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Abortion summary

Abortion is the premature termination of a pregnancy by spontaneous or induced expulsion of a nonviable fetus from the uterus. The keyword in this definition is termination which Is the final result, should abortion be someone’s final result oppose to other options. The common problems that result In terminating a pregnancy Is: finical problems, relationship, or family Issues or whatever the circumstances may be. People tend to see this as overcoming an obstacle. But an abortion is a broader topic than terminating a child.

Abortion has several consequences that come along with it. For example it has medical, ethical social problems and it cause controversy as a nation. This has been an issue for almost 50 years and these issues need to be brought to the attention of women leaning towards abortion. When women have abortions they are putting their bodies at risk for breast cancer. They are thinking about the long term effects of what they are doing to themselves. There are several ways to develop breast cancer a gene called

BRA can cause breast cancer, along with taking medicines orally and hormone replacement therapy, If women who are smoking cigarettes are likely to have breast If they had an abortion prior to when they began smoking . Pregnancy lowers the risk for breast cancer and the hormonal changes and the process of a person’s pregnancy helps lowers these risk Documentation of breast cancer risk started 50 years ago stating that in several countries breast cancer was more dominant in those women ho had abortions opposed to the ones who didn’t after the legalization of abortion.

Abortion still has a held a high percentage throughout the world, for example Roman’s government removed abortion their percentage decreased compared to the other countries where abortion was still there. Their percentages were increasing. Around the world women are having unsafe abortions done. 70, 000 die each year from unsafe abortions, according to world health organization (WHO), and these deaths can be prevented. In conclusion women can prevent these diseases and prevent from cause bodily harm to themselves by taking careful precautions.

Women aren’t fully Informed on abortions and they need to understand that It’s more than Just getting rid of a baby that Is unplanned. There are several other options to care for a unplanned pregnancy and abortion should be a option that isn’t considered at all. Women need to think of the long term effects of abortion and not just the short term. Ask yourself this question is this is what I want to do; do I want to put myself at sis and suffer mentally and physically for the rest of my life?

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