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Abortion Should Be Legal In HK

HACK In this talk, we will discuss deferent views on abortion and whether it should be legal in Hong Kong. Abortion Is the termination of a fetus or pregnancy after conception. The Hong Kong law states that in order to have an abortion the mother must Include the followings: Having two doctors consent Mother underage of 16 Physical/mental damage to mother Physical/mental handicapped fetus If mother was raped We are pro-choice therefore, in this talk we will argue about these three topics: backstreet abortion, physical and mental condition of mother and fetus, when life begins.

First of all, we think abortion should be legal In HACK because of the backstreet abortions. By making abortions legal, the safety of mothers Is Insured. While making abortion Illegal, causes death to approximately 70,000 women per year. If abortion Is illegal In HACK, many women will turn to backstreet abortion, which ;s unhygienic and risky to both the mother and fetus. We know that this may receive a lot of critiques, as the mother should be aware of the risks she’s taking to do backstreet abortion. We know that this is their own decision and she should be well aware of the consequences.

Also, if abortion is illegal n your country, the mother can always choose to go to another country for legal and safe abortion. We know that the mother should be aware of the risks and danger she Is taking, and we agree with this point. However, this Is only because she does not have a choice to begin with. She may not have had the Intention of getting pregnant. Some religious beliefs believe that having an abortion is like murder, but if the birth of the baby causes mother death then at least the mother should be able to live.

Also, she may not have been able to go to a country that allows abortion because of her financial status. For the second point, if bearing a baby may cause the mother death, she should be able to choose abortion in order to save her own life. If she is mentally unstable, family mothers or friends should consult her of the consequences of abortion. Because If she gives birth to the baby, many couples are actually willing to adopt children. If the baby Is handicapped mother should be able to choose abortion because It may cause many difficulties for mother and child In the future.

Catholics believe abortion is discrimination against the handicapped. If the mother discriminating against Gods creation. Buddhists believe abortion is equal to murder ND a mother should not choose abortion in any condition. I can see why they think that abortion is like murder but we see it in a different way. If a mother wants to abort her potentially handicapped baby it may not be because she discriminates against the disabled, it is because if the child grows up to be mentally or physically handicapped, it may cause the family and child stress and unhappiness leading to a worse situation.

The child may grow up to be bullied against he may be unhappy with himself. The child may even consider committing suicide. 3. Our final point is that though many religions believe life begins at conception, we hint it begins at birth. Even though we think that, we still believe the mother should if she has to abort her baby before it reaches twelve weeks old, approximately three months and should give the mother enough time to consider. We chose 12 weeks because by that time all the organs inside of the fetus are formed.

Though hair has yet to grow, and it has not yet reached the final stage of growth we think it should be considered close to a human being. We know that Sikhs believe abortion interferes with the creation of God. Sikhs, Catholics and Buddhism believe life starts at conception. Although we have remitted the mother to have abortion before twelve weeks after conception, many religions still consider it too late. Also, many young people tend to think of abortion as a sort of birth control.

They think it is okay to get pregnant because they can Just abort the fetus later on, many pregnant women who wants an abortion may not even have considered what they have done. We are aware that abortion is not a sort of birth control; we only want to leave an option open for those women who really need it. Though there are religions such as Buddhism, Schism and Catholics who are strongly against having an abortion there re also religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam who generally oppose to abortion but do not forbid it.

There are many similarities and differences between each and every religion. Buddhists, Sikhs and Catholics forbid abortion but they still see it in different ways. Almost all Catholics and Sikhs reject abortion, but for Buddhism, the traditional and modern Buddhists think differently. Traditional Buddhists believes that abortion is deliberately destroying a life while some modern believe it doesn’t. All religions believe life is precious and is a gift from God; this is called the Sanctity of Life .

Not only do the similarities and differences religions vary, religious and non-religious abortion following the words from their holy books for example, a Hindu text which strongly opposes abortion compares abortion to killing a priest. And another compares it with killing their parents. This may seem extreme but abortion in their religion is not impossible. Also, traditional and many modern Hindus believe it is their duty to produce children and carry on their family and therefore, wanting an abortion is breaching their duties. C. I have concluded that although many religions strongly oppose abortion, I still hint it should be legal.

I know it is wrong to abort a potential life but I still think that a mother should be given a chance to decide if her life will be changed. I am pro- choice but only to a certain degree. L. Based on evidence and looking at the beliefs people have chosen, I am still a pro- choice. This is because I think that women have the right to decide on what happens to their bodies. Although abortion may seem cruel to the people that believe life starts in conception, I am only pro-choice to a certain extent and still respect the people who are pro-life.

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