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Abortion: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

Abortion: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life In America, one of the most troublesome issues is the controversy surrounding abortion. The two opposing viewpoints surrounding abortion are like two sides of a coin. On one side, there is the pro-choice activist and on the other is the pro-life activist. The argument is a balanced one; for every point supporting abortion there is a counter-point condemning abortion. As of right now, abortion is legal in America, and many people believe that it should stay legal.

These people that believe it should stay legal are called pro-choice activists. These people believe that it is the woman’s right to choose whether or not to give birth. However, there are many groups of people who are raising awareness to Congress to get them to pass laws to make abortion illegal. These people are called pro-life activists. Pro-choice activists argue that abortion is a choice that should be decided by each individual. These pro-choice activists say that abortion is not considered murder because the fetus is not yet fully human.

Therefore, abortion is not insubordinate against God. Abortion should be the woman’s choice because it is her body regardless of the reason for the abortion. Adoption is an option some women choose, many women do not want to suffer the emotional trauma of pregnancy and labor for a child that is not going to be theirs. Therefore, laws should remain the way they are to protect a woman’s right to chose whether to abort the child or not. However, pro-life activists argue that abortion is a form of hatred.

It makes no sense for a woman to murder a human being that is not even born. The bible states, “Thou shalt not kill,” and it does not discriminate different stages of life. A fetus is the very beginning of a humans life. Pro-life activists say that abortion is murder and is in defiance of God. Even though pro-life activists realize that many women who abort their fetuses are young, poor, and often drug users, it should not matter what the woman’s life situation is. The value of human life cannot be measured.

Therefore, laws should be passed to outlaw abortion. There are plenty of couples who cannot have children who are willing to adopt an unwanted child. If we take away the woman’s right to choose, will be begin limiting her other rights also? Or, if we keep abortion legal, are we depreciating human life? There are no easy answers to these questions. Both sides have strong, logical arguments. Though it is a very personal decision, the fate of abortion rights will have to be left for Congress to decide.

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