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Two Week Exercise Plan Essay

For this assignment, I will develop a two-week personal exercise plan. In my two- week fitness plan, I discuss the FITT principle, which stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type. Frequency involves how often I would perform the physical activity. Intensity is how hard I work out during my physical activity. Timing is the length, or how long I plan to work out and the last Tin the FITT principle stands for the type of exercise I want to do, such as cardio or strength training. I incorporated FITT into my two-week personal exercise program because I want track and observe what activities I am actually doing.

For my two- week plan, I decided to remain steady and consistent in my physical activity plan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then I will also perform the same activities on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will use frequency from the FIITT principle by monitoring how often I work out each day of the week during the two weeks. On each Monday for two weeks, I will run one mile and then cool down with a walk for 5 minutes. I will either run on the indoor track at the Payne Center or the outdoor walking track, the Bruce and Virginia Wilgus Fitness Trial, right outside the Payne Center.

My goal will be to run one mile in 12 minutes. For Monday, I am also using time and type to clarify how long I want to run, 12 minutes, and the type of exercise, which on this day is cardio. I decided to incorporate a cool down walk in my exercise routine because I realized after taking this class that in my previous workouts, I did not do a cool down afterI ran. A cool down has many health benefits, and it allows one’s muscles to return to their original state of blood flow.

On Tuesdays for two weeks, I will take an hour long Zumba workout class at the Payne Center at four in the afternoon. After Zumba I plan to do some weights in the Payne Center. I will do three sets of ten reps on the leg extension machine. Then I will do back squats, specifically three sets of five reps. On this day, I am using time and type as well. On Wednesdays, I will do the same physical activity that I did on Monday. I plan to run 1 mile in 12 minutes and then do a cool down walk for 5 minutes. On Thursdays, I will plan to attend the same workout class as Tuesday, Zumba.

I will also do the same weight training that I did on Tuesday, three sets of ten reps on the leg extension machine, and three sets of five reps of back squats. I used time and type again by planning ut the exercise and how dedicated I am to push myself. On each Friday for two weeks, I will run one mile. On one of the Fridays during my two-week plan, I will work out in the Payne Center track, and on other Friday I plan to vary my location. I want to run my mile and walk my five minutes on the Longleaf Trace Trail near Southern Miss campus with a friend.

This day I used time, type, and intensity because I am pushing myself even more on one Friday by changing locations. The terrain at the Longleaf Trace Trail is quite different than in the Payne Center and I might push myself further and run more than a mile in a quicker time. While running a mile on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I decided to track the time and length of the mile along with the calories I burn with an app called Runtastic Running. On Saturday and Sunday, I am not planning to do any extraneous physical activity in order to allow my body to rest after a full week of exercise.

Many places in Hattiesburg and other surrounding areas offer free locations to exercise that I was unaware of. The first “free” asset for fitness that exists here in Hattiesburg is the Longleaf Trace Trail by the campus. I can walk or run on this trail for free, and it is in close proximity of where I ive every day. Another example would be Red Bluff in Columbus, Mississippi. I have been there various times with my friends, and it a great place to get some exercise outside within nature. The third “free” asset of fitness is in my hometown, Vicksburg Mississippi, at my old high school track.

When I go home for long breaks, I will often run a mile on the track and run up a few bleachers. Another place in Hattiesburg is Paul B. Johnson State Park. I found this park online, and my friends and I would love to try a new place to explore. The last asset of fitness available is the local tennis courts. I really enjoyed laying tennis in high school. Going to the city tennis courts is free and is a great place to get a workout in. These are only a few “free” assets of fitness that are accessible to me. This personal two-week fitness plan relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

According to a scholarly article from Industrial Engineer, titled “Meeting Employee Requirements: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Is Still a Reliable Guide to Motivating Staff,” Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from the most basic to the most complex include, physiological, safety, love and belonging needs, self- esteem, and self-actualization (Golnaz, Bowen, pg. 44). Sandri Gonaz and Clarke Bowen state in this article that “according to Maslow, each need must be satisfied substantially in order for an individual to progress to the next level (pg. 44).

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need’s pyramid demonstrates that not just one area of health is the most important, each must be met in some way. One’s physiological health is just as important as one’s personal wellness and the idea of one’s self-worth or self- esteem. I also decided to research a theory that is related to my personal fitness program and the TTMC, called the Activation Theory. This theory is also called the “Arousal Theory” because it iscusses how our minds must be “aroused” through the exercise we choose to do, and eventually over time we begin to enjoy the physical activities that we participate in (Changingminds. org).

I must continue to put in my best effort every single day and not be lethargic in order to maintain my fitness goals and see significant results. By performing these workouts during the week for my two-week program, my health is benefited not only physically but also mentally. The Zumba class I will go to every Tuesday and Thursday could greatly lesson the anxiety I experience during the week. Running a mile hree times a week in a specific time limit might be very challenging at first and I might not reach my fitness goal of twelve minutes on the first try, but just like any skill the more I work at it the easier it will become.

This discussion involves the last stage of Trantheoretical Model of Change, termination. If I execute this exercise plan accurately, which I plan to do so, I must have motivation and determination to not terminate, or revert back to my previous routine of minimal exercise during the week. I start out by only doing a few weight machine exercises at the Payne center, but as I gain more muscles in my egs I will have the strength to do more reps in a longer time.

As I become stronger, I will develop more endurance to do arm workouts along with legs. This goal I aspire to reach requires patience and maintaining a positive attitude even when I do not feel like exercising. Having friends that hold me accountable will help me to remain focused even when I get distracted or stressed during the week. OverallI, regular exercise improves health and wellbeing, relieves stress, creates a healthy balance between studying and classes, and helps an individual adjust to college independence.

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