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Rhetorical Analysis Of Brent Staples Black Men In Public Spaces Essay

Among all the emotions people have, the most multifarious is fear because fear can be spread much faster than most emotions. Literally, people define fear “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat “. However, the delusion of endangerment can cause racism of misunderstanding. Particularly, Most people identify fear based on their stereotyping, prejudice and bias. In “Black Men in Public Spaces”, Brent Staples describes how skin color could cause bias in people and how he, a black man , had to moderate his behavior to accommodate them.

He uses vivid illustration about the prejudices and unfair judgement on people’s outlooking by their skins and race. On the other hand, Stan Chu llo focused on the fact that racially inspired crimes are committed against a black man on the streets by police. Black people received unfair judgement on their race. Both of the writers accomplished using varieties of rhetorical analysis in their writing to make the reader see their opinions about racial stereotyping by prejudice.

By appealing to ethos, pathos, logos, both of two articles provide convincible examples and evidence to prove that the nequitable racial stereotyping which black people has faced. To begin with, In the “Black Men in Public Spaces” article, Brent Staples was a trustworthy source of writing through his first hand accounts of racial stereotyping. Brent Staples started his article by enhancing his credibility because the background information help readers to understand why women reacted in a preconceived way.

Since he did not place blame on the white people, it makes him more credible. Choosing to be a better guy, Staples also indicated that he “grew up as one of the good boys”. He graduated and earned his PH. D. in psychology from the University of Chicago. It make readers believe that his creative language and critical view straight to the point of misunderstanding and racial stereotyping on african American. By sharing the background information to his audience, Brent indicates the how eager and motivated he was to make black out of such a harsh background.

Additionally, Brent shared the experience of another black journalist: “Police officers hauled him from his car at gunpoint and but for his press credentials, [for mistaking the reporter for the killer]. ” This example oncludes that his evidence was credible, for there are many common occurrences happened to other black people as well. Brent Staples also greatly evokes reader’s emotion by using many rhetorical skill of pathos. In the beginning of his paragraphs, he uses the word “victim” to catch reader’s attention.

It suggests that Staple intended his audience to feel the prejudice and unfair judgement on blacks that a black man on street was often defined by a potential source of danger. He also indicates that “It was in the echo of that terrified woman’s footfalls, that I first began to know the unwieldy inheritance l’d ome into-the ability to alter public space in ugly ways. ” Indeed, Staples explained his emotion by drawing an emotional picture about a black man in public. It was not honorable to have the ability that can change the public space because fear and uneasiness was spreaded in the atmosphere.

Continuously, he talks about how rough to be a black man, who is “scarcely able to take a knife to a raw chicken – let alone hold one to a person’s throat”. As Brent continues, he showed his emotion about he was built to feel guilty, ashamed, and sorrow because he is a black man. Gathering all the circumstance above, Brent did make his audience feel sorrow and sympathy for his description. His article pointed out African American was taken extremely inadequate prejudice.

It also highlighted the evidence of physiological effects that determine how a person judges and reacts based on a stereotype about black male in public by citing all his unprecedented the pedestrians. In order to wake up the society about the prejudice to black people, he successfully makes reader get involve in the emotional situation by assuming the woman on street as his victim. Staples accomplishes a huge rhetorical goal by making the audience see the racial stereotyping stills exists. Another author who concerns the racial issues is Stan Chu llo, Research Professor at DePaul University.

He also is the founder of Canadian Samaritans for Africa. According to his resume, he is a reliable writer of racial issue. He convinces people that black man is actually the group of people who lack of sense of safety in U. S. llo’s use an example of his friend, a black professor at a black professor at Chicago university, is constantly being hounded by police officers. Emotionally, people feel sorry for the circumstance that blackman faces currently in this nation. logically, llo sets the point that those who protect people should not become threats to the lives of those they are meant to be protecting.

What the black people need is a fair judgement and attitudes not only from the police but also from the communities. What’s more Stan shares his personal experience that “a white Canadian colleague of mine.. expressed fear about my safety this way: “you are a big black guy with an imposing frame and a potential suspect in the eyes of U. S. police officers. I really worry about your safety in the U. S. ” His language is very compelling and he engages the reader as through it they can more easily understanding the strict situation that African American faced.

Worry from his friend is persuasive to the readers that black people had not get true respect and fair treatment in U. S. Racial stereotyping and biases make black people in a difficult position. It not only enhances the gap between black and white, but also creates distrust among society. In the “Being a Black Male in America”, Stan llo’s successfully use logos to state his point that people should be ttention to the fact that Cops racial stereotype on black men is wrong. Since Police officers are legally allowed to use force based on their perception of a threat, a fair treatment to all races is essential.

Police officers might be more likely to use deadly force against black people if they have racial prejudices. Black man should not be a representative of violence and force. Indeed, if a small percent of a race does something bad; The influence provides by social media set black males a tough situation which they were labeled as criminals. According to Stan llo’s opinions, Racism is a learned behavior. Logically, “No one is born with a racist attitude or disposition in their human genome. ” People learned negative thinking or prejudice basically from other racial group.

Racism In America is due to the white social construction of identity and the narrow mind of traditional racial views. Actually, “It is never wrong to be black in this country “. Civilization is defined logically as a society provides equal opportunity for varieties of people who has different identities.

He makes it clear that these occurrences are continuous and common, and he has had to make changes to ccommodate for this unfair and terrified white people. “What a nation will turn black eye to this vicious cycle of police violence against a particular racial group and the poverty of majority of black males. , Stan llo’s research article make the people rethink about the wrong definition to black people in public. He wants to use his article to wake up the true heart from common people.

In order to reform the prejudice situation, people from different races need to work together and respects the identities. In conclusion, Brent used arietis of examples and quotation to upport the ideas that our society should prevent people getting hurt from prejudices based on their race and appearance. anguages and hiding eye content quickly spread among people. Predominant cultural prejudice and media influence stimulated the gap between white and black. Due to the white supreme concept, black pedestrians at night were generally considered as criminal and thieves. Staples used logical and emotion statement to support the idea that the country should pay attention to the incorrect representation produced by racism. The article written by Stables and Stan llo had an excellent xample with specific statistics and descriptive writing.

It provides ethos and credibility for me to believe the high quality of argument of articles. Since Stable’s writing and Stan llo’s paragraphs are widely accepted by the society and receive a great understanding. There was no way to make it more persuasive. Encouraging black to participate in racial equality and build up right social view for people who has prejudice to black man in public. These two authors take an active part in support black man to gain their right and respect from other groups.

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