write meaningful and interesting topics that I personally like. I learned that I actually liked performing my AC Final Monologue even though I was nervous. It’s nice to know that when I’m writing a new assignment it’s up to me and my imagination. In the past years it’s always been picking a certain topic out of three options and I never liked writing because of it, none of those topics made me feel like I wanted to keep writing but that’s not what happened in these past three monologues.

I learned that in order to become a great writer you have to have some interest in what you’re writing about or else it would just be another homework assignment. I was really proud that I was able to finish a whole writing assignment in less than a week. I wish we could’ve gotten more time because we usually have homework from every class, everyday so that just made me more stressed out. Even though I was, I was happy when the due date came, and I was prepared to hand it in on time and to feel confident about what I wrote.

When I handed in Short Write #1 I had this sense of accomplishment because I was so sure that I was going to get a good grade because I worked hard on it and I gave a lot of effort into it. I was really proud of myself when I was able to complete all the 3 assignments on time and be confident in what I wrote. If I had the chance to do the Final Monologue again I would’ve added more detail and stage directions. After seeing all the performances in class I was amazed how other people incorporated it into their stories and I would’ve wished that I had the chance to add more into it.

I also would’ve added more detail to really show the audience what my character was feeling. Another insecurity of mine when I write is my transitions. I’ve never really been taught it so, I always have a hard time when it comes down to when I have to write. Even though I am very confident on all 3 shorts writes, these changes will make me fully satisfy with my work. These assignments reflect on my overall effort in class because it shows that I am responsible in handing in my work on time and that I enjoy writing.

I always liked writing since I was little and the fact that I am able to control and produce what I’m writing is so amazing. Coming home I would be excited to write new stories and finish because I knew that when I was done , 1 would be completely confident in what I wrote. AC Short Write #1 showed how hard I put in effort because I wanted to show people truly how life is and how we shouldn’t take it for granted. The 1st short write really hit home because a lot of people think that illegals cross the borders just because, but it’s really because they want a better future for them and their families.

I worked hard in order to show that side of the story a lot of people don’t hear. I worked very hard on all monologues. Overall, on all three assignments I think I worked extremely hard and I was happy with the outcome. I believe that I should get a 95 or higher for each one because the effort I put into them deserves a good grade. If I got anything lower it would be absurd because I asked for help if I didn’t understand, I asked for advice from others like classmates and my parents, and I proofread each monologue a bunch of times.

I liked what | wrote and for me that plays a big factor in how much effort I put into it. I followed the guidelines and matched the rubric sol deserve good grades. Personally for Short Write #2 I think I should get a very good grade because I really did try to put myself in one of the character’s shoes and in the mum’s perspective. I showed emotion based on what happened and I think that’s a big factor in the monologue. I put a lot of effort into these 3 assignments and I deserve good grades for each and every one of them.

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