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What Is The Cause Of Adolf Hitler’s Rise To Power

On the verge of World War II the future was dim, the people of Germany wallowed in the pit of starvation and poverty. The weakened souls of the citizens all prayed for a savior to fall upon them and raise them from the depths. Germany had lost life savings, bringing it to the brink of chaos and Nazis were there to protest against that (worldhistoryproject. org). As Hitler grew amongst us into the political standpoint not only did his image grow but so did his power.

In 1931 I heard about a meeting arranged with Hitler and president Paul Von Hindenburg, not too long after Hitler was the image for new Nazi party though his true goal still needing to be met as the Chancellor of Germany (Giblin,63). As 1932 rolled around my career in medicine was growing and at that time President Hindenburg announced of his re election for president, Hitler again appeared in the political spotlight as he campaigned against Hindenburg (Giblin, 64). Hitler made his way around Germany, talking to a multitude of industries and big businessmen.

One comment Hitler made in Dusseldorf, the center of the steel industry, was that unemployed people made desperate by the depression were already looking for communism for salvation (Giblin 63). As the election continued things on the streets became more violent. Injuries and even deaths were recorded due to these riots and many believed the Nazi party was responsible but no proof was found to hold them accountable (Giblin 68). Clashes became more apparent in the major cities between the SAmen and the communist democratic parties due to these outbreaks (Giblin 68).

Over the year I watched as Hitler and Hindenburg battled against one another for the position of president though despite his efforts Hindenburg was re-elected. I could see the Nazi party struggling, but the ideas of what they were planning had intrigued me to the point of coaxing my vote and membership. Now a Nazi I could see the ins and outs of Hitler’s growth with us. With the Nazis expansion and the continuing violence Hindenburg sent squads of SS and SA, along with the police force, to raid taverns and other meeting places that communists were known to frequent (Giblin 75).

Despite Hindenburg’s efforts Adolf Hitler finally reached his goal of Chancellor by being elected by thirty nine prominent businessmen in charge of the forms, Krupp, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, and IG who all signed the petition for Hitler (Giblin 69). Hitler used this new obtained power to his advantage. On the night of May 10, 1933 the German Student Association, also a Nazi group, organized book burnings of submissive writings that were properly removed and burned from libraries (Giblin 78).

The photos of the burning showed the strength and the prowess of the Nazi party and I couldn’t help but smile at the flames. April first had come upon us sending us the daisies of spring and warm air to the earth. Hitler’s first action from coming into power didn’t last long, he had initiated a boycott on all Jewish businesses stating to the people, “ I believe that I act today in unison with Almighty Creator’s intentions, by fighting the Jews, I do battle for the Lord. ” Three days later the boycott was lifted which only made Hitler’s actions stricter (Giblin 79).

The economic crisis continued in the same year 1934 President Hindenburg passed in result forcing Hitler to finally take control and I watched as the bill was passed to make Adolf Hitler Dictator of Germany (Giblin 68). From the boycott, I could see the people of the other political parties become more hesitant into the purpose of Hitler’s actions. In one occasion on June 22nd the social democratic party denounced his doings as “ hostile to the nation and the state”. This comment resulted in all members of the social democratic party to be expelled to the first concentration camps (Giblin 80).

Although, it seemed he had taken a bit of a drastic turn to expel the men I understood that any man in his position would have been threatened by those words and would have taken them as seriously as he had. The following year, 1935,I was working my usual hours in the office when a man by the name of Heinrich Hoffman made the fortune step to see me for his ailment (Simkin). I treated the man as I normally did with all my patients and came to find out he was the photographer for Adolf Hitler himself.

I couldn’t believe that I was treating a man so close to the president and as I finished I told him to send my regards to Hitler and sent him on his way feeling better than when he had walked in and making me the same. The word of my treatment apparently had spread because only two years later, in 1937, Hitler appointed me, Theodor Morell, as his own personal physician though I could tell not many of the other doctors he had around him were so fond of me, one particular by the name of Karl Brandt who had warned Hitler of my “dangerous” treatments (Simkin).

In becoming Hitler’s new doctor I began to learn quite a bit about the man. Hitler was indeed a vegetarian consuming zero red meat after the death of his beloved niece, but that didn’t help control his flatulence. He also suffered stomach cramps, constipation, diarrhea, and was extremely stressed out (Tony perrottet ). 1938 was the turning point for the WWII bringing chaos and hate toward the Jews. The morning of November 10 glass littered the streets from Jewish storefronts along the street (Rogasky 30).

World War II started only a year after on September 1, 1939, ghettos were then set up moving all the Jewish residents away from their original homes (Rogasky ? ). On September 1941, Hitler made his move to seclude the Jewish from others, “ All Jews from the age of six were forbidden to appear in public without the Jewish Star pinned to them. ” The star was used then as a mark of shame for whoever wore it (Rogasky 31). As the days continued Hitler would look to me when requiring any medication.

For his gas I would supply him with small black pills that he would take every morning and to pep him up I would give him a small dose of my vitamins which included bull semen to boost his testosterone (Simkin). Every day I would inject him with the steady supply, though as the days continued on by he seemed to worsen and his judgment blur. The stress piled on upon Hitler’s shoulders as the war deepened and America entered. This didn’t help his health nor his attitude and he spent most of his days in his room not wanting to socialize.

The coolness of January thirtieth bit the tips of our noses as we listened to Hitler’s last speech. His words were weary and you could tell of the slouch of shoulders the pressure he was under as it was the twelfth anniversary of him coming into power (Giblin 203). February third brought the most fear in Adolf Hitler’s eyes as we all watched the American Bombers pound the Berlin in a raid on the Capital, that same day Hitler went down into his bunker (Giblin 204).

When the battle increased Hitler began to grow more irrational, agitated, and irritable and his doses increased as well as his other medications. During one occasion Adolf Hitler downed nine shots of methamphetamine in two hours while in a meeting with Mussolini (Neal congress Newser staff). Reich Marshall, due to the increasing threat of the American troops, had created high treason sending Hitler into another fit of rage and stress filled injections, before his trial could be carried out he had resigned (Web 3).

I began to try different methods in order to improve Hitler’s health, I included amphetamines, bull semen, rat poison, and morphine (dailymail. co. uk). Bombs continued to pummel the land of Germany, blood stained the earth of soldiers and innocent German folk, I watched along with Hitler as the destruction devastated our country and his progress. April 20 1945 was the ending of the war and Hitler himself as he went back into his bunker for the fourth time were his putting an end to his life as well with the barrel of a gun (Giblin 207).

Two years before, 1943, that the United Nations had established the war crimes commission and had investigated the “crimes” committed by the nazi’s and all of us responsible (Rogasky 165). I myself fled to Berlin to escape the outrageous convictions, on October 1, 1946 twenty-two men were tried for crimes against humanity and twelve were convicted, accused, and sentenced to death, three were imprisoned for life, four with shorter terms, while three were found innocent (Rogasky 166).

The Nazi name was slandered as people began to describe our war of faith as extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane accusations that we had committed against civilization groups on the basis of religion, race, and politics which I found completely absurd for what we were doing was for the better good (Rogasky 166). And to rub it in our faces even more on May 14, 1948, the Jewish community created their own country of Israel (Rogasky ? ).

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