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World View on Abortion

A young man, John, wakes up to go to work and receives a phone call from a girl he has been seeing for a couple months. John asks Susan, “What’s wrong you sound upset? ” That’s when he receives the news that he is going to be a father. Both of them are extremely scared, It must be understood they are only In their early twenties and neither one of them is ready to be a parent. The decision is made and they are off to the clinic to schedule an abortion. It’s a harsh reality but it’s a reality none the less.

Is it k for a couple to have an abortion? What if the circumstances were different, does It make It k then? This couple wants to have an abortion because they are young and lust not ready and some will say abortion Is wrong you must deal the cards your dealt. Looking in a different direction a young lady is walking home from a late night working as a waitress when she is grabbed in the alley. The man begins to tear at her clothes and when she tries to fight he begins to hit her. She screams but no one hears her, this makes the man furious and with a quick strike to head the girl Is unconscious.

She awakens the next day in the hospital with cuts and bruises and is told by a doctor she had been raped. A few weeks later she is not feeling very well so she visits her personal doctor only to find out that the disgusting man has gotten her pregnant. Is It k now to have an abortion? In this paper we will cover a worldview on abortion including topics such as epistemology and abortion, anthropology and all others to bring out a complete worldview on this topic. The debate on abortion has been around a long time and it is doubted that It will ever end but how do we look at It unbiased not voicing our opinions.

Epistemology In short, theory of belief and knowledge, if you understand something you will have more knowledge of the subject. But does having a great knowledge on the subject automatically make your answer correct? A man that knows every word In the Bible and can recite it without Issue has a great deal of biblical knowledge. But If that man tells everyone the Bible is false then he is only giving his opinion. Same thing with the epistemology view on abortion just because someone has the knowledge they will till give a deferent point of view.

Now yet it is important to gain all the understanding and knowledge on a subject Is very Important It does still not make anyone right or wrong. Since we are talking about ending life when it is in its earliest stage then we must discuss the metaphysics belief. Metaphysics is the beliefs about the nature of reality and it attempts to understand existence and explain It scientifically. A big part of the debate on abortion Is not only Is It good or bad but when Is a baby considered to be alive. When human life starts is a good question for a metaphysics.

Every new born baby starts as an zygote then an embryo and finally a fetus. All human life starts off past the zygote, embryo and fetus stages is ready to live outside of this fluid filled sac. But again some say that these stages are not alive and can be discarded like a dirty paper towel. Zygote is a cell that contains full human DNA and is biologically alive. That statement alone squashes doubt of life at early stages. On the metaphysical side we understand that life starts immediately after conception but should that still mean there can be no abortions?

Remember the story from above about the young lady who was brutally raped by a man she didn’t know. There must be circumstances that could happen in life that could call for abortion and wouldn’t just be because someone was careless and immature. The sad truth is it’s not Just women like the above have problems with rape from unknown men but there are many young ladies (under 18) or are getting pregnant from their own family members taking advantage of them. Also take in the account of taking a life to save a life. Nikkei is thirty years old and has been married for seven years.

She and her husband have tried many times to have a child and she Just could not conceive. Then the blessing came to them and they were so happy to have their first child. Two months in and the doctor sees some major problems and tell Nikkei that if she carries the baby full term that she has a high risk of dying. The hard decision has been made and she and her husband decide to have an abortion for her safety. They adopt instead and are stilled blessed with a beautiful family. If a child cannot be taken care of there are still options for parents that are much safer for the baby and an bless a family who cannot have children.

Mothers give the child up for adoption and others adopt babies and raise them as their own. Some states have safe haven places and under the “baby Moses law’ as long as the baby is under 60 days old and in good health the babies can be dropped off to designated emergency infant care provider with no questions asked. These places are usually fire stations, some police stations, and hospitals. One argument states that a human has full control over his or her body and can do what they want with it. This statement is true to an extent as long as people take are of themselves they can manage their own bodies.

But if you attempt to inflict harm upon yourself the state has the right to lock you up. It is quite strange how you have the choice to kill a fetus but you can’t cut yourself. A step farther you have a legal right to kill a fetus but you can be criminally charged in some states for attempting suicide. Teleology is meaning and purpose of the universe, its inanimate elements, and it inhabitants. So if a fetus is inside a woman that is the fetus’ universe. In teleology a fetus can use what surrounds it to insure it can stay alive.

But as with anything else there can be different views in teleology. There are some who say the fetus has a claim on the uterus because the uterus was created by God for fetus to use. This is ridiculous because that would cause many people using this theory to their advantage. Some already have, New York Times posted a story in May of 2013 where Francisco Martinez was convicted of “Reckless Rape” for repeatedly raping his wife. It states that he would come home from Orange County Correctional Facility where he worked, and demand sex from his wife.

He claimed that it was his eight and her duty and that that’s what she was there for. Just because God created things for certain reasons that do not mean that other people have the rights to What does God say about Murder? Leviticus CHI. 24:17 “Whoever kills any man shall surely be put to death. ” Genesis Chi. 9:6 “Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man. ” God was clear what happens to someone who takes another person’s life. With theology being about the nature of God one cannot say what God says about abortion itself.

As showed He goes not condone murder but the Bible also doesn’t say when life actually starts. So how does theology play a part in this debate? One must way all circumstances and do what can be done to insure the best outcome not in a selfish manner but in a manner pleasing to God. Now if you are to study man and try a figure out the purpose you would be an anthropologist. Studying the nature and purpose of Humans can give insight to the life cycle of a man. Anthropologist studies man so they would know more of who is getting abortions and why. They would also know who is against them and why.

Where they don’t get down to the hard facts of abortion itself they will be in touch with the people involved. Now is it right or wrong? Do we have a right to say if it’s right or wrong for other people? A woman can say for her sake that abortions are wrong and she would never dream of having one yet that is only her opinion and different circumstances may change the next woman’s outlook on the subject. As a child grows up most are taught right from wrong but as humans get older things change. Take a young man who was raised in a Christian home and went to church throughout his whole life.

When he gets older he starts using drugs now he knows that drugs are morally wrong but at this point to him he sees nothing wrong with using them. Overtime people do realize that it’s wrong and seek help but again people change. What about a woman raised in a Christian home knowing abortion was unacceptable. Then she grows up and like the woman above is raped and becomes pregnant. What does she do? Is it right or wrong to have an abortion? Better yet is it morally right to have an abortion if the fetus was from the man who raped her? I would hope so.

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